This week’s rhyme scheme was created by Eminem and its extracted from his newest song, called “Rap God”. The pattern is a quatrain this time. It includes techniques on morphing singles into compounds, internal compound rhymes and the clever use of breath breaks.

*The Rhyme Scheme starts at 2:54.

The Lyrics

So you be Thor and I’ll be Odin, you rodent, I’m omnipotent
Let off then I’m reloading immediately with these bombs I’m totin’
And I should not be woken,  I’m the walking dead but I’m just a
talking head a zombie floating But I got your mom deep throating

Rhyme Scheme Diagram


21-omnipotent/bombs I’m totin/not be woken/zombie floating/mom deep throating
3-walking dead/talking head


Depending on how the rhyme scheme is performed, intonation wise, the pattern might also look like:


21-I’ll be Odin/Omnipotent/I’m reloading/bombs I’m totin/not be woken/zombie floating/mom deep throatin
3-walking dead/talking head

*If you choose this way though, you cannot practice your morphing techniques. Feel free to write the scheme the way you feel most challenged by.


What we have in this rhyme scheme is a clever way of using compounds.

In the first bar, Eminem introduced the compound, by writing the second part of the compound twice. The compound is 21(omni potent/bombs I’m toting, etc) and he started with the second part (odin/roden).

Then he has placed the full compound at the end of the first bar (omnipotent). You can see that he just added one word to the number 1 rhyme. That’s how he constructed his compound-by just adding one word to his simple rhyme.


This technique is something worth remembering. You morph your singles to compounds, by adding another word to the single and then starting to rhyming the whole compound.

On the second bar, he placed a number 1 rhyme “roden” and then finished off with a compound “bombs I’m totin”.


The third bar is where Eminem introduces his compound internals. He starts off with the compound “not be woken” then pauses. The pause is important, since it lets you put stress on a rhyme and make people pay more attention to what you’re going to say next. After the pause, he has the first part of the internal couple “walking dead”.


The fourth bar starts with the second part of the internal couple “talking head” and then one compound “zombie floating”, then pause, after which you have the last compound “mom deep throating”.


  • Remember that method of morphing your singles into compounds.

  • Pay attention to the pauses. They are very important to the overall sound of the scheme.

  • Don’t forget to have compound rhymes as internals.


What do you think about it? Can you do this too?

Feel free to submit your attempts in the comments section below. Every attempt will be reviewed 24 hours within your entry and constructive feedback and guidance would be provided accordingly.

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