In this rubric, we’ll compete against each other, by comparing our wittiness.

Who can create the best punchline?

This will showcase your ability to compress a phrase into a bar, choose your wording, use metaphors and whatever you can think of. It’s about matching creativity.

The Rules

1. You’ll be provided with a sentence. A short phrase, expressing a certain point of view.

2. Your job is to think of the most clever way to say the given phrase and then create a couplet around it.


1. Instrumental to Use

2. Phrase to Work With

[quote]I’ll destroy you.[/quote]

3. Couplet

Let my word and my corporation send you shivers
Ain’t no peace for me, til I dam your money rivers

Why Should You Try This?

This is a great way to practice your punchlines and your abilities to play with words, metaphors and double meanings. Assets, such as these, are invaluable to the modern rapper.

Every attempt would be reviewed, so you’ll be able to get constructive feedback on your bars, accompanied by helpful guidance for improving your work.

Also, we are going to rate the best couplet. The person, who receives the biggest number of votes in a single week, will have the opportunity to showcase his song, in front of our readers and facebook fans.


Every Friday, we’ll have a winner. We’ll ask for the link of your song and we’ll show it to everybody.

Now It’s Your Turn!

1. Instrumental

2. Phrase to Work With

[quote]I’ve been through a lot.[/quote]

3. Couplet

(Write your couplet in the comments section below).

Feedback will be given, 24 hours within your entry. Please post the link of your project/song, right after the couplet, so we know what to show if you win.

If you want to vote for somebody, please use the rating system on every comment!” The person who gets the biggest number of votes for his couplet within a week from today, will win.

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  • Reply

    from street fights to court case my character is stain
    thicker than ten clogged sinks and the blood in my vain
    the more times a miss the more deadly the aim
    been through hell on high water it confuffled my brain

  • riot

    Yo you all wack, and I will attack fuck given up coach throws me the white flag I throw it back , the thing is you all act like you got something but the thing is you got nothing wow! Can you get anymore boring when you all in your graves I’ll be soaring I’m sorry if am bragging you all ain’t no rappers while your writing in your diary am wearing pants that sagging I hope class you have you text books I’m gonna teach you guys a lesson don’t go messin’, with riot unless you have a death wish if you can’t take the hit don’t diss

    • Krimson

      Sounds like a little kid from out the burbs/and fuck getting on em, I’m bout to rip out yo nerves/your style is never bitten cus it sounds absurd/fuck boy clown who twerks/now open your mouth face down and slurp/now I’m gonna go surplus/you minimally scant ain’t no way you hoes hurt us/from the place where an overdose is camo for cold murders/butane squad we flow purgers

  • Kneexie O'cool

    Thanks Inventor, I appreciate the positive feedback

    • The Inventor

      You welcome

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been through a lot,thats why I standout from these wack rappers
    U dont know bout real hip hop, sounding like a backpacker
    They wonder how the boy do it,my game is the x factor
    Im tryna marry this money so the grind is my fiancee
    Used to be nice boy now im a full man, no Wanya
    U should know about modern day slavery, and I aint co-signing Kanye
    But since the templars,they been scheming on how to make all the black mans gay
    But being a nigga is a art, and they cant destroy the black man way
    My life is a movie and a threw the script away
    I spit from scratch and u cant polish my rap away
    My tongue like a gun I be quick to lets my bars spray
    Fuck with my cause I’m knee-deep and they see through like X-ray
    Enough about me u wanna know why the sisters are quick to let their leg spraid
    Pleasure is gift and a curse, remember Adam and Eve in garden sining one day

    • The Inventor

      That was great.

  • The Inventor

    Artist: The Inventor

    Song: Irony

    I’m just an animated, highly contaminated cannibal

    Savage animal, ravaging cups of danimals

    Intagibles no longer tangible, I’m radical

    Bout to take a sabbatical, because me and

    rap not compatible, I’m not a rapper

    I’m raging maniac, slash aging braniac

    I’m lucky to still have my brain intact,

    because when my brain attacks,

    I tend to relax, pay the death tax

    Cause once I get to swinging that ax,

    you know it’s a death match, no need

    for a rematch, pointless to rehash, so why

    ask, I’m drunk off this wine glass, light

    that fine grass, cause a forest fire, get

    higher than the expectations of strict parents,

    It’s apparent that my appearance is the result

    sexual intercourse, out of wedlock, it is a sin of

    course, I been a force, showing no remorse

    Me and hip-hop need a divorce, she’s a

    whore need I say more, caught that bitch

    flirting with chapter v and nomad, that

    made me so sad, now I’m over it

    Like I jumped an obstacle, just another

    chronicle, in a volatile life that’s not optional,

    problems not solvable or logical, blood on my

    hands not washable, I’m diabolical, and ironical

    Rappers couldn’t best me when my skills are at it’s

    poorest, I’m lazy, so I didn’t write a chorus

    Having sexual relations with asians, and haitians

    Taking advantage of cancer patients, invading them

    like alien invasions, KKK members hanging niggers

    from trees like ornaments, I’m black but endorsing it

    Irony at it’s best, so I’m reinforcing it

  • RappingManual

    The winner for this round of “The Rappers Challenge” was WONDER. He won, by writing:

    Thinkin quick, reminiscing/ poverty stricken,
    stickin/ to robbery and cookin up in the kitchen


  • Killuhbite

    should have been worn out like vaginal Cavity. Sorry

  • Killuhbite

    to the pretender who calls himself the inventor
    Calling people out was my idea in the 1st place you copied my style in the worst taste
    I Called out the top 3 in 1 line
    You done fine
    But victory is mine
    Id love to battle
    But your rhymes are a glove to cattle
    Their useless ill knock you toothless
    This back and forth thing is worn out
    Like your vaginal gravity
    Sucking dudes in with 10 times the gravity
    Big enough to fit a little red wagon
    While you make noises from enter the dragon
    So why don’t we kick it like bruce
    And call it a truce
    These keyboard rhymes mean nothing
    If your serious just start rehearsin
    So one day I can demolish you in person

    • The Inventor

      They way I invent my rhymes, you would think I

      invented time, inventive surprise, lead you

      to a quick demise, who you calling a pretender

      you don’t wan’t to get in a fender bender, when

      my pen’s on an agenda, you don’t wan’t to offend

      the inventor, cause I can quickly turn into your

      tormentor, go against me you must of had to

      many drinks from the bartender

  • B-Leaf

    Yes, I get stressed – I’ve been through a lot.
    But I never learn my lesson, cuz I’ve never been caught.

  • Loremzo

    I Would like to see the invetor vs anonymous or everyone spit for everyone withou no rules or rappmanual choose battle for each others.

  • Loremzo

    I Would like to see the invetor vs anonymous or everyone spit for everyone withou no rules.

    • The Inventor

      I take on anybody, to make it to the top.

  • Loremzo

    Scars are reminders of every battle faced in this journey throo the valey of shadow of death i murdered niggas with ultra violet rhymes this time for smoke niggas until i open the ozon layer ,lier you even met my fire burning all niggas so rest in peace all your disares if you wana be the father im pretty look like to be master.

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