Hey guys, we’re bringing back something original to the Raping Manual community-the rap challenges. These challenges are designed to help you improve every aspect of your rapping, from rhyme schemes to the use of metaphors.

We’re paying attention who puts the work in. For every challenge you attempt, you gain 1 point. Once you gather enough points, you get promoted in the ranks, get a tag and some perks with that. For more information, please refer to the community constitution. Only registered users can earn a rank.

Show everybody how good are you with metaphors.

The Rules

-You’ll get an image, which holds a metaphor/hidden meaning.

-Your objective is to write a couplet/quatrain, which describes the message shown in the picture-any rhyme scheme. This challenges improves your ability to use metaphors as a means of expressions.

Feedback would be given to some entries.

The Image:


Inspiration Beat:

Just to get it going, play that and you might find writing easier

*For more in-depth tutoring, talk to DemoKing.

Good Luck to Everyone! Feel free to submit your bars in the comments section below.

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  • Willie-B

    They riding on your back
    Then they saying that you slack
    Then they kill you like a cat
    When you curious make a mess
    So they lose you in a story
    So nobody thinks of your glory
    When the news say you only
    Led the public to a fake glory
    But you know they fake hommies
    Deny you like peter did to the cops on me
    Sell your soul so they get to keep the gold
    But your daughter wonder why you left home
    And never came back
    Then your mama say you been on a lost track
    For the money you been working like a skin graft
    I can never sell water to poor
    But the rich will buy it
    Dont think they gonna drink that
    Thats them trying make up for the guilt
    When they hoping on a plane
    That you daddy worked hard to build
    That’s the story of the guild
    What the masses know happen in the field

  • ?

    Its cold,
    you have a nice coat,
    something i couldn’t afford so i stayed in the house.
    Chilled with the mouse.
    Divorced my spuose.
    Im lost in the dark with a bag,
    and a sock.
    Fall in your heart.
    I bet you’ll stop.
    Play with rocks.
    So much news to make you run from cops.
    Stop, Stop drop and role.
    You have a hole.
    In india their mining for coal.
    Eat out of a half eaten bowl.
    with no soles.
    Im a human with major goals.

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