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Let’s see what words of wisdom has the Rap Guild shared with us.

Stage Name: Enrun Enterprise
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The rap game has its up and downs, and can seem very frustrating at times when you don’t receive the response you would like.

Rap is like a sport, people but in long hours to improve their craft. Learning to count bars, learning to accent hooks, and learning to use your voice as an instrument are keys to finding yourself as an artist.

Artist should never be afraid to be themselves because the more comfortable you are with your music the better you are expressing yourself to your fans.

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Stage Name: Deykwan Ray
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Rapping is something that cannot be forced.

The style of rapping that you end up picking should be the style and genre of what you like doing, not what you think is popular or what you think people will like.

You should always do the style you love listening to and what you enjoy. Personally, I haven’t really reached where I really want to be yet, but always take the positive things that happen such as good comments or feedback and really use that to motivate yourself and to create positive energy.

The positive energy that you feel will boost and may help you to become better than your current stage. Being around a lot of positive people that uplift you will help you have more head space to think, write, and spit better rhymes.

Honestly, this may sound obvious but, practice gives you so much more confidence and puts you in the correct mind set to continue to create great music for everyone to enjoy. There are many artist that are trying make it in the rap world.

More artist will just cause the rap branch expand even more even though it is already big. I think if you are just starting out, make sure you don’t get caught up in the competitive lane. Make you sure making creative content comes before that competitive mind set.

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Stage Name: I$aiah Hayze
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All the bad things people say about your work should be used as motivation.

Never dwell on anything said, regardless of it being true or not because what they say doesn’t matter. Your music is YOUR music make it how YOU like it (but keep it original!!). I know that can be hard at times when you really are into a certain artists music, but no one wants to hear the same material they’re releasing being released by you.

People like new, so keep your flows YOU.

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