This is our brand new rubric, in which we’ll match our rhyming creativity. The exercise is going to be as follows:

1. You’ll be provided with a number of rhymes. They can be either compounds or simples.

2. You’ll also be given a guiding sentence or phrase.

3. Your job is to re-create the sentence/phrase in rhyme form with the rhymes that you’ve been given.


*This exercise will help you develop your rewording skills, your ability to keep your content focused and it will get you into the habit of dealing with complicated rhyme schemes.

You can write your couplets in any rhyme scheme you wish. The only two requirements are that:

-All of the rhymes are included
-The message from the guiding sentence is captured in the couplet.


1. Rhyme Sets

1-over here/causing fear/no where near

2. Guiding phrase

[quote]I plan to stay in this industry, enjoy the benefits and do it better than everybody else![/quote]

3. Rhyme Form

I’ll be staying over here, causing fear, as I
seize the prestige while them other fools are no where near

Now its Your Turn

1. Rhyme Sets


2. Guiding Phrase

[quote]I’m unique, not like them other rappers. [/quote]

3. Rhyme Form

(Do this in the comment section below. Reword the guiding sentence in a way, in which it includes the rhymes and captures the essence of the phrase. You can use any rhyme scheme, as long as it has all the rhyme words in it)

The rhyme sets and the guiding phrases would be getting more advanced as we go along. Do your best at this one. Your attempts will be checked and feedback will be given within 1 day of your entry.

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  • Sir

    Not like other rappers,im unique ya feel me,now go get john blow,i kill him and and change his name to john doe.

  • Only Leece

    As I go on this beat,I kill em’ niggas with my flow./
    I don’t feel remorseful, buldin’ my empire cause I’m up for that Cookie doe./

  • Evablaze

    Just like a doe to be eaten,am on the go.
    Rhymes I kill,that’s my will.
    I don’t care how you feel.

  • Blaze

    Kill them dope emcees
    I feel their shit in me,
    As I flow on the go
    I am one and only doe.

  • E'lo Gotti

    I extended my rhyme schemes into a story sorta but excuse my language

    As I go, to walk out my bedroom doe
    I see these hoes outta my window
    dressed in all black with long extendos
    my first thoughts is
    imma make dese bitches feel
    this steel I got concealed
    dey won’t even see it coming, before dey notice dey get kill
    I’m so unique on the beat
    i’m so different from other rappers
    i’m like a adapter that makes your heart shatter with this rapping pattern.

  • Contreras

    bo knows was a graceful as a doe,infield single to first
    had a natural feel for any game he’d go ,more appealed by the game of kill with a bow.

    ( in the documentary espn series 30 for 30, Bo jackson showed that his true hobby after sports and really only hobby anymore is his bow and arrow )

  • Omar Williams

    I stay bombing on a John Doe, copying xerox rappers gotta go
    My rap ego single and willing to kill, steal (steel) to ya face, how ya feel?

  • D-Ea$y

    I’m just me, I don’t care what they say doe/
    Don’t say go, other rappers on the same boat/
    My voice resounds, on the verse goin for the kill/
    I AM ORGINAL, cut ya nerves, now you rappers feel?

    • RappingManual

      You’ve used the rhymes and that’s great. However, how are you saying that you’re different than other rappers? The “other rappers on the same boat” phrase was the only thing which is directed towards the guiding phrase.

      The idea behind the exercise was to try and expand on that topic. For example,

      “All you rappers are on the same boat, and when I start to rhyme, your boat sinks. That’s fine, nobody will be worried about you. You’ll influence humanity more, once you turn into oil” -Or something along those lines. Just expand on the idea of being different.

      Now all you do is make up a skeleton and use the rhymes given. I hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    I Go further than cats,with saddle straps,surfing in tracks like travel rafts,
    no Doe for rancid rappers,my flow explodes like an avalanche,
    these spitters Feel they’re the best,so they’d Kill for respect,
    yet their skills I’m quick to reject,like skipping cassettes,
    they get so upset it hits them like a fist to the chest,
    a beast with finesse,I’m different with the speech I select,

    • ebonic raven

      I forgot to put my name, but that’s mine up above,


  • sp3akeasy

    All you jaundice mothafucka’s with ya John doe flow, gotta go

    Easy’s speak feel outta the ordinary, cuz I kill and chill like Dexter ordinary

  • Nattro86

    im the elephant in the room with a skill of his own to kill and just go
    thats why they get jealous of the flows in my trunk that make em still feel me doe.

    (doe slang for though) wanted to try to use it different then john doe or deer doe . lol
    let me know what you think of it

    • RappingManual

      Well, once again, you just mentioned being different with a comparison of “elephant in the room”, but ended the content after that. We’re trying to expand on it and focus on this idea for the full couplet. Not just say it and then move to something else, you know what I mean?

      That’s good rhyme play though, I can’t critique you on that! Nice.

  • Sick9son

    Rhymes with HEADFISH I dont really know
    Come on TELL ME Okay I will go LACONICS
    TELL ME, is this CAB HIS I might MAD KICK
    his SHABBY cab LET ME have a PAWKY
    NAUGHTY SHORTY kid WHAT IS the age
    of kid FOURTEEN NOT BIG is the chap
    OFF ME shouting my PROVOKING AUNTY
    cause she’s beaten by her HUSBAND
    and when he thinks the FUNS DONE
    He goes to LONDON for an UNDONE
    in factory of SHUTTER glasses cause he got
    4 millions Pounds Down in his LOCKET
    no HONKING in SAUDI and wear the burkahs
    well I was there so I KNOW IT dont think
    I am trying to act PHONY
    TONY has talent in football SHOW ME
    cause no being has been FOURTEEN and
    TONY’s similar to CLOTHING so kids
    thats the STORY I Know I was saying

    Just some nonsense came to my mind that had multies so wrote it down

  • CP

    Here I go again on a Sunday afternoon.
    It’s blissful watchin’ trees bloom in a 4 corner room.
    Beautiful Mary Jane so sweet, tonights our honey moon.
    Gettin’ dumb like a cartoon, eyes 5 shades of maroon.
    Hail Mary__ throw up the motherfuckin’ strong.
    5 star reps__ let that shit flex all day long.
    Get up in the zone, pass three lefts Mr. Right, you’re never wrong.
    Take one to the dome, go green, vegetarians live lifelong.
    Got the hands of a fuckin surgeon rollin’ papers.
    Bad bitch Mrs. Lovett servin’ space brownies, high baker.
    This medicinal will cater, flavor you saviour.
    Stress pushin’ flowers up to Heaven, meet your maker.
    Happiness is the pursuit, one hit will not suffice.
    Hit it twice, passin’ time askin’ for advice, clockWISE.
    Roll the dice, hit snake eyes, shits cold as ice.
    Life’s too short, so grab the piece, rip that shit in a trice.

    ey, what do you think of these bars:

  • SnackDaddy

    No average Joe, I’m stacking that real DOE, fatten my bill fold, fuck how you FEEL hoe
    Total package bro, got tactics to KILL flows, my raps surely will GO, to the top of the billboard

    1 – average/package/tactics
    2 – Joe/doe/fold/hoe/bro/flows/go/board
    3 – real/bill/feel/kill/will/bill

    • RappingManual

      Okay, you’ve included the rhymes, but didn’t completely get into the subject matter. You just said “I’m different” and then went on to say that “you’re great at what you do”. The idea of this exercise was to expand a little bit more on the subject of individuality and ways of expressing it.

      Nevertheless, good work man. Your rhyme game is fire. Thanks for participating.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, I’m gonna do better on the next one.

  • Free-D

    1 – Doe/ Go
    2 – kill / Feel

    Although I got your doe stoled whenever I go.
    I’m here to kill. Fuck whatever shit yew feel.

    Single liners <3 And it's a homophone way I used a double entendre with "Doe" (Dough).

    • Free-D

      Rhyming scheme.
      My first bar is complex, content and rhyme scheme wise.
      Second bar is plain simple, I just got a lil Kanye inspired.


      2 – Kill/ Feel.

  • Dominic


    I’m different unique, I’m not these plain jane, average joes/
    I know that I’m better than them, I’m only 14 doe/
    Do you feel that vibe, better run [pause] better hide/
    or can you kill that, vibe, better not [pause] cause it’s mine/

    • RappingManual

      Okay, that was cool. Two first couplet was on point, as far as the message goes.

      I think you’ve said what you wanted to say with the first two bars and then tried to incorporate the remaining two bars, but couldn’t expand further on the topic, so you decided to go to an adjacent area.

      Try to follow one rule man. Every bar is golden. Don’t just fill it up. I hope you know what I mean. Thanks for participating.

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