Hey guys, we’re bringing back something original to the Raping Manual community-the rap challenges. These challenges are designed to help you improve every aspect of your rapping, from rhyme schemes to the use of metaphors.

We’re paying attention who puts the work in. For every challenge you attempt, you gain 1 point. Once you gather enough points, you get promoted in the ranks, get a tag and some perks with that. For more information, please refer to the community constitution. Only registered users can earn a rank.

In this challenge, you’d have to record a couplet, using two different flows.

I know, probably most of you won’t try that, because you’re shy, but we can’t just write here man, we’re not poets-we are rappers-the next version of poets.

For those of you who want to try it out, I will give you a couplet and all you have to do is rap it twice acapella or with a beat, with two different flows. You can switch around your emotion, put pauses here and there, change the intonation of certain words etc.

Participating in this challenge gives you the benefit of becoming a more flexible performer in terms of energy. It adds to your arsenal of flows and generally works out your creativity muscle. So, are you ready?

Your couplet:

They asked me why I’ve lost my religion, spittin on god and faith…
It’s only my heart and intuition: I’m goin to hell with this mind state!

Post it up on some platform like Soundcoud and give us the link. iLegion will look at the entries and give helpful feedback on how you could improve it, so it’s worth going through the trouble of taking it online. You could delete, once you get your feedback, I don’t care.

The best flow recording, chosen by iLegion, gets 6 points to his score. Everybody who has participated gets 1 point (Registered Users)

Inspiration Beat:

Just to get it going, play that and you might find thinking of the flow easier.

*For more in-depth tutoring, talk with DemoKing.

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