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Let’s see what words of wisdom has the Rap Guild shared with us.

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The best advice I can offer to people trying to start with hip-hop and rapping is to have something to say. Too many times rappers will find themselves rapping about rapping itself, going back to the same cliches present in so much of today’s mainstream rap. Talk about your struggles, tell a fictional story, make a political commentary, just do something that personalizes your music and set you out from the crowd.

Also, there seems to be a lot of people who view every person who tries to rap as a joke. It can be really difficult to not get sucked into the negative energy people seem to push towards newcomers. Find someone who enjoys the same style of hip-hop as you, and supports you, and see what they have to say. This could have easily been phrased as “don’t listen to the haters”. If you have a passion for producing, rapping, poetry, or music, and it makes you happy, then there should be nothing anyone can say to you to change that. This is something I wish I knew a long time ago.


#Legion: If your raps are relate-able, even people who don’t listen to rap, but listen to lyrics, would be impressed. What to spit about is extremely important for an indie rapper, because it sets the idea, the atmosphere of the rapper’s character and makes a point to the public! Avoid the opinions of people who don’t like hip hop in general, though they tend to be quite the haters!

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What It Means To Be An Independent Artist

Over the past 5-10 years it has become more and more trendy and almost necessary to be an independent artist. As I began becoming serious about pursuing to make music a career I was proud in the fact of claiming myself as an “independent artist”, but actually I was still having the mentality of doing just good enough to eventually get picked up by a bigger entity or “get discovered” by someone with more power and influence. Now that certainly can be a goal.

However, what is not really highlighted about being an indie artist is as one it is your duty to actually create and run your own business. You must position yourself to make your music and your brand profitable, and you’re going to have to do majority if not all of the work. To be an indie artist is to truly think and act independently.

#iLegion: If at first you find yourself at a spot in which you are a very good rapper, but a very bad businessman, then, maybe go for the “get discovered” ticket. But as I’ve always said, it’s all about our own personality, and creating a trend out of your own rap is much better than feeding an already existing trend with everything your talent can offer… Because eventually, one way or the other, you’re getting intellectually robbed…

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    These were great articles to read. Hopefully I’ll be putting these into effect soon once I finish developing my craft. Although I’ll never be done, but at least get to the point I’m satisfied.

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