Hey guys, we’re bringing back something original to the Raping Manual community-the rap challenges. These challenges are designed to help you improve every aspect of your rapping, from rhyme schemes to the use of metaphors.

We’re paying attention who puts the work in. For every challenge you attempt, you gain 1 point. Once you gather enough points, you get promoted in the ranks, get a tag and some perks with that. For more information, please refer to the community constitution. Only registered users can earn a rank.

Show everybody how good are you with metaphors.

The Rules

-You’ll get an image, which holds a metaphor/hidden meaning.

-Your objective is to write a couplet/quatrain, which describes the message shown in the picture-any rhyme scheme. This challenges improves your ability to use metaphors as a means of expressions.

Feedback would be given to some entries.

The Image:


Inspiration Beat:

Just to get it going, play that and you might find writing easier

*For more in-depth tutoring, talk to DemoKing.

Good Luck to Everyone! Feel free to submit your bars in the comments section below.

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  • Lord Puente (RM Veteran)

    walk in my shoes? na kick those loose and start to float
    for I am the Lord and this world is the throne I choose

  • iLegion

    Goodbye to being fake, I prefer flip flops and a lake,
    to a pool top of a skyscraper, and nasty bitches booty shakin,
    Ma’ mind inside this fuckin image, my demons through pilgrimage,
    Ditch this hunger for riches’n shit, realize this shit!
    This shit, the world to stitch! The shit to fix the world’s glitch!

  • Doyle

    Don’t wanna fill shoes, I’m ill news,/
    Go farther than the others, I will do,/
    I’m a loaded twelve guage, other rappers are stuck glocks,/
    So I’m pumping every bar out till I fall the fuck off!

  • Seditious

    although im the deadliest/im a perfect picture of emptiness/like a dock over dark water/almost impossible to make my heart calmer/

    • Anonymous

      Now im sure you gon be a helluva rapper. Rise to the top man im givin you the first dose of respect and theres more you gonna get!

  • Kid Kazarie

    Push through the lows, trudge through the “No’ s”/
    Worked as hard as possible,watched my self grow/
    Now my fate falls to new hands, finish one step there’s a new challenge/
    Path never ends always just beginning,fleeting the same as winning/

    This one leaves lots of room for interpretation.

  • iLegion

    6th Rap Metaphors, this one is hard guys, lets see what yall can figure out!

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