Hey guys, we’re bringing back something original to the Raping Manual community-the rap challenges. These challenges are designed to help you improve every aspect of your rapping, from rhyme schemes to the use of metaphors.

We’re paying attention who puts the work in. For every challenge you attempt, you gain 1 point. Once you gather enough points, you get promoted in the ranks, get a tag and some perks with that. For more information, please refer to the community constitution. Only registered users can earn a rank.

Show everybody how good are you with metaphors.

The Rules

-You’ll get an image, which holds a metaphor/hidden meaning.

-Your objective is to write a couplet/quatrain, which describes the message shown in the picture-any rhyme scheme. This challenges improves your ability to use metaphors as a means of expressions.

Feedback would be given to some entries.

The Image:


Inspiration Beat:

Just to get it going, play that and you might find writing easier

*For more in-depth tutoring, talk to DemoKing.

Good Luck to Everyone! Feel free to submit your bars in the comments section below.

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  • Clutch Fel

    Realize, that in this life, nothing is sacred.
    So just reach out and take it.

    The city is alive; it’s a concrete body, veins of lead pipes
    Virus punks cruisin’ with a shotty, smashin’ headlights,
    Shootin’ cops, bangin’ gettin’ shot until they’re dead to rights,
    Sunday they’re singin’, up and actin’ like they’re men of Christ

    I’mma crack you down like you’re a suspect and I’m Boston Vice!
    Boss is nice, but call me King when I’m out rockin’ ice
    Recognize, I’m not a thing like all the awkward guys
    You can’t even kiss my fucking ring until you’re organized.

    Got so many damn dirty cops that it’s obscene
    Got a boy for takin’ all my shots; he says he loves me
    Yeah, I’m gay, what about it? Worried how you’ll rub me?
    Not above me, can’t out-rough me,

    Anyways, that’s too much you, not enough me.
    I’mma be a demon in the club scene,
    Livin’ in a dream, where the fuck you been,
    Life ain’t what it seems once you’ve seen half the shit I’ve seen.
    Like even half, I mean.

    Like a fire, I want more,
    Monstrous hunger bursting forth,
    Duck and cover on the floor,
    Board the windows, lock the door,

    Get on my level with it,
    I’m a rebel with it,
    Straight-up revel in it
    Talk about me but can’t say my name, I’m the Devil in it,
    Yeah, that’s right.
    Welcome to Fright Night.

    I think that I could offer you a deal,
    But I guarantee that it’s a steal.
    Contract in the envelope and let you break the seal,
    And once you sign that shit you’ll see some things you won’t believe is real
    Got the whole damn city underneath my heel,
    Beggin’ me for more because I make him feel things he never thought he’d feel,
    Don’t hate if you don’t see the appeal,
    After all, tonight just might be his last meal,

    My whole family went Jesus crazy,
    Said I was goin’ to hell, then they tried to save me,
    But with nowhere else to go, guess where they chased me!
    Yeah, I up and made a pact, now I hope they hate me.
    And people all around me try to break me,
    Just the other day, man tried to rape me,
    And the thought, it just so irritates me
    That I stabbed him in the liver, taunted “Why’d you make me?”

    At nineteen years, old, I thought I’d be dead,
    Cuz at nineteen my uncle put a gun to my head,
    I told him to pull the trigger, but he just sat there instead
    Spat and called him a pussy, he just turned white and fled.

  • Godgift Iteghete


    Nigga ain’t gotta tell me twice
    I’m not shit not a roll of a dice
    Got the world on my back
    Universe on my mind that’s a sacrifice
    Got holes in me no current
    Blood in my veins it ain’t flowing
    See right through me I’m transparent
    I see red in the tears I’m shedding

    Nigga you ain’t gotta tell me twice
    Release steam like the fog in the back
    Let y’all know how I’m feeling on this track
    Cause the air that I breathe and the shit I done seen is like addictive crack

    Nigga you ain’t gotta tell me twice bout my flaws and my visible device
    Bout the shit that I do and the moves that I make, it ain’t gone bring me back

    I’m gone now you can’t look back
    Now you wished you only said it once.
    You can’t tell me more
    How I’m rotten to the core
    How I love to ignore
    How Ima never be more
    Nigga now you can’t tell me twice now I’m gone I ain’t never coming back.

    -Gigi Iteghete

    This picture shows struggle and systematically underlined the transparency of a victim of bullying. I saw a man crouched down in pain and had to write in a different point of view. I feel like the message the picture was trying to send was on a more global front but do realize a picture tells more than a 1,000 words. Excuse the explicit language; I wrote based upon my understanding of this picture. Thank you for the beat it made it so much easier to write.

  • Joe

    I be sitting these baby rappers in a stroller let them no they ain’t a high roller
    They think cause they older that they can make the magic happen
    But the only magic u got is in magic Mike
    Hope u believe in Christ cause u may meet him tonight
    With a parking ticket saying now u done did
    n now it’s finished cause now
    They wondering wheres the body n who done it
    And don’t start the crying n the frontin
    Especially with ur breath smelling like onions
    N my words got u fumbling n now y’all resort to mumbling
    Hmm now ain’t that something but I that’s what it’s like when I’m death n so let me give u the one dance n say.

  • Willie-B

    They riding on your back
    Then they saying that you slack
    Then they kill you like a cat
    When you curious make a mess
    So they lose you in a story
    So nobody thinks of your glory
    When the news say you only
    Led the public to a fake glory
    But you know they fake hommies
    Deny you like peter did to the cops on me
    Sell your soul so they get to keep the gold
    But your daughter wonder why you left home
    And never came back
    Then your mama say you been on a lost track
    For the money you been working like a skin graft
    I can never sell water to poor
    But the rich will buy it
    Dont think they gonna drink that
    Thats them trying make up for the guilt
    When they hoping on a plane
    That you daddy worked hard to build
    That’s the story of the guild
    What the masses know happen in the field

  • ?

    Its cold,
    you have a nice coat,
    something i couldn’t afford so i stayed in the house.
    Chilled with the mouse.
    Divorced my spuose.
    Im lost in the dark with a bag,
    and a sock.
    Fall in your heart.
    I bet you’ll stop.
    Play with rocks.
    So much news to make you run from cops.
    Stop, Stop drop and role.
    You have a hole.
    In india their mining for coal.
    Eat out of a half eaten bowl.
    with no soles.
    Im a human with major goals.

  • Rylan Yumeko Lamarche

    City on flesh
    City of bone
    Break the foundation
    Tower the stone
    On hands and knees we’ve built this fortress
    Starve the earth and distant forests
    Mine the mind and crust of guts
    Burdened limbs transverse on ruts

  • Jeli

    Hollow, empty path that we follow, pick the sticks and bricks to stack on cities of sorrow, build a dam for the rivers from collective bone marrow, drained Earth seems cursed from what was said to be borrowed, no more stars to see or read with prophesy, Trees in the distance but lack of breeze ceases existance, mirage of memories pleads to be more than reminiscent, the mind’s a prison with eyes of crimson glimpsin’ whats inside but its missin, my mission, to rebuild and to be lifted, from my hands and knees no more corporate a$$ kissin, cash victim, makin life worth livin and stop sinning before the image we see is our future, our children.

  • Zero S6X

    12 hours of day, 12 hours of night/
    24 hours of pain let powers combined/
    Kickin’ in this life, the strife to keep dreams alive,/
    Schemes aright, still at five working feelings align/
    Pulling me down, got to put the fucking semens aside/
    That’s right, I’ll (right|write) all the wrong I left dripping back side/

  • Anonymous

    who you lookin at kid?
    don’t you know I am the bridge
    walk on my back / cross o-ver that gap
    talk shit if you want
    I’ll just show you how i kick rocks..
    now get the hell off my lawn!!

  • Elite

    Breaking our backs for a pay check weekly / live in shit houses while leaders are peaking / paving the way for the rich and the famous / carry their lifestyles on our back were the slavers /

    I had a few different concepts as to what this picture could mean first i thought of people carrying their cities to new places and ruining nature then i got this quatrian from thinking ordinary people carry the city and work to make it great while rich and famous people watch from above not helping at all

  • Ru

    I’m just a man get off my back, y’all apply intense pressure/
    In moot attempts to see me crack, I refuse to be measured/
    By the weight on my back. The success of my city/
    The only thing on my mind, it made me hollow inside./
    All the rage inside is floating, swirling in my mind./
    The more I fall the harder it is to see who’s wrong and who’s right./

    Not too sure if I’m doing metaphors right, also Is it okay to not write to beats? I kinda just create a beat in my head as i write and struggle writing to beats

    • iLegion

      I’m not sure you caught the metaphor, I think you should look a bit beyond yourself and imagine a more global concept.

      • iLegion

        mainly because of the city which implies something you’d need to figure out.

        • Ru

          Thanks man. I’m really having a lot of issues understanding and using metaphors in my verses. I honestly don’t know how something so simple is giving me so much trouble.

          Any tips, advice, lectures you can give me would be insanely appreciated.

          • iLegion

            If I have to be precise, your interpretation of the picture is valid, on its own way, but a good tip would be to try and look at the photo and just point out the obvious. Here is a man who has holes in his body, like eaten by parasites. He is supporting a fortress on his back, while he himself is on the ground. You have to now identify, what the man represents, then what his body represents in the form it’s shown. Then what the fortress represents, and finally what the ground represents. There are two possible ways you could look at it. Either this is a man who is sacrificing his body and mind in order to build his own world and support it. Or this is humanity, tearing itself apart. Now that I think of it your interpretation is actually more true, than what I thought it meant, sorry for misleading you. You did great on the job!

        • Ru

          Thank you sir, your guidance is greatly appreciated. I still think my metaphor and simile level is horrendous so I decided to dedicate 2 hours a day for the next two weeks to improving my metaphors and similes. I think I’m not using the right terms and maybe that’s why the bars come off as less of metaphors.

          Thanks again, I appreciate it.

        • Ru

          I actually just finished my metaphor and simile practice session for today. If you don’t mind, Imma drop a few bars for you to rate and tell me if I’m getting a better idea of metaphors and similes..(they don’t relate to this image at all I just want to see if I’m heading in the right direction….. Also, Is there a better place for me to drop bars for them to get judged?)

          Look, I come at you like a loaded Desert Eagle./
          I’m not Pablo from the block, I’m not your amigo./
          My blood colder than sub-zero, but my bars hot like burning man./
          Your opinions buzz more than mosquitos fam,/
          It’s really annoying man,/
          Chill the fuck out before you get me going man./
          Chill the fuck out before your blood starts pouring fam./
          Chill, When I go off its louder than a tea pot/
          I’m insane going off the top keep hating and you gon drop/
          I’ll stop you haters in your tracks like a motherfucking stop sign./
          I’m flyer than beetle juice, safer than bullet proof./
          Russo never quit, you need proof? I’m sturdier than ceiling roofs./
          I go harder than viagra… shit that one sucked, my bad dawg./
          Trust me though, I got y’all, like medicine for the ill/
          Take me, I’ll take care of ya’ll then I’ll sit back and make a mil/
          Like a doctor getting paid, look I don’t care for your pain/
          I’m just tryna make it rain, yeah like a cold storm in May./

    • Schematic

      Writing to a beat can be hard. Maybe start out by using a metronome and write within 4 counts. Then when you can, you can start writing to beats. (make sure you change the bpm of the metronome to get better at different speeds of beats.)

      • Ru

        Thanks man, I’ll try this out!

  • Kid Kazarie

    Man lay stone and builds tracks, all facts/
    Yet, we do it on others backs, slaves build the great cities/
    Pity, soul consumed by the catacombs of ingenuity/
    Spending human cost while the creations gain annuity/

  • iLegion

    Back with our favorite challenge!

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