Have you ever wondered what separates a rapper from the rest? What is the skill, which gets the most attention from the crowd? How can you differentiate yourself from other rappers?

We recently asked our community the question “What skill makes a rapper great in your eyes? and we received a wide variety of very well explained and thoughtful answers. I’m sure that you’ll find them extremely helpful.


Chapter V said:

For me personally, a great rapper just needs to sound SLICK and MAKE SENSE. Too many people force their craft and it sounds unnatural.

A great rapper needs: confidence, tailored flow, relentless attitude towards improving, great lyrics, combinations of schemes whether that’s breath pause or rhyme patterns, ability to tell stories, emceeing (move the crowd), UNIQUE and to be able to freestyle.

Look at every great credible rapper, they meet the above requirements to be cement their position as a great rapper to separate them from being an average/good rapper.


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Josh said:

A good rapper should be well rounded in every skill. A good rapper should never set a limitation on himself. A good rapper should be thirsty to learn and master the craft. These are the values that separate a great rapper from the average rapper, in my opinion.

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The Best Answer

It summarized all the vital truths of what it is to be a great rapper, came from:

Nasty Nas who said:

I think the most important thing for a rapper is to focus on the quality of his product and not on the results and a way to do that is to focus on the process that would lead you to a quality product.

In other words, make sure that you rap for the sake of rapping itself, because you love to do it (which I hope is the case); even Eminem has said in his most recent interviews that his “secret” isn’t a secret at all, but he just enjoys rapping and does it all the time – link to Rick Rubin talking on this: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.26174/title.rick-rubin-calls-eminem-obsessive-about-rap.

The more you do it, the better you become and the better you become the better product you’ll be able to make. Now, after being competent enough you will/should develop certain standards for the quality of music you expect from yourself to create.


Rap for the sake of rapping!

Now, if you follow your inclinations you will make music that is congruent to your personality and your product will turn out authentic. And that I think is the most important thing – authenticity. You’ll never be able to please everyone and your best shot is to please yourself.

Of course, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t take criticism and not look out for feedback, but mainly not to make music that you think the listeners will like.

Like, not to do double time flow if you think it will excite the fan, but do it if it excites you. Experimenting is great too though, and trying out different things for your own enjoyment and all; it’s not that all of your tracks will get viral or something.

My 10-15 favorite rappers have a tendency to be well-rounded and they excel at different skills.

Like, Big L, Eminem and ELzhi are better at the rhyming department, while Kanye is more of a great songwriter, Common, Mos Def are more artistic with a more mature content so to say etc. SO yeah, not one rapper can have everything, and hence us all having more than a few favorites.


Therefore, my advice would be to build on the skills you enjoy the most, something like a skill set in video games and developing in different areas.

If you’re more about rhyming – focus more on that, if it’s more about wordplay you can sacrifice rhyming if a better metaphor is what you get in return etc. But yeah, different people prefer different things so you can’t aim to excel at something just so that more people will be likely to like it.

Once again – make sure you like it and that’s your best option.

This is what our community had to say about it. We have many more answers to the question “What makes a rapper great?” on the poll article and you can see all of them here.

Many thanks to our community for taking the time to share their thoughts on the matter. I’m sure that this information is absolutely going to help many people, seeking direction in their rap career.

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  • Lord Puente (RM Veteran)

    It’s important to be well rounded, but like you said it also boils down to what you enjoy best. It’s good to practice everything, but to focus on your preferences. Example slick rick would go to storytelling over anything else. Common would go to metaphors and deeper meanings more than other ish. Find yourself as an artist and develop from there

  • Anonymous

    It’s my time my time to shine I hit the booth like I’ve lost my mind

    I am one step closer I’m bout to expose ya ignited fast C-4 xplosive

    Liver failure deadly cirrhosis it’s a psychosis holy ghost shit

    Mark walberg premier of the Big Hit I’ml ike Anthony Hopkins lunatic offspring
    Call me satan call me god auto matics spray faster then general Zod

    I’m the Boston rapper who makes your lungs straight splatter while you give a left hand job 2 the mad hatter



  • Spitfire

    Please tell me what you think
    This is the chorus of a song I wrote called Count to 10:
    (I’m only 14)
    I can’t listen to them
    Something’s missing again
    Take a deep breath
    Count to 10
    Then I pick up my pen
    Just can’t listen to them
    Try and find it again
    Take a deep breath
    Count to ten
    Then I pick up my pen

    • Anonymous

      do you have a kik or sum so we can feed off eachothers tis and stuff like that

    • Alex

      yeah i dont think people would gravitate to that. hmu on kik @alex_got_g4me or ig dm @officialgaribay

    • Kurrent Event

      I like this dude you have some lyrical flow. I can connect to

    • Anonymous

      Hey never let these ignorant people say shit if you push to be what you want then fuck them kid , dreams are what makes you succeed in life, if eminem or sny of them quit then what is the point of chasing a dream do your thing forget about the haters ppl r jealous cause they suck..

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Keep working. You’ll get it sometime.



  • Kevin

    Can you tell me if what i have written is good
    I am spitting those rhymes/
    I am packing a punch with those crimes all I do is eat MCs for lunch/
    I got a diseases from ma lines/
    Cuz they’re ill make you sneeze as long as you feel/
    They dam chill wit’ every verses that i kill those times/
    Road to a mill curses ”Nurses signs of a shock quick quick call the doc/
    ”Are you ok ?” ”hahaha” ”Another mock”/
    Why doc you really think I’ll choke/
    I’m a rising stock to steal not a joke who appeal/
    I am original in this reality I’m fictional/
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    A clinical a lethality intended individual/

    • Sentinel

      Your rhymes are real good man.. but people wont give much attention to your music if it does not have some real meaning.. you know what i mean?

    • Kevin Legend

      Just to clarify, this is not me

    • D


    • Kurrent Event

      You wrote good I see you’re a punchline writer. You would be great for battle rap

  • Khizeto

    I serve 12 monks(months) to escape a funny fear(year)/i keep foamy at d top like a foamy beer/i go harder than erection,call me ya dearest bear

  • Khizeto


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