Hey what’s up guys? Long time no see eh? I want to ask you a question. What happens with you when you stop writing for a while? Those of us who’ve been rapping for a long time, know that we cannot escape those moments. Maybe it’s because of some other work you need to take care of, girls, other problems, for some reason you don’t have the time to write lyrics and make new songs. What happens with you? Is your style getting crappier?

Let me tell you the effect it had on me..NONE. I don’t know why, but I believe that once you learn how to rap, you can rap forever man. It’s similar to that bike shit-once you learn how to ride it, you’re all good for the rest of your life.

The thing that you’re missing though is the lack of improvement, because if you don’t write, you stay on one level, but if you keep on writing, you get better, so I guess it’s not a total win-win situation.

What can you do?!
Well, if you know that a period like that is coming, you might wanna stack up on rap music man. Never stop listening to that. It will keep your mind in the right direction. Also, even if I don’t write, whenever I hear an instrumental that I like, man I start scatting on it every time.
So keep on listening to your music, scat and do what you gotta do man.

If you come off from a period of no writing(as I am right now), I think it would be a great idea if you go through your old lyrics and really revise that shit. See the techniques and methods you’ve been using, how you were constructing rhymes, all that kind of shit. Listen to some of your old records, maybe you might figure out what you were doing wrong you know.

So yeah, I’m asking YOU man. What happens when you stop writing? You stay on the same level or lose that magic? How do you tackle it?

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  • Yusuf

    i think you could lower your game up, it depends, if you started 2 listen 2 better lyrical shit u’ll be like “Damn my shit is whack” rite now i stopped writing cuz i wanna get better as a rapper/producer & musician, so im studying music & production, studying piano, n a lil bit of flute, harmonica, guitar & trumpet, plus im studying some of my favorite rappers n the ones i consider the most lyrical in the game so i could make better music… it takes a lot of time n that’s why i think u lower ur game up if u stop writing AND IF U START LISTENING TO BETTER SHIT ‘cus if u don’t u’ll be on the same level always

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