In this article I’ll reveal to you some secrets, that I’m sure many of you don’t know. Secrets which explain all the weirdness in the videos and songs of rappers nowadays. This article won’t tell you what to do, or what to believe in. It will simply give you the knowledge, which you can use with your own discretion.

Rappers and Gods

There is a tendency nowadays, in which rappers think they’re gods. Rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Taylor The Creator and many more, have convinced themselves that they are gods. They are not crazy, since there is a little truth to that, but their view is infected with the ego. Let me explain.
kanye west power
When you’re a rapper, musician, movie director, anything in which you have to materialize your thoughts and ideas into something physical, you’re a creator. You’re using your creativity, to translate ideas to physical objects. New songs, videos, businesses etc. Now God is the creator of the universe. It created everything-nature, stars, galaxies, everything, and it used its power to create everything we see.

Rappers are creators, God is a creator. Therefore, they conclude that they’re just a human god. Someone who is the creator of the world around them. Recognizing the greater creator, but they still know that they are gods. Which is true. If we have to use the terminology they’re using, the people whose life is focused into creating are gods.

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Using the name of God for small matters like our human shit is disrespectful. We’re miniscule in relation to God. We still can’t explain what we see with our own eyes and we’ll never be able to even comprehend god fully. We don’t have the capacity for that kind of knowledge.
However we say we’re gods. Why? Well, first of all, it boosts your ego and rappers who rap about money and how great they are, need ego. So, convincing themselves that they are gods(with the argument I just showed you) they find it easier to talk how brilliant and great they are, since their ego is beyond control.

Don’t Use The Name of God

My belief is that you don’t use the name of God, to call yourself that. You’re creating, yes. However, you’re creating with the tools God gave you. Your character and soul is shaped by god. You might have some say into shaping yourself, but God did most of the work, by presenting you with challenges and obstacles, to create your character.

goodness -detail2

You don’t use his name, because you’re diminishing his importance in your mind. For example, think of some 11 year old kid. He comes to you and says: “I’m a rapper. I’m as good as you. I can rap.” Now, you know how much knowledge you have to possess to be a real good rapper, so how do you look at the kid? Yes, you see my point?

Why do rappers start worshiping the devil

Well, first of all, because the whole philosophy of Satanism is about being your own god. Individuality, which is nothing scary. People worshiping the devil, pretty much worship the individuality and creativity of their character. As you know, God expelled the Devil from heaven, so the devil just formed his own clique, becoming individual and independent.

The problem is the reason WHY god expelled him from heaven. I mean, listen, I don’t want to get all religious on you, simply because I’m not, but the devil is connected with the ugliest of emotions. Greed, anger, lack of morale and so on.

That’s why he was kicked out. However rappers or other musicians don’t care about the reason why he was kicked out and what emotions they get by worshiping him. They become their ego and that’s why our world is the way it is, because rappers are just a microcosm of our society as a whole.

Okay, the article became too long. I will talk about Daemons(not Demons) next time. Why does Jay-Z light candles every time he records a new song? Why so many performers have their own rituals? Next time! Stay Tuned.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think Rappers are Gods?

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  • J2

    Or you could be a 5 percenter who has done the 120… Listen to Wu-tang for further reference

  • D-Ea$y

    The thing is, most celebrities and artists don’t know what they’re getting themselves into AT ALL. You know, the devil entices you subconciously with fame, money, women, etc. and he gives it to you. The thing is, there’s a catch, He wants your soul. You sell your soul, worship him and never have the life you dreamed of. Not trying to sound preachy, but this is a STUPID thing to do. You hear bout these rappers trying to get out of it. They talk about how it is affecting them, always controlling their lives to the point they can’t make their own decisions. Tyler and Odd Future are hypocritical becase they claim to be athiest. You can’t claim to be athiest and worship the devil, it doesn’t work. Even the devil knows God is real lol. No amount of fame or money makes you a god. Really doesn’t even imply you’re the best rapper. Just a thought…

  • Lukas

    Yo, RappingManual. It’s a really interesting topic imho.
    I mean let’s look at Em and how he used to rap that sold his sold for the devil?
    What about DMX and his song ,,The Rain” ?

    I don’t know man, there is definitely something out there.
    What the f’ should these symbols mean:


    Anyway, the music nowadays sure promotes sex, money and other things.
    Maybe it’s a way to promote a consumerism, I don’t know, but it’s definitely weird.

    • RappingManual

      Oh yeah, I saw that one. It’s Rihanna wasn’t it? We can speculate as to why everything is the way it is, however I DO think that the whole dynamic of being a god is mixed in all of this..

  • Dakarai

    There is absolutely no such thing as gods or demons

    • Soul Rebel

      You are a FOOL to go so far as to say there isn’t this and there isn’t that.. Your mind has no capacity for such things. Therefore you should NOT speak on things you know NOTHING about.

      Further more if you knew anything about luci before he was thrown to earth to temp man into sining against The Almighty you would know that he TOO is a walking and talking MUSICAL INSTRUMENT! When it wouldcome time for the angels to come together in harmony to worship The Almighty, not a tune would be sung or uttered UNTIL satan FIRST opened up with a solo and then the rest of the billions beyond billions of angels could come in with their praise to Lord of All.

      Dear brothers do not be mislead by these rappers, they only taunt you with their riches and power and fame to TEASE you for not joining in on their worship of him whose name deserves not to be said. His time is short and he knows this. The Father has given him his time, for he can not do anything without The Almighty first granting him permission. Know that if you are not for The Lord you are AGAINST him. And to correct the author on one minute detail, The Messiah is ALIVE!! They didn’t kill Him for they only wish they could..

      Who do you think made life? Or brought death into existence? How was the sun or moon brought into existence? Surely I say to you The Almighty!! To Him all praise be due.

      • Anonymous


      • progress

        is dat enough reason to call sumbody a fool?

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