Let’s look into the rhyme skills of 2pac. He’s a rapper known for his lyrical brilliance, making his lyrics connect with the audience on a level, which has never been replicated since. Check out the following quatrain, picked from one of his songs called “When we ride on our enemies”.


Am I wrong? Niggaz makin songs tryin to get with us,
Must be gone on stress weed in the West we trust
To the chest I BUST!, Then we ride ’til the sun come
shinin back to brighten up the sky, how many die

Rhyme Scheme

2-with us/we trust/bust



What you have is a rhyme scheme made up of single rhymes, but constructed very effectively. The rhyme scheme sounds hella good. It has a transitional element to it, a little scent of compounds and a touch of internals. I started talking like a cook. Let’s see.

Tupac starts off with a bar, where he has two internals and one end rhyme. Nothing special. Then, he starts the next bar with “type 1” rhyme, introduces two internals and then he has the end rhyme. Made the actual combination fit perfectly.  2046_452973281423006_828352049_n

Next couplet, starts with the “3-2” combination, ends with a word which doesn’t rhyme with anything. Last bar, you can see the one liner. The rhymes in the one liner does not rhyme with anything else.

So what you have is internal, end rhyme. Start with the same internal type, introduce new type 2 internals, then end rhyme. One type 2 internal plus end rhyme, then finishes up with the one liner. Very seamless technique.

Can you try and replicate that rhyme scheme or it’s too hard for you? Perhaps the “sun/come” combination is an intentional rhyme? What do you think?

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  • Jinky

    Great! #wearestreetvibes


    1.symphony melody chemistry
    2.machine extreme supreme
    3.intent represent cement
    4.bricks sticks

    this rap symphony, leaves you in a melody thats extreme
    the flow is chemistry, that leaves an intent for you to represent some one thats supreme
    rap flow hard like cement,on point like a machine
    im hard like a bag of bricks,u softer then pixie sticks

    is this good or wack?

    • Anonymous

      its good ….. real good. no lie

    • averg

      Js be you.u be fine.listen to this…I had a tough tym in ma lyf time.whenevr its hard i held ma head high lyk Einstein js to get by.I dn trip to wat aint mine.ma mama tuck me in bed when theres bad tyms.

  • manassino

    Great rappers in the house.

  • Not The Real Barney

    How many die living life to the fullest.
    Come take a try at it, you’ll fall quicker than an asthmatic…your loss.
    It’s automatic…we fall at the demise of time.
    Try an comprehend my thoughts, loved ones beyond sand and rocks.

    • Not The Real Barney

      I meant to put “we fall at the time of our demise”

  • Fabel

    Let me know if it’s wack!

    1. Scary / Carry / Very
    2. Profit / Prophet / Rocket
    3. Disappointing / Anointing / Appointing
    4. Top / Stop

    Isn’t it scary? How the government can carry on like they earn a profit,
    It’s just very disappointing when were anointing these false prophets
    in 2009 we were appointing, the fist chocolate skinned man to rocket
    from the bottom to the top, in 2016 it’s a woman., (Hillary is coming) this trend has gotta stop!

  • Dred


  • Anonymous

    after billing now u willing I could save u from threaten niggas
    cos they keep you running/
    but u had to quit guess u are a nitwit then I took u to my
    mama but u had to babysit/
    while I was chilling in my state you were sitting in a place/

  • Nefarious

    Can someone tell me what min looks like
    You could never murder me verbally, this goes to those who never heard of me, meet nefarious!!! my evil alter ego, that offers the people,/
    the fucken needle in there arm,
    so be alarm,
    Im preceeding to harm your girl,
    with my deceitful charm,/
    So believe me dog, I’ll be leaving y’all, marked for death like steven segal,/ peeing on ur jaw,
    while your screaming, and pleading for god,
    But I think you forgot, god don’t give a fuck,
    just like Christ he’ll leave you to rot in hell, oh… what’s that rotten smell, that’s your corpses being torture over and over by my demon soldiers

    • Anonymous

      Niga watch this i got a tempa don’t push it if you do niga you Beda pick the right day to push it ill knock you out with out a dought blood will be poring from yo head like a water spout I’m suga niga know what

      • Anonymous

        brah your all wacky talk so much crap aint nobody gonna be there when you fall back you’ll think you can rap huh….Michael Jackson had a better chance of going back to black now what you think of that

        • Anonymous

          meant wack

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