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This scenario will test your ability to navigate your way in the world of hip hop. Only the wisest get to win! I’ll present you with a scenario and you’d have to tell me what would you do if that happened to you.

There’s been an interesting set of events in your life, which lead to you falling into dept to a not so close relative. It’s been awhile, but you haven’t been able to repay your dept in time, so your relative demands that you explain. Your reasons, aren’t very forgivable though. At one point you were in a position to sacrifice a little comfort and return the favor, but you didn’t and now you have the same choice, but this time you would have to sacrifice more than just comfort, if you were to be honest with your relative.

So how do you proceed? Do you invent a story which would convince your relative to an easy compromise and then hurry up to repay as soon as possible? Do you say the truth and accept the shame. Keep in mind that they are your relative, but you’re not close and have never been.


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  • Clutch Fel

    If it’s my uncle, then I never intended to pay him back in the first place.

  • KKey

    I’d tell them straight up what happend, and i’d give them what I can when I can. I’d sacrifice a little comfort, but i’m still gonna make sure i’m eatin good.

  • Durt

    If I made those choices and created this mess, then I’ma make the next set of choices and clean up the mess. Fam is fam so you have to keep that straight; no matter how close or not. More importantly though is keepin good karma. My cosmic rep needs to stay balanced and intact. So I’ma be straight and lay it out there. Offer up the most I can give w/o hurting myself too much. And then work out a way to pay installments until we even steven again.

  • Lord Puente (RM Veteran)

    Personally, it’s hard to see myself in this situation. I’m the type of person who doesn’t ask for help even if I’m short on my own bills. I’ll figure out which one has a longer leniency period and cheaper late charges and then figure out how to get the money from there.

    But for the sake of the article, if I did, I would speak with them with honesty. Lies will just dig you deeper and make it seem like there was a hiccup but of course that money must be about to come in after the small hiccup. Na, I’ll be honest, I fucked up n will do anything I can to make it right. You let me borrow that in good faith n I fell thru. I’ll try to have you paid back as soon as possible. To make it both fair and to make sure I get you the money as soon as possible, we will run some juice on the loan for every week it’s late. (Juice-interest)

  • Zero SiX [SickSiX]

    I’d tell him the truth and explain how everything went. Sure, he’s got every right to be mad at me, I’d ask for a little time to be able to pay up and try my best not to screw up this time that now means I’d triple all efforts. I think if he was kind enough to give me what I asked for then yes he deserves to know the truth. Nobody deserves to be lied to (except on April 1st, lol )

  • Kid Kazarie

    I would just own up to situation but, explain the situation. Of course, I’d ask for a compromise but, this relative may understandably decline. Now because I didn’t fulfill my duty I have to work twice as hard to bridge the gap, unfortunately.In a perfect world I would have paid the debt already. Since I have to bridge this gap I now just work extremely hard and ask for forgiveness and patience from the relative.

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