We’re all being told that constant practice is the absolute key to mastery. You have to practice all day. Don’t leave your room, before you finish that verse is what you tell yourself.


Of course, trying to perfect your craft is very important, but if it’s not within limits, it can turn into a nightmare.

It can carve you into a great technical rapper, but a sheltered one, with no other experiences, no fun stories to share, no interesting points of view to talk about, no real sense of what different is.

Just another guy, who can rhyme incredibly well, but doesn’t really say anything.

This is where the jist of this lesson comes into play.

Go out and Live life!


Commit yourself to something crazy and experience the feelings it brings you.

Fall in love, get your heart broken. Apply for a shitty job, learn about people there. You need experiences to be a great rapper. If you look around, the most successful rappers are always the ones, who had a crazy life before their rap career took off.

Living a rich life, gives you a big pool of emotions that you can draw from.

It gives you the bird’s eye view when it comes to life and this helps a lot, when you’re writing lyrics. If you’re talking about something, that you’ve gone through, you’re likely to share emotions, that someone is experiencing right now.

You’re already passed the issue, but the listener is in the midst of a storm. That builds a connection.

Live life


That’s the only way you could get your feet on the ground. Live life. Don’t be afraid to do new things, because they’re all new experiences.

New experiences let you touch new layers of emotion. New layers of emotion add to your arsenal, which in turn improves your ability to connect with the audience.

Focus on rapping, but don’t make it the center of the universe.

Learn how to balance life and you’ll see how your lyrics will grow. You’ll see how your meanings and metaphors will become rich and touch the souls of your listeners, as they’re coming from a real place.

Don’t forget to rap though.

rap freestyle2

You’ll only become a master, if you stay diligent throughout the years. You have to put the work in, it’s inevitable. However, don’t shut down the whole world.

We’re rappers and we’re speaking to people. If you don’t know anything about the world your listeners live in, how are you supposed to touch their souls?

Would you agree with what was written here? What is the best way to enrich your lyrics?

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  • Shivam Jha

    I want to do fast rapp, bt i can’t speak all the words properly in flow or in just a single breath. What to do?

    • Intallect

      try pauseing a secound before you spit the fast part

    • No Face

      Don’t worry about rapping fast then. When I first started I wanted to rap really fast too, and I can reach that. But as I was practicing the skills needed to flow fast I started writing slow songs to practice rhyming and I ended up loving it. Just play to your strengths.

  • INI

    This book is one of the most direct when you want to learn to rap. One of the best I’ve come across. ๐Ÿ”‘

  • Mediam

    The fastest access to the status of a master is to practice tactics,
    A classic jacket of drastic antics, an active static blasted dramatic,
    Acrobatic backflips erratically enacted, theatrical cinematic magic,
    And money.

    • RappingManual

      “The fastest access to the status of a master is to practice tactics”

      Practice and repetition are the parents of excellence. Great way to summarize this in a bar.

  • Cloe Cola

    I agree, how else are you gonna get content? You have to experience shit, to write about it.

  • 1899

    Some important stuff in this article.
    I remember that a couple of months ago I just locked myself in the room practicing rhyme schemes, delivery and so on. I had so many bad feelings I wanted to pour on the paper, but also- wanted the lyrics to be technically the best. Of course it was just impossible, but I learned a lot.
    Now, sometimes I think that my stuff is pretty advanced, but there’s a big trouble. I have some nice rhyme schemes in my mind, but there’s no else to say. I breath and I feel, but just can’t turn these feelings into rhymes. I’m just exhausted. Tired of thinking about rhymes 24/h, tired of forcing myself to record some shit, and tired of not recording this shit because “it’s not good”, “not perfect”. Sometimes perfectionism causes nothing else but problems. I think rap started to be my nightmare ๐Ÿ˜€ Definitely, something like that. And it’s not as easy to solve, because I know that I’d not be able to just stop writing.
    That’s the reason why this article is so important for me. Practice your craft, but don’t forget to go outside and live your life.

    • RappingManual

      No doubt man. Be an artist. Every artist has freedom in his heart and soul. The moment you feel that you’re a slave to your craft, you’re no longer an artist, as you cannot express your feelings freely no more.

      Stay free, even from your craft. Use it, don’t let it use you.

    • Anonymous

      Writ about that

  • Nasty Nas

    Absolutely! That’s the ish right there, be efficient in the way you practice but also remember that rap is basically giving words to your personal reality (personality) and in a way you need to practice “rap” outside of rap. To quote Blu – Get a life before you get a mic, haha. So yeah, go out and live, talk to people and be curious about the world. And also, you should pay more attention to pop culture because movies, sports and video games are a rich source for references. Feed your brain with diverse info so that it can come up with all sorts of crazy combinations. And lastly, start Reading books! Can’t stress that enough, reading books is a fucking must.

    • Nasty Nas

      You can practice rapping for 5 hours, but it’s much better to spend 1 on reading, 1 and half on a movie, and 1 and a half spending time with a friend, and only 1 on rapping but you will have more to work with for the raps.

      • RappingManual

        Exactly! Great to see that you’re familiar with these little rap hacks as well.

  • XPurteeZ

    seems like keeping a journal as well can also enrich your lyrics. But only if your journal writing is balanced out with actually living a life so that way your journal will be packed with life experiences and emotions to reflect on.

    • P Smooth

      That’s kinda what he’s sayin

      • axiom

        Honestly that’s what I use Facebook for. I share things on my timeline not necessarily for others but for myself to refer to later.

        It gives me things to write about as I go back and look at quotes, memes etc

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