This rubric will introduce you to different techniques, when it comes to rhyming. The rhyme schemes were more or less restricted to a single outcome. You figure out the rhyme placement, count the syllables and just recreated it.

This one is different. I’m going to browse through different songs and point out the technique which made the biggest impression on me.

The technique which sounds the sickest would be analyzed and re-created in a very fluid manner, giving you the opportunity to incorporate it into your own writing as well.

jay-z 2

Today’s Rhyming Technique is from a Jay-Z Freestyle

*You can witness the technique at 8:27

The Stutter

Can you see what is Jay doing? He’s intentionally stuttering on some words, creating an attention grabbing effect. It’s very easy to recreate. All you need to do is to think of a word, decide that you’ll stutter on it and then build your couplet around that technique.

For example

I’m deciding to use the stutter technique for one of my couplets. So think of a bar and then figure out when can you place the stutter effect. Where would it sound good. For example:

I’m deciding to u-use.

Placing it on the “use” is best. After that, just follow the feeling.

I’m deciding to u-use the cl-clues that
gl-glues the finding of Ru-rules of who-whos the hu-hu’s

It’s a cool technique, that can often refresh your flow. Can you do it too?

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  • Ozzy The Rapstreaa

    Please go listen

  • J loum ok

    The best freestyle ive ever herd and the technique jay was using I started using that when I was about 10 years of age but is pretty sick thoe

  • Gri-Neyd GH

    very useful article

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