Hey guys, we’re bringing back something original to the Raping Manual community-the rap challenges. These challenges are designed to help you improve every aspect of your rapping, from rhyme schemes to the use of metaphors.

We’re paying attention who puts the work in. For every challenge you attempt, you gain 1 point. Once you gather enough points, you get promoted in the ranks, get a tag and some perks with that. For more information, please refer to the community constitution. Only registered users can earn a rank.

Let’s see who’s the best storyteller among us!

Write a story with bars, use your lyrical prowess to show others who can really move the crowd. Use shock value, subliminal statements, character development and so on, it’s all on you.

If you want recognition, making someone look through your eyes just by using rhymes is the way to go!

No limit on the number of bars, no restriction on the type of story.

Feedback would be given to some stories, but make sure to comment on a random story after you submit yours-this improves the chances of you getting feedback by 1000% percent.

Inspiration Beat:

Just to get it going, play that and you might find writing easier

*For more in-depth tutoring, talk to DemoKing.

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  • Zero S6X

    Time changes, mind racing through life phases/
    Wasted, I lost the love for this, truth’s I’m fading/
    Each sentence with resentment, felt the next step/
    Yet was to set freeze this till I feel it’s presence/

    Relentless, I 9 to 5 this shit tryin to fight it/
    Denyin it, life is a bitch, see I’m tryin to wife it/
    Striving, negatives like pop up, trying to swipe it/
    The future’s bright, skills like fruit starting to ripening/

    And I don’t even vibe to this shit no more,/
    Never been the same, since all the pros gone/
    No more challenges, I’m managing to still grow strong/
    It’s cold love for this shit, might as well kiss it so long/

  • Zero SiX [SickSiX]

    I swear, I swear heaven can wait, heaven can wait/
    I’m strained, pained, down road I’m heading that way/
    With every blessing that came, lesson that made/ me
    I pray I first make it before the exact second I’m late/

    Yeah. This is the feeling of you and I, right/
    The feeling, You alive but doubt if you’ll survive. Like/
    You awake each day, the same way life isn’t too suffice/
    Why? Death’s an account, I’m sure we would subscribe/

    Tryna make it but these chains, won’t comply, Fight/
    Fear and hate, wait but your arms won’t contrive, dive/
    Into each feelings, thinking in God you’d confide. Ride/
    The moments like mama was yelling ‘son thrive’, right/

    It comes to the stage where you’re petrified,/
    But this is you, David, you facing your Goliath/
    My head’s a really dark place if you step inside/
    Dead inside, terrified, we starve for the exercise/

    Fuck this government, the truth only lives in your eyes/
    Sippin your right, in suits, only bringing more lies/
    ‘Em reduced our rights, our lives institutionalized/
    This guy disguise his crimes, despise his kind, traumatized/

    Lil child under the covers of national hypocrisy/
    He stole from me, I’ma keep fighting even if my ghost leaves me/
    In distress, help me in this intense fight for freedom,/
    Form a legion, slay these figures, take back the kingdom./
    In distress, help me in this intense fight for freedom,/
    Form a legion slay these figures, unleash your demons./

  • Zero SiX [SickSiX]

    Steadily reminiscing each moment slowly, frozen, floating/
    A kid roaming the net, a poet wanting open homey/
    feelings, mostly those who shared his lonely Kobe’s dream/
    Closely. Not spoken, studied hard what he found closely, hopin’/
    to get better and then best, his skills low-key, slowly growing/
    Got a token of hope for each article he flowed in-to, boldly showing/
    up, competin’ in challenges, kept his skill glowin’, potent like chosen/
    Up all night penning Bars Of Gold cos he thought it was only smoky/

    Met so many skilled peeps all he did was join the queue/
    Got his first review, he knew advancement in what he spew/
    was inevitable, all the Vet lessons would pull him through/
    Drastically improve his views, infuse all he learnt, real good/
    There was so much talent he always felt like ‘dude rehearse’/
    ‘Tune this verse’, picture rhymes dancing round the universe/
    He found a new family, for better, for worse, non stop support/
    It isn’t about blood, it’s people who would help him come strong/

    Stumbled upon dope peeps like Blaze, Doc Ockham, then Free-D/
    Lord Puente, Slippery D3V1L, The Inventor, Rolo, Chapter V even Triple-D/
    Made him sit up all night with a pen in his hand, thinking deep/
    Thinking quick, coming up with verses thinking ‘this is me?’/
    But this is real, much love showed to him, he was kicking quick/
    Words were sinking deep, wherever he went it kept ringing still/
    No doubt it was a time he was more filled with bliss/
    Nothing turned it into something, heart filled with glee/

    Each man in the community has his strength, low weakness/
    Battled, shared ideas, the home helped them show realness/
    He met many more talents like Doyle, MiZfit, to Versatile/
    Black-Jack, AXEL, Durt, Seditious, iLegion, Kid Kazarie, even Elite/
    There was Chris A, and the light shiner, DemoKingz,/
    It’s history we building, in the making were Renown Kingz/
    The bliss they shared was priceless, timeless/
    The memories Zee dwelling on are termless, termless./

    Believe the story, ’cause I’m the ‘he’ I speak of,/
    After joining the sight, I felt like a new chapter’s begun/
    Martin taught me, ”No matter what buddy, dream strong”/
    It’s more than an industry there’s always space for you, keep on!/

  • Sensei Doyle

    “This is a story all about how/
    My life got flip turned upside down,/
    Now let me take a minute, just sit right there…”


    Yo, yo,
    Lemme tell you a story about Hobbit’s n Eagles,/
    Elves, Dwarves, Wizards and a creature called Smeagol,/
    Throw a couple men in and a guy with some bling,/
    Yeah I’m about to summarize the Lord of the Rings./
    Check it, we in the shire with my homie in Bag End,/
    Gandalf walking up without his fireworks wagon,/
    Bilbo’s real polite, as his pipe he does light,/
    With no idea what’ll happen on the next night,/
    Yo, these Dwarves are showing up, won’t name em all cuz that’s boring,/
    But what you need to know is that they all led by Thorin./
    They eat the food and drink the drink and pile dishes in the sink/
    And force the homie Bilbo to really sit n think./
    The next day, the Hobbit forgets his hankercheif,/
    Everybody doubts him but Gandalf says he’s the dankest thief,/
    They have adventures but that shit ain’t important,/
    They only treasure here that matters is the ring Bilbo’s sporting./
    Half a hundred years away and Bilbo’s ditching the shire,/
    Frodo’s taking over the entire Bag End empire,/
    He lives a while in his hole and he’s living off gold,/
    But now he’s gotta flee and his home he has sold,/
    Yo, he meets some people but that shit is irrelevant,/
    See’s a bunch of shit like talking tree’s and an elephant,/
    And Gandalf dies but he’s alive and there’s Aragorn’s sword,/
    Bow, axe, some hobbit’s and then BOOM it’s war horn,/
    Some people die, some people cry, there are a bunch of evil Urukai,/
    And if Frodo can’t destroy the ring then all his friends are sure to die,/
    But then he does, although he loses a finger,/
    Yo I really don’t know why I rapped about Lord of the Rings for.
    I literally wrote this in like 8 minutes, I left out a million and a half details, obviously, but eh. I told you everything you need to know. They find a ring, people die, they destroy the ring, the end. XD I know it’s terrible but I couldn’t think of a story of my own to tell. I’m tired as fuck so my creativity is down a bit. Finally got a fuckin’ job though so it’s worth it lol

  • Durt

    (Long running idea that I finally wrote down. Still a work in progress. I plan to expand it across several songs)

    Now… Here’s a little story that I’d like to tell
    About a bad ass cat ya’ll dont know that well
    Goes by the name/McCavity
    And she be. the. top. cat. in these streets.

    (she) Don’t fuck mice. don’t run with rats
    Put these dog ass bitches down for durt naps
    Aint never kissed no ass but took a few steps back
    and will plot for 10 yrs if you touch her cash

    And tho we speakin on the doe / this is NOT norm-al
    But it’s a necessary ev-il / for this tale to BE told
    so.. let me learn ya a few cool facts / bout this cold ass cat:
    Mom’s as mad young and pops wasnt worth shit
    So she was born black in a orphan-age
    funny thing is: she was the lucky one who live out of a litter of 5 kids

    I Kid. You Not. / She was shot
    And left for dead in the spot by a crooked cop
    that’s why she don’t drop ‘nare dime at donation time

    Grew up w/ Chico/ tryin to catch up to her side
    Nippin at her heels / All the damn time
    They both came up / On the same kind of grind
    Both made them bucks / outside the lines
    Only difference was: Chico wanted to shine
    So he burnt thru his profits on w/e came to mind
    McCavity was fine w/ collectin coin / from the sideline
    And stackin her cabbage / 1 package at a time
    Both was so focused on payments they never noticed that sister mary haylinn
    was watchin on the sly
    held ’em in her sights out the corner of her eye
    always quick to give advice
    and kept they name in her prayers at night
    Hopin that by the time / they left her side..
    She had put a little curve to the crook in the lives

    • Kid Kazarie

      I really enjoy this, very original.Nice job, Durt

  • Elite

    Remembers tasting iron, liquid filling his mouth /
    fire and hate in her eyes when he was kicked out the house /
    hearing the slapping of rain , while hes sobbing in pain /
    Laying on rocky terrain looking up and watching the clouds /

    Free now , but he’s still suffering the back /
    lash pills before he sleeps to stop the suffocating flash /
    backs, near to panic attacks whenever a glass /
    smash embedded in him hide under the bed because his dads /
    Snapped, there arguements were so hard /
    On him they’d aim insults at each other but then tar /
    get him, and it’d always start the same way / sipping fricking liqour sparked and fueled their flames rage /
    Leather belt cracking, still in his mind its like a clap /
    In a cave cause when he thinks its gone away then it’ll echo /
    Again, wounds never heal their re-op /
    Annually so hes just hoping for the day that he will learn /
    to handle it

    Never tried story telling so let me know what i can improve on

    • Free (RM Veteran)

      “Leather belt cracking, still in his mind its like a clap /
      In a cave cause when he thinks its gone away then it’ll echo /
      Again, wounds never heal their re-op /
      Annually so hes just hoping for the day that he will learn /
      to handle it”

      The rhyme scheme there is kinda of messed up and I can’t catch the flow, it needs real restructuring.

      So I see you captured the essence of the story and got good imagery and juxtapositions there like “sipping fricking liqour sparked and fueled their flames rage /”

      But you need to work on the cohesion of how the story progresses as each bar progresses. You will also have to work on detail of the story and give better character development so that the story hits home. You show a lot of potential and you just need to try writing one story telling verse a day.

      So here’s my story telling workout recommendation: You’ll be writing three story telling tracks a week. Two tracks are a must 3-verse piece.

      Sunday, Monday, Tuesday- One verse every day but all verses of the same story.
      Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- just like the above category.

      Saturday- You have to write a song with only one verse, it’s a story telling song obviously but no verse breaks and shit, just straight up one monster of a verse on a beat of your choice but make sure it’s good and you are giving your best.

      Work along that routine and in a month, you’ll be a better story teller than most of the people here.

      Now tips for actually improving your storytelling: listen to Slick Rick albums, listen to Nas and Eminem’s SSLP and MMLP. Study these artists and their albums and try to enjoy while listening. Automatically you’ll discover more story telling albums on your own later.

      Good luck and start working!

      • Elite

        Thanks for the feedback bro. I’ll re write the scheme showing every pause and exactly where the beat 2 and 4 fall to see if that helps you catch it.
        leather belt cracking in/side of his mind its like a clap/ in a cave, cause when he thinks/ it’s gone away then it’ll e/cho again,,,, wo/unds never healed there re-o/pened annually, he’s just ho/ping for the day that he will le/arn to handle it
        8-annually/handle it

        Just broke the rhyme scheme down which I’m new at and I see why you couldnt follow it wtf is that shit but it seemed to sound okay when i did it?
        And I wasnt sure how detailed to go with the story ,descriptions, imagery etc so i was trying to a little of each and let the listener paint their own image of it in their mind. I’ll try out these methods of practice and repetition thanks a lot man.

  • Schematic

    I am macbeth owner of the crown
    Tell you what i did to get here now
    One day I, was walkin by
    When out the shadows came six eyes
    Told me I would be king
    Payed it no mind til one day
    I became the Cawdor thane
    But i wasnt alone on that day
    My friend Banquo accompanied me
    And got prophecies from the same three
    Got his destiny but it made no sense
    Happier but less how can that be
    He’ll be lesser but greater than me
    And his kid’s gonna be royalty
    But im the one with the crown
    And to make sure i laid Duncan out

    My wife helped me drug the guards
    Then into Duncan’s room i barged
    Pulled out my weapon and discharged
    I knew that the crown wasn’t far
    Malcolm and Donolbain fled away
    I realized Banquo was in my way
    I hired some guns to get him gone
    I talked to two but three came along
    Killed Banquo but missed fleance
    I held a party and Banquo crashed
    As The ghost of when he was gashed
    I dashed back to the witches
    And they granted my new wishes
    Told me that unless burnam moves
    All of my enemies will surely lose
    Beware macduff but he cant
    kill me because a woman bore the man
    As they moved towards the castle
    My wife became more of a hastle
    She stabbed herself right in the gizzard
    Then i killed the young siward
    After the english used burnam to hide
    MacDuff and i didnt see eye to eye
    When i turned in his direction
    I didnt realize he was c sectioned

    • Schematic

      Yes… This is the story of Macbeth. An actual project I did.. to 98 bpm btw

      • Free (RM Veteran)

        Hmm.. the end was quite bland lyrically but it gets the story checked out nonetheless. Good job man.

        I see that you are one of the best new members on the site who showed up recently, I would be honored and glad if you took some time to check out my battle with Lord Puente here on the website and give your honest review, critique and vote. Would really appreciate it.

      • Durt

        This is dope and hella clever

  • Kid Kazarie

    First wrong move you ,made was shooting in my room/
    Birthing the beef like it came straight from the womb/
    Take the dice talking bout can you play but, never wanna pay/
    Homie got an array of lies to rely on, proposing to act sleigh/
    Like Santa on a summer day, early school make the play/
    “Say I pull the nine if you keep cheating”Homies telling me to beat em/
    Hype swelling “get every dollar or imam bleed em” look at em ,read em/
    Poker face wheat toast, Bread better than sandwich at a bistro/
    We so hype whole crew running gambit, on my last roll his hand slamming/
    “Gimme my money back, All you Niggas takening”I know this popping like hot bacon/
    The beast dice has awakened got me screaming; heart racing putting bass in/
    MY voice to elevate the noise lost all my poise adrenaline buoyancy/
    For the life of me ,I can remember it going bad /
    He got in my face and hit with a mayweather jab/
    We grabbed and grappled, knocked over the Snapple/
    Homie threw me on the tile I knew it was time to battle/
    Seen his shawdow reaching for ultimatum/
    Wish I had my own to spray him /
    Eyes like laser pinching the cash/
    Trapped by his squad can’t dash/
    Quick from his belt like whip in hand/
    A knife.. not a gun is in hand/
    Feeling like a a clan camaraderie rush/
    Homies storm him cause he can’t bust/
    Pin him to the ground college goon rules/
    Hit the the other two a left more than a bruise/
    Lost my cool DA trying to investiage we moving to late/
    We not caught but they looking at us like we the worst to get caught/
    Never thrownsice again cause I thought I was shot/

    • Kid Kazarie

      I wrote this pretty quick and its not all that but my first complete attempt at a story verse

    • Kid Kazarie

      Not all that but, my first real attempt at this style

    • iLegion

      It was actually pretty good Kaz, I enjoyed it. Can hear it slowly flowing in a song 😀

  • Lord Puente (RM Veteran)

    Prob not exactly what you looking for, but I just wrote this 12 bar

    gotta stay clean so I drop the dirty weaponry,/
    toss the forty-five as I was driving doing 70,/
    pass the five-0, no mo evidence is left on me,/
    don’t expect a suspect nobody ever question me,/

    do my dirty work solo, so only my shadow knows,/
    no proof, no snapped photos, no case to close,/
    the keenest cleaner, dissolve it all even the femur,/
    no evidence on me and I left the scene even cleaner,/

    did the world a favor by getting rid of this player,/
    thought he was a slayer then ducked off in his lair,/
    after I hit him with a couple rounds, I put a third in his head,/
    which lead to no response, left no qualms when I left him dead,/

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