Having the right content is very important. Some might say that it’s all about flow, but words matter and at the end of the day, people listen to what you say, so you have to pick out your content very carefully. It’s important, but it can be so confusing.

Some people write the “gangsta” song, then the “party” song, then the “song for the bitches” and so on.

What they do is they categorize their subject matter. That’s a wrong approach, because if you do that, you cannot put that special ingredient in your lyrics that makes you different. It’s that little flavor you put it, which makes the difference.

USP(Unique Selling Point)

Okay, what if Nas did a party song?

A party song, which sounds like “Gangnam Style”? Are you going to listen to it? Why not? It’s just not Nas. It’s not in his image. The impression of him, does not equate to those kind of songs. So, why do you think you can rap on any beat?

I mean, put this prospective to your own music. Your own songs. You have to look at yourself and figure out the image you’re going to portray in your music. Make it permanent. Something people can associate you with. Your USP.


Your USP has to be connected with your lifestyle and your overall look on life. Just be introspective for a while. How do you deal with things? How do you react day to day? How do you feel day to day. Well, all you do, is you put your lifestyle in the songs. You wonder why? I’ll give you some bullet proof reasons.

When you rap about your lifestyle, the stuff you say, will be real.

They will have more effect. They will be charged with more emotion and energy. Rapping about your own lifestyle, will get you better songs. Rap about what you know.

Another reason. When you rap about your lifestyle, your friends will be more interested in listening to the songs. If you’re talking some general stuff, trying to show swag, people will just put you in the bunch, but if you say something like “Yo, Erick, remember what you did last night”, friends will start listening. It’s interesting. It will grow from there. Take my word.

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  • willam

    I have been writing lyrics for a couple of months. The problem is I cannot write
    Creatively it’s just like its not in my head at all, I try to come with some ideas but it really stinks
    What should I do

  • †he King

    Really helpful reading,

    • iLegion

      You’re welcome to try out our other “readings” there’s definitely much more u can learn from us! Maybe leave something in the community and practice with us?

  • Anonymous

    Hi guyz, I’m a South African of 16 yrs, i love rap too much, in my phone there’s only hip-hop and R’n B. I put much matching lyrics and i got a gud flow, the problem is, i live in the ghetto, lack studios, lack of cash to pursue my talent, i don’t know how to post information on internet to get recognised. I need help, Eminem and Nas inspire me, i love ’em. Plz

    • Anonymous

      its not about yo background its about how yu handle things

    • Pueshone

      yo I understand, your current situation don’t feel good but there are some positive points that comes from it….
      First you start being more of a solid local talent which means you have very loyal fanbase your so your name will start to always be linked to rap, music, talent and your area; even before outsiders hear your content. If you are really generating a good buzz believe me doors and opportunities will come to you. But till then you have to work with want you have, sharpen your skills and create more content, save money and stay out of trouble.

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