Let’s take a look at a rhyme scheme, created by Eminem. What we have here is a quatrain from a song of his, called “Sing for the Moment”. It’s composed of compounds and internals. The actual rhyme scheme can be quite useful for you to employ in your own songs. Check it out.

The Lyrics

These ideas are, nightmares to white parents Whose
worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings
Like whatever they say has no bearing, it’s
so scary in a house that allows no swearing

Rhyme Scheme Diagram

1-nightmares/dyed hair
2-white parents/likes earrings/bearing/swearing



As you can see, the first bar is like an introduction to the rhyme scheme and Eminem is starting out with the two most important pieces right from the start. The rhymes “nightmares” and “white parents” are the keystones to this rhyme scheme.

So you first put your two compound rhymes in the first bar and you replicate them for the second bar. For example, you have 1, 2 in the first bar, so you’ll do 1, 2 in the second bar too. Not 2,1-you get me? Nightmares to white parents(first bar), dyed hair who likes earrings(second bar).

So bottom line is that the second bar is like a replica of the first one, when it comes to the rhythmic pattern.

eminem rapping

The third bar is pretty straight forward, composed with only one simple rhyme “bearing”. What do you have in the fourth bar? Two internals “house/allows” and then ending up with the type 2 rhyme “swearing”.

So, you first start with the two compounds, replicated them in the second bar, continue with only one simple rhyme in the third, two internals and an end rhyme in the fourth. That’s the rhyme scheme.

Can you do it? Try emulating this rhyme scheme as a comment below. Let’s see who’s got better bars.

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  • gosteelers

    The state of rap,
    Made from the slate of gaps
    exposed by the holes in the
    full on splat
    in the industry of flimsy
    music ears
    Taken from the trailers to mansion flats
    Entertainment is arranging
    ways to maintain relevance
    Sacrificing eloquence
    for the elephant in the room
    Soon we’ll see the venomous consequences
    sown from the seeds of doom

  • Jonathan

    I wish,you were clearer with these details,. Cuz my glasses are gone and see I don’t read well. But the challenge is on,. So I’ll get my feet wet,. see you at the sea, for when I take that step,. Into the water when I choose to arose as an author
    ….. I ain’t even thought of a name yet. No sweat I can’t even feel the heat yet , have I reached twenty-thousand leagues in this sea yet. Cuz I feel this pressure start to swell,. This thing to achieve seems to be hard as hell,. But am I joking,I know right it’s hard to tell. Got you on the edge of your seat but please try to keep still. Cuz I’m starting to sink so let me know what y’all think

    • Jonathan

      Cuz I’m starting to sink, and it’s starting to get harder to breathe I can’t think. Surrounded by ocean ,soaking ,where the shit am I going, exploring, my mind didn’t expand it blew open. Made this 2nd part to make it a full verse. I’m going to make this a song. I will call it swimming in my thoughts. Let me know what y’all think

  • mrRazzy

    Why’s that you gotta be white, black,
    To write raps honestly did the prophecy write that?
    When you see a brown you announce that they’re a terrorist from Iraq,
    Whenever i sit on a plane you assume that i’ll highjack,
    you’re not the first person to try that with that racist shit,
    all this racism from this white ass, high class is changing kids,
    sitting in the white house as i drive past i’m blazin pissed,
    how did we get a president like that who’s wasting his,
    own time plus mine and our’s by hours on vacation trips

    tell me how you like it

  • James Megawarne

    My visions are like vile depictions of suicide missions
    when the sergeants dive on uncharted islands using flying equipment
    Like a thousand-yard stare, my mind’s distant
    like I’m mesmerised, a wizard fixed my eyes in an instant

  • White boy

    White blonde, blue eyes a mole, got big balls and no fear with me there’s no such thing as withdrawal /
    faggots and bitches i hate ’em, sedate ’em all with amytal then blow em up with amatol, huge death toll, mouth is foul i need a breath menthol / I’m mental with rhymes to complex to dismantle, making your fucking mind scramble , and this is just a sample o’ me, just wait till i get this fire burning, ill be too much to handle, competitors won’t even dare to trample me /

    Feedback would be good please

  • Fin

    Nice try on the lesson but epic fail. Plus you got his barbershop structure all wrong. He rhymed Parents with Swearn that’s how he ended his bar. So let’s try this again.

    These ideas are, nightmares to white parents
    Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings
    Like whatever they say has no bearing, it’s so scary in a house that allows no swearn.

    There mostly all similar rhymes but not full rhymes.

    • Fin

      Bars not barbershop lmfao actually I didn’t listen before I played the song though I would of said swearn not swearing yes parents pare does sound similar to bearing and swearing but not a perfect match. Also as earnings He rhymed bearing and swearing. StI’ll nice try

  • Jeffrey A orrico

    I had to fix so

    Its Sikk legend i spits with aggression
    Ill teach these wack  kids a lesson
    Make them choke while they’re writting there raps in mid sessions,
    Like hillary did when she quit the election
    That gave donald fat dick an erection
    My smith and Wesson aimed center mass mid section
    Making ya knees Buckle when these bullets hit you like these knuckles 
    Slash your face with Assassin blade
    blast your ass away, and castrate
    Tossed your damage face over the ocean waves,
    Watch it float away, like wilson head from cast away
    That’ll be the last place, youll rest your head and pass away

  • Parkour

    I’m not gonna
    stop cause of
    those cocksuckers
    not even your naughty mommy can
    stop me from knocking ya’off
    I m hotter than
    all the suns into one with two guns
    sexy enough to melt the bitches in the world
    I m the black sheep on this white earth
    move in a taxi full of white girls
    with max speed without nitros

  • Triston Bynum

    Drop bars like hot bars of soap
    I top bars in hopes
    To be a hot star but nope
    Cant stop i spit tary flows
    Like cheese on the chip
    Of ya daritoes
    Catch tha lingo
    I rap not sing flows
    Deep in tha bitch
    Like watery sink wholes
    Im like ya memo
    Cause i carry notes
    I rap on a stage
    Like its karaoke
    Me an her shh
    We stayin low key
    Facebook pokin
    Okey dokey
    What im smoking
    Hit it chokes me
    Catch my flow speed
    But i cannot choke
    Sick flow needa antidote
    Sharp points
    Ima antelope
    Sea swimmin
    Ina random boat
    Witha random hoe
    But i gotta stop
    Im killin random flows

    Jus wrote this laying in my bed im a usaul song writer also.

    • iLegion

      Your rhymes for the first few lines are:
      1- Drop/Hot/Soap/Top/Hopes/Hot/Nope/Stop/
      2- Bars(x3)/Star/Tary/Daritoes (this I liked a lot cuz it transitions the rhyme to 3)/
      3- Flows/Wholes/Notes/

      Rhyme scheme for quatrain is:

      12 – 12-1

      Eminem’s rhyme scheme is:

      I conclude: you’re good with rhyme schemes (repetitive words with different meaning is a thing), and you’re quite close to the Eminem part, but you’ve got to write longer, some fill up words for better meaning! And I mean that as it’s not necessary to follow Eminem’s rhyme scheme, but it’s the actual advice!

  • bucketz

    Wrote this on the train home!

    I’m on the train for my home town
    cell’s battery’s drained so put the phone down
    picked up my pen, a few rhymes I found
    I started jotting words like verbs and nouns

    And don’t worry, you asked for a quartet
    But I won’t end my story here just yet
    It gets a little harder I admit
    but no pain no gain, so i’ll deal with it

    I take a look at the empty seats
    I got a hook for a tempting beat
    got a feeling for my destiny
    the right to write against those who mess with me

    As I get pissed for this mission
    I must’ve missed a few stations
    just got to my destination
    promise me honesty, you like my creation?

    • iLegion

      Yes, dude, I’m fucking honest – I liked your creation, a lot! It’s a good rap-scheme, I give it to ya!

      • Triston Bynum

        Check mine out please. Triston bynum is my name

    • Manav

      Fucking loved it,
      I think right?

  • Anonymous

    back with my imagination,
    debatin on leaving this world and all the problems i’m facin
    against the clock,
    on leaving my daughter and i’m investigatin

  • joe garcia

    I can feel your fuckin’ hate, and i understand it
    But you playin niggas, breaking hearts,
    playing soul bandit
    And on the cool, you don’t know who the dad is,
    Sportin’ no panic
    So amazing of a woman, what a shame, that went to waste with all our life planning
    I constantly replay, and attempt to recreate the mindset I had when we chilled
    Shit felt out of world, on the cool I know it was real
    Till you slipped, started playin’ n’ shit, then come after me, you tha one that attempted to quit
    You were cryin, saying we were perfect
    Love for the BD, made you go crazy, and I didn’t help, But don’t act like I was the one pushin
    You called me over after we were “done” now you got a son, and I’m still crushin’

    This is just one I built to the rhyme scheme of Em’s “rock bottom”

  • sz

    Like its a question erredicate the danger like a lesson if shes bad i change her no time for games call me the mr exchanger she swallows until tomorrow betta give her the Flamer

  • Andrew

    you’re one mystic lady so let me serenade you with the poetry where I made the linguistics barely
    fit the subject if it’s dumb let me know befo we go sit an watch the sunset

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