We would all love to see how our song is being shared throughout the web. Random people sending it to their friends, posting it on facebook and so on. For most rappers, this scenario is more of a fairy tale, rather than reality. Are you one of them?


Have you wondered why are people not sharing your songs? It’s because..

You’re a JOOT(Just One of Them)

Why should I share your song, if it didn’t impact my day at all? You didn’t make me laugh, you didn’t brighten my day. You didn’t pump me up, you didn’t make me dream. Neither did you make me smile or laugh. The biggest reason why your song is not being shared is because you’re not affecting people with it.

You have to look at it from your listener’s perspective.

What would make them share your song with their friends? There has to be something in it, which would make your listener feel proud, that he found and shared your product before his friends did.

There are thousands of rappers with a flow better than yours. Your lyrics are good, but there is a cat somewhere in the world right now, that is spitting how he got shot and then chased by the police. Don’t be foolish to compete on that. Be a player and create the viral song.

Let’s look at some of the characteristics of a viral song.

If we’re going to talk about viral songs, we have to talk about remarkability. What is remarkability? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of the word “remarkable”, but since people use it alot, some of its true meaning has faded away throughout the years.

A remarkable product, is a product worthy of remark. Any kind of remark. It’s a product which is able to pierce through the mundane life of people and get them to focus on your product with their full attention for a moment.

A remarkable product affects listeners and affecting your listener is the surest way to ensure the success of your projects.

What is remarkable then?

A red cow is remarkable. If you’re driving on your regular route and you suddenly see a red cow, you’re likely going to notice it and look at it, while you’re passing by. Some people might even stop. You might not like it. You might hate the look of it. However, it got your full attention for that moment. Be that red cow in the music industry and just watch what happens.


Do you know PSY? Yes, that was a dumb question wasn’t it. Well, wouldn’t you say that he’s a red cow? I’m sure that 9 out of 10 readers don’t like his music, but I’m sure that 9 out of 10 readers have heard his music. Do you get my point?

Being remarkable is an art. You have to be:

  • Unique-First of his kind. Your art should be your art and not a replicate from somebody else. You should present a distinctly different point of view from the norm. Be the alternative from the regular industry options. Your own alternative.
  • Impactful and Affecting-Make sure that your product affects people. Why would people share your content? Affect them with a unique sense of humor, a unique way of looking at life. They will share it, if you make them feel the feelings they want to feel.

Bottom line is that you will become successful and famous, once you learn how to create remarkable products. Thank you for your time. If you have anything to add or ask, feel free to write it as a comment below.

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