Learning to rap or any (more complex) skill requires that you study a number of elements and different areas that together form a bigger picture. This is where specialties come into play because you can’t be equally good at or as interested in everything.

So for example, in rap there are lyrics and flow/delivery and then for lyrics we got content, rhyming, figures of speech etc. Moreover, these have some further divisions so rhyming includes alliteration, multies, internal rhymes, while for the figures of speech we got metaphors, allegory and stuff like that. In other words – a lot of ground to cover, and while you want to practice everything you also want to know your priorities.

With that in mind, we can call attention to the concept of breadth and depth. In rap, breadth would be practicing all the different elements and the depth is how much you spend at each and how good you become at them. The better you are at some – the more naturalized they are for you.

The process of naturalizing is important. I will use a Dragon Ball Z analogy. In the movie Resurrection ‘F’ Frieza had reached a new stronger form but he hadn’t practiced it enough to get used to it so that was his weakness and he lost easily. In the same way, once you feel you got something down make sure that you practice it for a while and this is especially important for your overall level of skill.

Therefore, once you feel that you’re good enough I’d suggest honing that level for 6-12 months and then you could start putting stuff out. Of course, you can always get better but I’m sure that all of you have a “good enough” level envisioned for yourself so this article should be of help. This is also why patience is valuable, because even if you had the right realizations all of a sudden you’d still need to put in the time and familiarize yourself with your level of skill.

Practicing daily over a longer period of time is the best way to become a great rapper.

Written by DemoKingz

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  • Joey

    Sever the slithery tendrils of darkness flowing from my brain.
    I weather this misery tenfold regardless, knowing I’m insane.
    I’m derranged, I’m vaine, everythang they want.
    But the pain don’t wane so I stain the walls
    With the blood of the innocent. Succulent, sweet.
    I just love the way it drips to the ground from my teeth.
    Cannibal, Hannibal, the way I’m eatin emcees.
    From the feet to the teeth like a vertical breeze.
    Grate em like cheese, mix em up with the meat
    Pull it out and the ladies suck it off till I sneeze.

  • Kay tee

    U looking at the next rapper here I was asking u guys can be my number one fan

    • Lifeboi Bitu

      You Guy’s are good but is not that easy as said.

  • B-Dogg

    Nice Article Demo I appreciate your words 😃 Real Talk.

    • DemoKingz

      Hey bro, great looking out! Welcome to the main page 🙂

    • Kyndrah

      Pain won’t go away bitchs be hateing all day that dont like me any way bombs thots can’t still my flow no way its time to grand any way no problems won’t hurt no way questions be asked everyday u an it shit noway

      • Kyndrah

        Big hits can’t quite big bitchs anit shit flow won’t quite questions won’t hit nothing anit focus big deals locus don’t be shit don’t get hit

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