This is the place where you can attack anyone and everyone.


Write bars and attack the people you don’t like and defend the people you do like. Jump in on someone, who’s being attacked by the others, or try to defend him. Fights can break out all over the place. Everything is happening at the comments section.

Who is the Winner

Just like any bar fight, there are no winners. The only prize you’re going to win is the respect from the people involved in the fight.

There is no limit on the number of bars you can write. There are no rules. It’s a lyrical bar fight!

You have a grudge against someone? Attack him with bars by writing them as a comment! Will he reply? Is he scared to? Will others join in? Will someone defend him? Let the fighting begin!

If you want to visit the first edition, please click here.

Background Music

You can use this beat for inspiration.

Good luck to everyone!

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  • UFO

    Yo wassup , rappers with your butts up
    Waiting to get fucked up , by me you already in my pick up truck
    Jacked , kidnapped , you screaming in the back
    While I chomp on nik naks , if you don’t shut the fuck up
    Click clack is gonna be the last thing you hear
    You queers , don’t get too near ,
    The way I cut and shoot you is like
    I’m producing a movie here
    Slit your wrists , while your momma’s panties
    Fill with piss , cause my fist is jammed up
    Her ass yes ! I do it simultaneous
    Bilingual flow , speaking in English and tongues ask
    The devil , he hears me , my verse piercing
    Got you tearing , the winds of change are veering ,
    That means there’s a New king in town bitch ass your end is nearing

    • Zero S6X
      Zero S6X

      For real, any high expectations you should remove/
      Reboot, you had a bad start before i shut u down like the rest of the wacks/

      Took you a week still, bitch you weak still/
      Bring heat? You pissed bitch, then came with weak shit/
      Fuck honesty, honestly that crap was comedy/
      Still it ain’t funny, trust me I leave you stunned next bitch/

      If you come near, you got weak lines, wanna bungee/
      i’m like sand in your food if you ever try to crunch me, cross me/
      Smack your parents for raising such a stupid kid/
      Lucid shit I’m spitting, killing this niggas like I’m cupid still/

      Took you that long to sniff lines, still shit raps hoe/
      I circle your next move and I cross em out, tic tac toe/
      Flip back to some more real raps, I Kill it from day one/
      ‘Bout to end this nigga unfair, like cops did to Trevon/

      These Zee’s Bars tougher, rougher than the runway of lagos airport/
      so i try not to crash land when i air thoughts, bitch get lost/
      I left you two options, leave or vanish, that quick/
      You gonna end up still on the runway if you think you that swift/

      Try sleeping on me, I promise you won’t catch a wink/
      On the brink of bashing you with the sink for rhyming off sync/
      You got no structure, bragging like the old vulture/
      The kind that’ll make niggas hate Hip Hop culture/

      Your gonna get your nose puncher, I’m illmatic’s offspring/
      Whatever you done bitch, I’m passed it, done it, trumped it/
      Main attraction? I’m the main actor, you got the stage fright/
      Your state; died I’m the king with the crown that’s way bright/

      Fuck you, you fucking fucked up piece of shit/
      Zee’s unleashed, came at me, you couldn’t be on beats/
      You don’t fit into any beat like Kendrick on R n B/
      Sit your ass down, bitch you’re not gonna leave in one piece,/

      My fame about ta spread like a pandemic break out/
      You wont forget me with ur memory of low ram, lay down/
      Travel back in time, stop your father from that semen he spilled/
      Zee’s lit, real shit, without they hands in toilet they feeling this shit/

      That’s how you do a round knock out, I’m the rosary that’s gold/
      Your shit pointless like a blunt pencil, it’s your end you got to behold/

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