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In this challenge, you’d have to tell us your opinion on important world events in rhyme form.

This is great, because not only does it train your rhyme schemes, but you get to express your own opinion and be a poet about it. Rap should be integrated with what’s happening out there in world. Instead of just creating our own bubble, we should be the commentators of the music industry.

Today’s Topic: North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

The leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-un supervised a successful test of a new engine for an ICBM (basically a vary long ranged missile). The Korean government claimed that this “unconfirmed” development puts the US within “strike range” of a missile armed with a nuclear warhead. So, that puts the Americans in an awkward position…maybe…

This challenge-creativity, opinions, world events

Feel free to write your bars in the comments below. Have fun.

Inspiration Beat:

Just to get it going, play that and you might find thinking of the flow easier.

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  • Lord Puente (RM Veteran)

    fuck kim jong-un and how he pretend to be a GOd,/
    he can die by the gun, or die by nuclear BOmbs,/
    he can hide, he can run, he can build weap-ons of mass destruct-ion,/
    with a knife or the bunsen, theres a sure fire life that needs deductin,/

    he can hack, he can laugh, but eventually we’ll split his wig,/
    peel it back with a fast attack, catch his ass two/too tired,/
    like the man was pedalin a schwin that should have been retired,/
    he aim high, we aim higher, have him stiff with a message through the wire,/

    unknown technologies and brains for higher,/
    we required to stay a step ahead, the spread is so far,/
    looks like we lungin instead, we can invent radARs,/
    that can mix, change directions and send miss-isles back to homesteads,/

    keep pushin your luck cuz its real gon suck, have your name come up the hitlist,/
    faster than a virgins first fuck, you and your pops really dumb as fuck bitches,/
    these U.N. bombs will fuck you up, before you can witness the last bar you fuck!/

    • Anonymous

      since there is no spaces, its hard to tell but its 15 bars instead of 16, just to make sure the last bar is fully understood.

  • Kid Kazarie

    Missiles blowing in the background as the world’s eyes departed/
    Nobody takes the problem serious until it’s already started/
    With his hair parted,the man Kim jeong-UN stands/
    Worried about U.S. what about Japan or Korea/
    Watch your neighbors and be preemptive/
    Take action on evil before you see her/

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