We could say that writing lyrics is one part of the equation which can be made much more effective if you practice freestyling as well.

The reason for it is because when you combine constant writing with constant freestyling you are creating an upward spiral of skill sets feeding off of each other.

The Reason

What I mean is that as you write more you come up with more rhymes and increase association processing effectiveness which in turn improves your freestyling ability, because now you have more rhymes in the “rapping pool” that you can use, while your freestyling adds new ones to it which you can then use for when you’re writing.

rap freestyle3

The way freestyling adds new ones is that as you’re rapping while thinking on your feet basically, your brain is more likely to come up with some random rhymes that you wouldn’t have thought of differently, but more over since fast thinking is so important you will massively increase your association processing effectiveness!

And again, with increasing that your writing will improve because you will now come up with rhymes and ideas faster, which again in turn will improve your freestyling so there’s that upward spiral of improvement on top of improvement.

Things to Remember

1. Freestyling isn’t a God given talent.

I know it may seem impossible especially if you’re new at this but anybody could do it, you just need to work very hard and have a blind belief of some sorts that it will happen. You have my word on it though and I promise that you could all become great at it.

2. It Helps With Your Rap Flow

If you don’t have a great flow or moreover can’t stay on beat freestyling is perhaps the best way to acquire the skill because it will draw from your most natural inclinations as to how to rap on the given beat.

feel the instrumental

This means that it will force you to make pauses that you will find very awkward at times as well as change the pronunciation of words in order to make them rhyme but this is all a good thing.

Also, since you aren’t reading or rather it isn’t a memorized material you will have a better feel for the beat and put/add words where you naturally feel they’re needed which is a great way to improve your flow.

It’s great for your delivery as well, because you can play with your voice and not really worry about it since it’s not getting recorded and you aren’t required to have it polished up.

Written by: DemoKing Tapes

So what are your thoughts on the ideas presented here? Would you agree with the suggested benefits of the rap freestyle? Is it important for rapper to know how to freestyle, or should they choose to concentrate on song writing? What is your take on that?

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  • hood

    if u rhyme to much is it bad?

  • kody

    hey bro i need some real help and tips please. im looking to record soon ive been writting my own lyrics for 5 years nnow and i suck at freestyling honestly lol please hmu 574 206 6892 thx bro

  • Nasty Nas

    @rappingmanuel – Good looking out on posting the sequel, it’s very well organized!

  • Jaga Jonez

    I’ve started do this method where I free write for ten minutes, then I will freestyle for two minutes, take a break then freestyle sum more. What I plan to do is increase the freestyle time slowly. For example one week I’ll freestyle for say 4 minutes everyday, then the second week 8 minutes everyday and so on. There is one problem I’m running into thought. I can rhyme certain easy words and such of the top of my head, but I can’t come up with any punchlines or metaphors/similes of the top…

    • Nasty Nas

      Hey man, I’m the guy who wrote the article (look out for the following parts) and more things will tie in together when the whole thing is posted.

      But anyway, for now, I can tell that 4-8 minutes is too little, I’d suggest at least 20-30 minutes and keep that as the minimum that you need to do for the day. And if you do more then that’s just better. But again, look out for the following parts and more things will clear up. I will write out a specif answer though, in case you still have some questions after the whole thing is out.

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