In this rubric, we’ll compete against each other, by comparing our wittiness.

Who can create the best punchline?

This will showcase your ability to compress a phrase into a bar, choose your wording, use metaphors and whatever you can think of. It’s about matching creativity.

The Rules

1. You’ll be provided with a sentence. A short phrase, expressing a certain point of view.

2. Your job is to think of the most clever way to say the given phrase and then create a couplet around it.


1. Instrumental to Use

2. Phrase to Work With

[quote]I’ll destroy you.[/quote]

3. Couplet

Let my word and my corporation send you shivers
Ain’t no peace for me, til I dam your money rivers

Why Should You Try This?

This is a great way to practice your punchlines and your abilities to play with words, metaphors and double meanings. Assets, such as these, are invaluable to the modern rapper.

Every attempt would be reviewed, so you’ll be able to get constructive feedback on your bars, accompanied by helpful guidance for improving your work.

Also, we are going to rate the best couplet. The person, who receives the biggest number of votes in a single week, will have the opportunity to showcase his song, in front of our readers and facebook fans.


Every Friday, we’ll have a winner. We’ll ask for the link of your song and we’ll show it to everybody.

Now It’s Your Turn!

1. Instrumental

2. Phrase to Work With

[quote]I’m better than ya’ll.[/quote]

3. Couplet

(Write your couplet in the comments section below).

Feedback will be given, 24 hours within your entry. Please post the link of your project/song, right after the couplet, so we know what to show if you win.

If you want to vote for somebody, please reply to his comment, by writing “Nice!” The person who gets the most comments underneath his couplet within a week from today, will win.

*Don’t try to vote for yourself, because your IP will tell on you and I will delete your couplets. Play fair. Thank you!

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  • Patrick

    Texture on the corner tagged with granular/
    author be patience the modern day Rosetta/

  • Dylan

    don’t get your hopes up and think successful is what you might be
    i try to tell you politely that youll never ever be like me

  • Telvin

    If yall boys cold then nigga im the flu
    yall couldnt make half the moves i do
    Told you i’m sick thats wit a ha-choo
    Kill your whole song wit one kaiku

  • sick9son

    Let it be like the monday clash
    I will show u im better than Kanye West
    Its Hard to Reach but im footloose
    Marshall meets and says im unique

  • Josh

    You’re minuscule compared to me, generic ass, you a wanna be,
    i’m on top, you underneath, it’s a long drop, you watch and see.
    You’ll disappear like hide and seek, your best bet is to copy me.

  • ZacheMCeeAdams

    Hickory dickory dock all these little mice sip on my cock
    Again n again n I rock, I’m the big cheese, slip ya lips on his glock.
    Yeh, That’ll destroy ya. <– if I ever made a song with this one I'd call it "hood rat"

    Don't fuck around with sasquatch, cause this is how Zach thinks
    Try to jerk me. See what happens, watch. I'll chew ya ass up faster than Jack Links.

    Lend me yer ears, and since this ones corny, I'll get ya lost up in a maize
    I was sent to end your careers cause you did nothing for me. All I was tryna do was amaze

    ^that one really is corny, the first line was instant, but I was trying to go after the 3 homophones (a maize, a maze, amaze) but at the cost of creating an unclear rhyme scheme. Not bad, but not good either

    Haha RappingManual, love the site it's quite helpful for sure. I can come up with one and two bangers all day, but my problem seems to be finding a way to put my thoughts together into songs. It's hard sometimes trying figure out what you actually want to write a track about.

    Right now, when I'm in my little set up I'm always spiting freestyles without any instrumentals. Its always me going for rhyme after rhyme and the individual lines make sense but there is no overall moral to the story. I exercise my skills everyday. I can pull off a number of other rappers voices quite well, and a few female pop artists I can harmonize with so good that it's actually kind of embarrassing. And I have this 80 page notebook that I've been cooking up all my punchlines in.

    Oh and here's a tip to others who read this… Sometimes if you're stuck on what to write next in a song, take your favorite artist download a couple of their audio files, get on a program such as audacity, load one of your choice songs, and apply the reverse effect, and play it, it'll sound creepy as fuck, but you can use it to your advantage and take out things that may be of interest to you…. like for this instance I took eminem's rap god.. 10 seconds in I hear the word almost clear as day "Ewok", about 3 seconds after I hear some garbled words that I made out to be "Starwars series" or "Darwins theory." So with that I wrote not only 1, but 3 pretty decent lines out of the first 15 seconds. I got about 3/4 a page of usable material from that song which I can now craft into my own songs how ever I please. All it took was 6 minutes of my time, everything that sparked even the smallest bit of interest to me. Than just looked at all the words I writ down and gave them life.

    • ZacheMCeeAdams

      Ever since I saw a video of Stairway to Heaven on youtube in reverse, I’ve been looking into things like that a lot more so I can have my imagination run wild, not knowing what I will hear.

  • Killuhbite

    I’m the biggest opponent to your search since bing
    I’m too convincing
    With these words I’m mincing
    But your opinion don’t matter at all
    I already know that I’m better than yall

  • jasmina

    they woke up the beast i lockt in from the therapy,
    this bitches pushing me,
    soon ill be the most wanted
    like the snooze button in the early morning.

  • Loremzo

    I am meditating with god of the gods in olimpus writing your fate in crooked lines who you are miserable bastard ?you are little rebel son who is trying steal the throne of your father.”kratoos”

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