The site has been growing thanks to our active community, the rappers who choose to share their advice with us and the articles I’ve been writing for around 2 years.

The time has come for me to put my knowledge to the test, this time for real.

The New Beginning

You have to understand that after writing more than 250 articles on rapping, everything else after that point is milking the topic, just so I can get more views and keep the site going.

This however, doesn’t add value to anyone, it just recycles information that has already been explained.

Go to the Front Lines

In order for me to keep the content portion of this site interesting, I’ll try to establish myself as a rapper, by utilizing all of the information here.

I will explain every single move I make and report on its effectiveness, so when you decide to play the rap game officially, you’d know what works and what doesn’t from my experience.

Success for this campaign would be 100 000 views for a song. No buying views, no buying likes. Everything will be done organically and fair.

The Rap name I chose for myself would be Maytane Winner

We can say that this is an alter-ego, representing the strongest part of me, which always wants to win and dominate. It’s an unfiltered persona, that might say controversial things, but speaks straight from the heart, without worrying about offending people.

Why Maytane Winner

As we all know, extreme facets of our personalities are most of the time being repressed by us, simply because the lifestyle they manifest can be undesirably risky and unreliable.

Funneling that energy into a creative endeavor such as rap though, would be interesting.

Maytane Winner talks about being strong, about being ruthless, about dominating, about motivating, about doing things on his own terms. It’s the part of me that brings out the strong side of people. Whenever they listen to these songs, they’d feel empowered by the lyrics and the whole energy behind the record.

This is my initial aim for this alter-ego. Making people feel strong and confident by listening to the songs.

This time, that claim to fame is for real. It would be beneficial and fun. I have already written my first song, will record it tomorrow, mix/master, get it to youtube and it’s on.

Next article, I’ll show you the very important initial move, that every rapper should do before starting anything. It has to be cultivated over time, but this factor guarantees the snow ball needed for the avalanche of views. Stay tuned.

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    Sounds awesome man, I’m very excited for this!

    • RappingManual

      Great, I think it’s a series that should be interesting!

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    Good luck man

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