This is an official Rap Battle. More information on the rules of Rap Battles can be found here and here.

The Rules

We go 3 rounds, a verse from each rapper. There is no restriction on the number of bars. At the end of the 3rd round, the community votes for the winner. The winner is awarded with 3 points and gets a step closer to becoming an “RM Gatekeeper”.

Round 1

Chapter V

Hear me clear when I’m speaking I won’t lose,
Go through, your whole crew, choke who ever’s close to you,
Whatever hopes you, put your faith in I’ll make ’em
Look like mistakes when, I’m spraying questions

To test them, whatever you found hope in I make you doubt
Told you, I’ll smoke you, fold you to a comatose,
Turn you to a ghost, turn your crew to Jeho-va’s witnesses,
Who’s as ill as this? The unsinkable penmanship

Don’t get sensitive your defenses is, weak
24/7 a 24 year old or five scared to go first and defeat
Someone 7 years younger, junior schooling ya
Should flunk ya, class new school dudes he’s fooling ya,

Here’s the truth he’s scared to lose dares me to view
My rhymes first so he can study them the rookie then,
Write his lines to flip mine for example to handle me,
He’ll use my age try to diffuse my ways then confuse his rage

As soon as he lose the faith of the crowd,
Fakes a reason for his rounds lacking power,
Promises to come back harder and rapping louder,
Peep this see I know your deepest secrets before Free went

And removed you from that chat got your little lap dogs
You used to vent in, a secret chat you made up didn’t have the balls,
To spit on and shit on me to my face you fraud,
Went from singing in punk rock to start brawls

Online to find a meaning to life and thought,
The shit you talk, and rhyme would be better than all,
You slime your lines not even ahead of your eyes,
Lie after lie while lies never apply to mine

Your false sense of pride, collapse when our worlds collide,
Went from being a so called star throwing comets,
To the hoe in comments section, with that obsession
With Kevin, you steppin’ outta your line

Must be outta your mind when I unleash the rhymes
Designed like a bullet, when I pull it, your thoughts
Leave your mind and I can read all you stored deep in your mind,
You leaving behind, got verbs and nouns to bury this clown,

It’s ball game bars I can spit on and on for all day,
It’s time for me show why you won’t go after me,
An athlete when it comes to stamina to damage a man,
Handing ya, a challenger’s laminate name plates,

Like they do in the Olympics, after about a minute,
Made you participate in the Paralympics, your limbs is,
Gone you unable to maintain the longevity,
To go on and on bar heavy see, that’s the difference,

While you children, bicker like siblings I’m thinking,
How the fuck you lousy fucks is mixing and slinging,
Lines like they make the greats start sniffing,
Truthfully, you could be the reason why shit went wrong,

As soon as you came on vent on hiding behind
That fucking alter ego, you forgot to alter your ego,
And fall behind the people in a straight line,
Guess you really are the devil won’t bow down to the God MC’s,

So now you have me on my Azazel slash Satan shit,
Smack the devil out of you, turn your ass back into an Angel,
You lack the level in you to be a rebel that’s true
Make the heavenly dude forget about you

So what is this, spitless business you claim is sickness?
That’s it? You got no heat like Al Pacino
Or Deniro in Casino here though the name V holds,
The viciousness of a violent villainous hero,

Drop your ego, like your mom’s hair after chemo,
Free knows, that line was hot so when I dropped it
He picked it up got it, and he told me that shit was evil,
Then I said dead that fool then he used it see how Slip loses it,

Who can think, the devil couldn’t come up with a response?
I see the bitch in you, a Common Cube song
I’m aware the switch in hue, of my dark skin
Switches to white when I start lynching you,

Come on start your lines start flipping fool,
‘Coz I know I made you change what you were thinking cool,
In your verse, if you going to curse put away that man purse
First rehearse, and put away that fake try hard style

Your rhyme’s too easy to replicate,
I predict this, bitch rhymed how my “Flows wack”
Rhymes it with either, “Cold fact hold strap
Go back low stats old cats rogue plans” probably even “Nomad”,

Switches flow, rhymes, “blow minds tokin’ smokin’ potent to yo’ rhymes
Hold lies so why” or, maybe even change lines,
To “Hey guys, this gay guy may rhyme but the way I lay mine
Is way nice I amaze minds” Or some dumb ass predictable shit,

Like “This bitter Brit” and whatever shit he spits,
Know that he’ll capitalize whatever he thinks is wordplay,
Just to make sure we get it, forget it, you insecure fuck,
Tuck, yourself in go to bed and sleep that whackness off

Quench my thirst with hell fire, bathe in the tears
Of you crying bitches, plead for mercy quiet bitches listen,
I’ve spit enough know that I got more,
Lock your-self, in a room write your rhymes

Then maybe some time later get confident then display a line
That utilize wordplay, without the need to capitalize
Haven’t you guys had enough of this so called tough fuck?
Come on step up get your neck cut, don’t use a lame excuse to blame your fuse

From blowing out leaving you without power in the light bulb,
Up above, your head that symbolize your mind’s thinking,
In an instance, make a grown ass man crawl for forgiveness,
Got him sniffing pleading like an infant without gifts in Christmas,

Don’t try and say “Your verses are too long what is this?”
And start bitching to Martin so he can start introducing a bar limit,
Don’t you try and say “Hey let’s be friends can we forget this”
Leave you wrecked in, don’t you try and write another article,

About tips on battling it’s not logical,
When Slip, your bitch ass can’t even handle them,
One win against Free he doesn’t even like battling,
Two against Kevin him a rookie legend Slip?

Same dude you have an unhealthy obsession with?
Three losses against the best when you faced me,
Lost all three rounds then lost against Inventor and Triple D,
Said you handed Triple a chance, belittled him,

Gave you a rematch try belittle me and see
Where it gets you, lift your spirit up I’ll press pause,
Leave you with this thought, tell you to spit a few bars,
But make sure they hitting me hard or else,

The rest, can see you for what you really are,
A dumb ass too lazy to get a job get kicks from
Scuffling and pick on kids on a website,
Talks about how he let’s fly, hustling,

You could come up with a line and tuck it inside
And I’ll rebuttal the rhyme before you bust it in time,
He’s the epitome of a white, boy real rap fan stereotype,
He loves the sound of everything underground,

“Real rap is about politics weed shooting and police,”
That’s why your shits weak, your techniques not unique,
This the rapping man you all
Think can beat the fucking God?


This book’s gotten stale, took the veiled threats and threw em out/
Spewin doubts about my clout, so now we finna shoot it out/
Hear the truth resound, you been duckin me since last you won/
When I attacked with fifty bars you had to stack three hundred son/

You can disrespect my style and rhyme techniques, but that don’t mean shit/
Try rain on my parade, I guarantee you’ll make a mean Slip/
Take your high horses and fly forthwith to glue factories/
Your tired bars spar vile forces, tryna screw me Chapped Her V/

This is lax to me, I can’t believe you’d actually/
Think to bring me disses this shitty, I’d bring a masterpiece/
Can your ass and see that you’d never rhyme as hard as I/
That’s part of why you’re always on my ass, you rap part-fag-part-fly/

Strapped with but a pad, your pen game’s your sole game/
If you sold pain, you sell a lower dose than cold flames/
This is so lame, Doctor Suess peddled madder rhymes/
With truth that never lied, and words invented half the time/

Got facts? You lie! You got nothin on me but your faggot ass lies/
Trackin my spies? Sure I been known to enact em that’s fine/
A criminal mastermind, clash a sixteener that can’t even fight/
Can’t even rhyme, can’t even fathom this damage I write/

Exquisite linguistics and seemingly distant approaches to dopeness/
Your flowing is hopeless, hope that you know this/
Hope you go home and you know where the rope is/
Go where you’ll croak and engulf your whole throat bitch/

Go it alone, choke on your foam as i post this and know I was raw/
No you was not, know you was lonely cuz Logic was phony, homie she showed me screen shots/
The definition of thirsty? A firsty Brit gettin flirty/
Maybe work and get a bitch to take your dick before you’re 30/

I heard say you don’t eat beef, or white meat, picture this/
Chap throws away the breast, I guess he only wants the chicken skin/
That’s not a hard diss, but you see how deep my power flows/
You cower subtly, shout Team Hungry, I’ll devour foes/

Fuck your skin, fuck your spit, fuck your name, fuck your clique/
I’m fuckin up your busta’s ass, pack it up and run with it/
You told a random girl on the internet about your doubts/
Sounds like you’re naive, I see this industry would bleed you out/

Your team is ruthless now? I heard all you got is Writer’s Block/
Rearranged the name, but its still just all y’all riding cocks/
Call y’all mighty flops, I’m riding like I climbed the top/
Cage me with this British chicken, I’ll slay him like we’re fighting cocks/

You say you’re mighty hot, but I’m highly sure I’ll write you off/
You can’t be about a bout with children killed, you’ve likely lost/
Couldn’t fight me off, with your meager skills or kiddie fists/
Figured you was chillin with KP to be the kid he fists/

You gettin pissed, while I’m kicking back and laughin at ya/
My antics arrogant, the air of which I’m fannin atcha/
You planned to catch me Slippin’? Bitch you didn’t even think/
I’m leavin these weakling twinks deep in acid, i pack a lethal sink/

I specialize in wreckin lives, affectin minds I’m fright like/
My night life strikes just like a shrike from a high rise/
In hindsight, you might be alive if you had high time/
But I’d still make you die if you had nine lives and five nines/

I’ll divide minds with pure strikes of Muay Thai/
Martial arts I’m partial to, bars Marshall in his coy prime/
My toys fire, my boys ire, swords and war pyres/
I’m more than horrorcore, more a morbid sort of lore fighter/

Y’aint schoolin fool, I see no mixup in your spit stuff/
You spit transitional bars, fan fiction enlarged with dick pumps/
Free-D the fluffer, clique convinced you’re hard? A bit much!/
I’m past the class of flow predictin’, kid that’s fuckin bitch stuff/

How about a new trick, you crude prick?/
Dump KP, D, and Easy, please jump up on a new dick/
You think you spew hits? You spew shit, your krew’s shit/
You’re basic kids on Facebook, while I’m climbin on some new shit/

Rhymin bombs that do shit, you lose quick, bitch I knew this/
Confusin’ Uzi’s with lube got your anus invaded, screw this/
Let me me break it down for ya, shove a gun in your ass/
Put your head at the head of the class, while I’m runnin this track/

Take a shot at my mom? My god that’s a lost cause/
Lock you a basement, and de-face you until you’ve lost god/
When you beg for death, let you guess “left”, “right” or “other way”/
Then put the knife away, you live tonight to Die Another Day/

My word is Bond, I’ve mastered vast vernacular/
Stackin facts, passion, and wrath, I rap spectacular/
You’re mediocre, a needy schmoe with peevy focus/
With Peavey blows, my inner Anarchist amp-utates your Leedy dome bitch/

If this was your best, put it to rest kid, its laughable/
Slap your faggot hoe ass back to class, kid go practice more/
You’ve gotten better, but since last we clashed I’ve gotten Beast/
I’m walking heat, you’re a walking coffin, got deceased/

Round 2

Chapter V

You must hate the real you to give and deliver your words in
Third person, to escape the fakeness I’ll say this,
If I lose this it’s ludicrous you act a fool you’ll say this,
“The community has spoken and has chosen the devil as the winner”

I figure, if it’s true then the votes wont show what’s real,
Feel this imperial battle material, makin’ him squeal,
So he quick to fix the wheels on his bandwagon,
And waggin’ his fingers to Trigger to Triple his votes,

Chip in with no opinions, just clickin’ to vote,
Slip and his folks the biggest of jokes
Lyrics that show, claim they stick the clip in and blow,
Definition of hoes, you either slip or you don’t,

Your fathers honor lessened from your devils persona,
Brought all, the possible shame you can bring,
With all that fake king of the rebels you sponsor,
Ahead of you all, better get the fuck off, don’t get your men involved,

Cut the noise you and your boys toy soldiers,
Just bounce you don’t hold a, ounce, of real in you,
You never had an amount of appeal in you,
That’s why I never came around and start feelin’ you,

The underground scene is out of reach for you,
Never will have a crowd or a deal for you,
No ones out to kill for you, what now?
You a blood in the hood? Throwin’ up gang signs?

Rhyme about the gang life? And red flags
Red rags fastened around pants that sag?
Trying so hard to be black, when he rappin’ he figured out,
“I can go past a wigga now, ‘coz saggin’ backwards spell niggas wow!”

Well this shit is foul, admit it now you privileged,
You have your moms and dad livin now, while the ones
Who come from the slum, who never had a dad to provide ground,
And fall back on for help, they dealt with shit their self,

Coz either they bailed, don’t visit or in jail, while now
You slick talkin’ on some big boss shit,
Your mother wished the abortion went through,
Thinks you brought them down actin’ like a clown,

Let me check him rap in your dads perspective,
Grab you by the collar ’bout ta start learning shit,
“Keaton Melissa Yeates your name ain’t Satan,
Why you fakin’ you ain’t been breathin’ heat,

You’re stealing me, every last bit of pride
I had for you who’s this Slippery Devil guy?
You never were the rebel type, taught you to ride pedal bikes,
While I worked days and nights and gave you a life

Way better than mine, a life that you’d never see,
Whenever you claim the fake street credibility,
That ain’t evidential to me, shit is disrespectful to me,
You went from a punk singer sellin’ punk cd’s out my car trunk,

To a punk emcee who’s bars suck,
Look, stop that drugged out crook act
I’ll smack that little act out of you,
Facts, I had you so I could have another son,

Who helped you when the priest molested you?
I used to buy you new shoes so you can flex too,
The best tools, I kept jewels to pass it on to you,
Made sure I helped you on the test schools used to give you,

Look bitch, you don’t bust shit, stop looking to be stuck in
A life or death situation, stop saying you clip clowns
Son this towns not yours to run, you don’t flip foul dudes
When you pissed how? Only way you ever dealt with shit

Is when you stick around ask for help and act pissed bitch sit down,
Throw those leads away you’re not Zeppelin,
Throw those threads away bumbaclart you’re not a brethren,
When I heard about your obsession with Kevin,

I prayed every day hopin’ my son wasn’t gay,
Tell me son is this my fault you happen to act this way?
Did I not hug you enough? Tell you I love you enough?
Is it because I never showed up at your concerts,

And rock your shirts? Did me and your moms not give you enough support?
Is it because that guitar I never gave you
The one you used to talk about all day,
And made you cry in a corner in the hallway?

Or wait, is it ‘coz you got divorced ‘coz you bust during foreplay?
Or wait, is it ‘coz you got caught slipping by the cops and thought they,
Wouldn’t find out you smoking pot, at your grandpops room stupid?
You think you could do this? Have pot soon as you enter, grandpops assisted living center?”

Yeah I peeped you made the news bitch, now you need a new bitch,
Because she need a new fit, a real man and not as stupid as you bitch,
I knew it, now you been, trying to rhyme fluid but you ruined
Everything good about your life, now the nights are getting colder,

You getting older, and drowning in that fountain of youth,
How is it you round and recruit few clowns for a troop?
Where your dogs at? You raw? Where the bars you scar cats at?
You ain’t nothing but a mice, with a mic a snitch,

You a lab rat experimentin’, with the science of rhyming you bitch,
Facts that Slip you’ll bitch to Trip and Trig,
The way I know you bitches bitch is because something slipped,
Out the mouths of someone, now split, scram get a plan,

‘Coz man, I don’t give a fuck what your next round say,
I’mma show and expose this hoe with his backtalkin’ foul play,
I congratulate you shaving you hair off for your moms,
But the shit won’t stop me from slaying Slip,

Dipped him in a lake you whore,
Why’d you think his city lake taste of salt?
This salty motherfucker caught feelings,
From the last battle but whatever man,

Tell Nas I found another fake, a pussy, a stan, a grown man
Living in his second childhood with no plans,
Talk about how he mad harder ‘coz he does Mag Krava,
Or whatever the fuck it is look at this,

A sheep posing in wolf clothing,
Expose him, know this, how you twenty four
Ask me for my honest opinions I give you it
Then say I’m a bitter bitch? Hell he thought,

His boring ass rhymes would get me floored
In amazement, your corny ass still hasn’t passed
The gory ass shit you used to spit, made Slip a myth,
Turned his soul to an urban legend heard him begging,

For my props, he’d probz take shots and put his life
On the line for a horoscope, Slip that shit is a lotta jokes,
Don’t give a fuck if your horoscope predicts you’ll have more of the votes,
‘Coz you’ll always be a horrorcore no hope,

Your pride I’ll make you swallow it,
Your man’s hollow tips to attack me,
Were just hollow tips no clips,
Edge you up like barbers with parkinson,

You rear drive and let a dick park in son?
Well I’m not surprised, tell the guys who you been
Naming yourself after, that’s right a lubricant,
Foolish men, fall for your false hooligan lifestyle

Quite why, you claim the system is made for you to fail,
Don’t be using them hood shit as an excuse,
Bet you, got debts you, can’t pay off fetch you,
Some cash from my pockets pay it all off for you,

But don’t you dare say life isn’t fair,
You might be there, in the gutter, not a word to utter,
Look at how slaves overcame the scares,
Past the KKK’s flames and past the survival from five oh

And still got shot at by cats for being black,
They went through worse than you, and came from a place
Worse than yours so don’t talk about unfairness,
Are you aware this, rap shit was made by blacks?

They laid the tracks and started to say the facts
That plagued their pads to get away from cats,
That weren’t afraid to spray their gats
Make another man laying flat, chalked up,

So when you talk tough, and use rap to launch up in life,
Just remember you born as a white dude so go figure,
When you flow “nigga” that shit some fake shit,
Respect the architects stop saying it, don’t give a fuck

If it’s to look and match your alter ego,
You won’t make it far if you don’t stop it
Cop it, oh and no, those so called rocks you shift,
Just make you an even softer bitch,

How you say you for the fam and got your mans in your plans,
When you make it big, when you gave them shit
That’s plaguing this rap game the crack game
Is taking bits off, their life span if he sees the light man

How you gonna talk you real if your mans dead ‘coz of you?
That’s not real shit. don’t care if you need to shift
Don’t care if you peel the steel shit,
If that guy was my man and I shortened his life span

‘Coz I got him snorting the white then, I’ll take my own life,
Pay attention matter of fact how you afford my time
If you a fraud with rhymes? Hoe, how you allowed to step out your house
Full of red rags and come out wearing a blue uniform?

Oh are, you not po’? lease beats then cuff Tech N9ne
Then cop and use his chop flow? Fuck, get my ink to stop yo’,
Just cause he headlines and let’s fly from his glock
Yo’ asses think that won’t stop yo’ man from making

His name appear in tomorrow’s front pages?
I’m tired of him man, with wordplay like that,
How he have a chance? Yeah I danced with the devil,
Found out he got two left feet, go ahead, try deck me,

You gotta see he hates me, from rhyming like he say so rough,
His C-H-A-P keys got stains from him typing my name so much,
What your crew say? “Tuck your glock when you see V,
Say hi and tip your hat” Fuck your dogs, beat these,

Kanines with a bat, and tell them to stay out my way
They turn cat to rat, real quick, when I feed em cheese
They eat so much become fiends, then they rat you out,
Map you out before your gats come out your own cats come out

And leave your body look like Swiss Cheese, just to get the last amount,
Of cheese, to feast on, in other words you can’t fuck with me,
I don’t care if you buck fifty, and say you’ll give me nine shots
Put me in a pine box after you hold ya glock to my eye

Let it fly, and buck put me, to sleep then call it glaucoma,
Fuck your glocks, your guns just jam
Before they make me spread and give up my bread,
Fuck a butterknife, too blunt for me to roll over

And let you smoke me, don’t care if you hold heat,
Your whole evening is based on a daily basis
Of “Bro, hold the cap I’m about to bust Chap ’til his soul leaving”,
Just ‘coz you had that gladiator tag, you think you can

Roam free of danger? Peel your steal then escape the,
Consequences? See I know the con sequences,
I know every trick in and out the book hence the,
Name Chapter, fuck what you think the V stands for,

Not just typing an alphabetical threat, but you must know
That the V literary and literally is after U,
Not talking second best. I laugh at you and your petty response,
At least come up with fifty bars all consisting of wordplay,

Metaphors, I bet of course you won’t ‘coz you don’t know how,
To involve anything worthwhile and blow us all out the water,
Oh Lord the, entire scheme game, of your bars are all played out,
I don’t care if you flow chopper, bitch this no high speed chase,

Yeah you got a lot of drive but you not riding anywhere,
You can never be close to striking me with fear,
You verse is whack, I’ll take pills and lived and reverse it,
Since we last versed bitch, you attempted to overdose

On those pills and still lived, how we supposed to feel Slip,
With all his “I kill shit” when he can’t even kill himself?
And since you lost before you’ll catch an extra L,
You can reverse this bar and see how you caught that extra L,

Since pills and lived backwards spell Sllip Devil,
Well now you know how you caught that extra L,
You’ll never gel lines like I do send whoever next to hell
Since you not gonna say sorry to my man Free,

I’ll just fuck up your stash count and take a pile of G’s
Since it takes a while to read out aloud,
That’s me saying I’ll fuck up your broke ass’ stash,
And I’ll count down the seconds ’til you say your apologies,

Please, all your guns just kick back and chill,
It never click clacks and kill, let me coin this phrase,
You can flip it if you want, the only way you get ahead
Is when you let those BeastNation fucks invade your tail,

You a round away from having your name in a hashtag,
Trend on Twitter, for saying those whack raps,
You got ended, killed, yet no display of a bit of sympathy,
I won’t get capped in America, hit the embassies,

Leave you trapped in an area with no one to be avengin’ ya,
Peep it, see this fool who I’ve defeated, keeps walking around
Like the talk of the town, said the last brawl was unfound,
As he wasn’t as sharp as he is now, so his fall last time around

Was false so the loss of his crown was nothing, but look,
You say you was a rook when I took that bout,
Said you weren’t as good as you are now but I’m dumbstruck,
So if I win again, will you then, around a year later,

Say this, “Battle me Chap I’m better than I’ve ever been?”
Then lose and come back a year later and say the same shit?


Chap you the last true rap dude with a rad ‘tude/
You stand prude, handle your raps and brag about few/
I’m a bad dude, I’m crass crude and that’s cool/
In a fight, I’d win a fight with fist or mic, I’d bash you/

If you get tough, you’ll get effed up, you’re dead bud/
I’ll stab you in the bath and let you marinate in red suds/
Bury you in fresh tubs of lye, dry the red blood/
Come get some, you’ll barely leave alive if you don’t get done/

I’m scary when I rhyme, terrorize your fairy lines/
I’ll pull the wings off em and singsong taunts as you bury nine/
Chap you rap abstract and can’t man a vast gat/
Your passion isn’t action, its fancy prancin knapsacks/

You’re past wack, with facts that ain’t true, skewed as screwed tracks/
Make your new act a noose wrapped below where you spew raps/
Chew your food Chap, this reheated beef’s stagnant/
Cease rappin, choke and deepthroat Free-D’s cheap phallus/

So you Googled my name, and fabricated facts quick/
That’s wack shit, you can’t act to pass this/
Divorced, yes sir, the pressure still i ain’t felt/
Who the fuck cares, you square, bring me some pain whelp/

So you quote a basic fact listed under public record?/
Ha ha that’s funny, thought you had somethin fresh to wreck with/
If you think statin’ I have a criminal charge makes my gimmick a farce/
If anything, that take your claim of fake and rips it apart/

I had a weapon on me, just like the 22 more I pack/
A Glock 23, run at me, I’m 24 with straps/
I implore this Chap to bring more than that, you sure you capped?/
I think you dropped the ball, and you’re tryna go to war with that??/

Dude, you don’t get, your facts stick to watered down/
Sure I’ll pop a clown, just stick your noggin out when in my town/
If you ever think you bring me heat, damn this shit is weak/
I’ll grab my hand cannon, and light your life up like christmas tree/

I see you ramblin on and on and on, and on and on and on and on/
Na na na na na na na, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah/
Call it what you want, but if this is all your overkill/
Its over with, pulverize your lines like rollin’ boulder kills/

Now spill your swill, you’re just a pig dealin slop rhymes/
Take your botched lines, and chop with butcher raw style/
All smile, y’all riled, flawed lines you call wild/
Small minds fall in a line, my nine leavin dawg piles/

Your so-called pokes at me, lack an overall potency/
The only joke I see, is this bloke tryna make the focus me/
Stow that bogus heap, own that you been stressin much/
You confessed as much, I still have spies, you guessed as much?/

Talkin up this battle, then you prattle weak/
Are divorce court records, the best you can bring to me?/
Try another tactic, classically that’s soft as fuck/
Asinine retorts, you promised torture, but its lost as fuck/

No, Chapter, I ain’t lookin to chill, bitch I’m cookin to grill/
Leave you shook and bookin cuz your nookie was nil/
Now you can’t keep schemin’, ain’t as Crooked as I/
Took it in stride, now I’m openin a fat can of whoop ass tonight/

On some kiddie shit, talkin like I ain’t legit/
Ever heard of 5’s, Dawg Paws, the Star, Crown and heinous tricks?/
I can tell you all about my red flag on the right side/
My death tags that I’ve left crabs with on the bright side/

But who cares? This is internet, you wouldnt know/
You got soccer hooligans, I’m cruisin with every hood I know/
Passin you kids, I make better bread than I do let on/
But it ain’t cuz I’m privileged, its cuz I busted hustle with true red on/

So 16 in college, versus 24 with street knowledge/

So keep talkin, I’ll sweep your street clean and keep moppin/
Keep gawkin, and with your family, i’ll keep knockin’/
Til they open up the door, and let the horrorcore Beasts walk in/

You got Free jockin, but gawd your verses are ramblin shit/
With a handful of disses, but mister please handle your bitch/
I’ll leave your mandible clipped when I smash it to bits/
My right cross, it bites off, like a cannibal’s fist/

You can’t handle my spit, you bring benign info, tryna diss/
Fire and miss, you preach the choir bout how I’m such a bitch/
Suck a dick, you run your mouth, but stick to coward themes/
You coward please, just cuz your plowin Free don’t mean you’ll overpower me/

Round 3

Chapter V

First of all I’d like to say I tip my hat off to Slip you know, he had try switch his style to even try land a punch on me.
He’s failing I know but it’s an achievement I mean he hasn’t resorted to rape bars yet so that’s cool give it up for him all. Now back to rap

Yeah it’s evil to live like a devil that lived backwards,
I’mma chill let you catch it, the level he still rap is
Still a catastrophe, hasn’t been, right since we last battled he,
Blamed it on his moms health, and then straight after me

He battled Inv, I think this gimp is a nymph since he keeps getting fucked up,
It’s blasphemy, battling me, no profanity rapped rapidly and angrily
Make you sicker than me, I don’t need to say fuck God
To make my shit look hard, when I let my rhymes blast for me,

So far a 100% accuracy, my faculties he’s tasked with,
This bastard still hasn’t grasped it, only time
The rhymes he raps is dead nice is in a casket,
I don’t care how you livin’ fool, or how your conditions cruel,

Listen I schooled you for six rounds, three in the last main event,
One in the bar fight and the past two in this main event,
Now this round making them add up to seven for all that steppin’,
It’s ironic how in religion the devil slice his victim by seven, pieces,

Let me speak this, the thesis, of what diss it takes to beat this,
Sike, I lied while I sit back evaluate the hate towards one guy,
You weak motherfuckers, three or five of you fought to even the odds
All to beat one guy, still breathing through all that talk,

About a beat down but you see how I had the power to say no,
And fuck your plans of banning, you couldn’t stand it,
Had to sit down, who you foolin,’ your revolution could be televised,
But your vision won’t tell the guys tunin’ in

What you really meant, you penned a script to flip
The minds, you try to say, “Hey, the governments corrupt
Get your bucks fuck the police” and the way it comes out
Be like, “Government corrupt look shook took book crooks shook

Look fuck punks police cunts come ruck shucks”
I could, say how the men in power penning fouler plans
To shorten our life span and devour man by allowing hands
Of killers, disguised as guys we supposed to trust

But they holding us back, with a lack of local funds,
But you be like nah, “My shit rhymed more, so that makes mine more, harder”
This a raw slaughter, I laugh at you what you have to prove
That my attitude is an altitude up too high

Ride on my high horse, you just mad at dudes
Who hold tenfold more gratitude’s than your ass will do,
They say, how do I define a crying bitch?
Thinks rhyming’s a niche, trying to rip

Dying when spits childish as shit,
Never tries to admit his losses,
Whining and sits behind the forums,
Lighting quarrels, igniting morals to clash

Always harass saying shit out his ass
Yeah that’s Slip, type of cat to flip
And connect dots that aren’t in existence,
Such contradictions, says the facts I laid ain’t sticking,

Then he says the shit’s in, fact something in the past
That he’s now passed? Stupid ass, what did I say? How he’ll resort
To bars about how he’ll kill me in a physical and a lyrical brawl,
Here’s another fact for you all, Slip involved a chick in this war,

And taught her to say she got raped when she was thirteen,
By her granddad and for her to be flirting with me,
Told me how she was hurting deep battled depression, I had to send in,
Consoling messages but thought it was cliche,

So instead, I talked to her like nothing happened,
Couldn’t imagine, what she supposedly went through,
Showed her these dudes and rap crews that had my raps to
Improve, showed her albums to fathom the anthems

Of my life, she had a passion for rapping but she was trapped in
This awful phase of her life damning days she rhymed
About rape, got me to believe in her in a little more,
Lend her my support, she and the guy who trained her need an award,

The Oscar’s for her acting, was nothing short of unbelievable,
Now it’s amazing how now I need to view it as really unbelievable,
All this for you to dig up more facts you lacked for me?
Had to be you, same cat who had to holla at his girl

For a couple of dollars, to pay for tickets
To see his, spitting idol Tech N9ne this bitch is,
Fed up with you, gave her a plate too much
To provide with food, that’s why she had to break up with you,

Yeah it’s hard to swallow the truth, that’s why you spit bars now,
Went from a divorced clown, to being dumped all over again,
Then, you say married to the game huh? Soon as I play her, lay beside her,
She readies your divorce papers,

Didn’t all the beat downs I gave ya,
Made you see how I reign true, no son can parade
Their rays and make moves to get my reign to,
Stop, and make my fam mourn for brighter days,

But the night will stay, went from the prince of darkness
To the king of all this shit, got fed up,
Couldn’t stomach the foul plot set up, spit it out,
Hate my mind swallowing the bullshit you spit,

I’d rather be sitting down on a throne,
the crown fits me now, I’m thinking how,
Slip almost let his triggers down me, all they did
Was let all the triple sixes out me, and let the beast

In my belly in me hidden out to bring death
And breathe fire, now I see the higher, fleeing pariahs,
Begging for me to find a, ounce of mercy deep inside of
Me, they used to think they were stronger than me,

But the heart of a deeply proud father in me, is stronger
Than beef, they needed to cook up they fiends, of shooting lines
Truly my, intentions of cracking their skull flew out my mind,
For these seeds to find the roots of their times, they need me,

Should’ve leaved me, alone, now the leafs in their family trees be
Dropping, a bunch of twigs I snapped, that figured rap
Was their way out, but no roses found, left the clowns
With neurosis, I rose in, a state of elevation,

Crawled out the grave they tried to make me lay in,
Brushing the dirt of my hooded shirts, now I put in work,
To fucking hurt the fuck ups worse, than they tried with me
Looking irked, your friends, fams, dogs and cousins first,

Now I shut his verse, he’s stuck for words to use to touch my nerves,
The nerve of he, to try rip my skin off and get under my skin
For him to win, it’s the six month anniversary,
Of his death the time when I made his fam hire a hearse,

To put him six deep in the Earth, now I walk on your grave,
My turn of horrorcore, took your urn, dumped it out, now I ball your remains
Soccer or games, of basketball you can have it all,
Now back to forming raps to diss, the shit out this dick,

Make his ass pissed and chemically break him,
Got him raging, at how I’m a, part of the reason
Of his failings, now he need his peeps to aid him,
To taking my cred, slaying me dead but I have to say I felt

For his moms, it’s awful what she’s going through,
Not just cancer, but having the strength of going through,
Each day knowing she raised a fuck up,
Now every day he stays and shuck up, in a little home,

Stuck up every day he walks, now he say he a boss,
But he flees of course when people cross the road
And walk in his path, you talking ass out your mouth,
All the shitty things you hawking as if your rounds

Are hard and raw, but you softcore, the softest core
In a man I’ve ever seen, never see him talking shit
Alone, soon as he together being with his friends,
He crossing this line, now I got to solve his crimes,

How many times you gon’ replay plots to, slay me?
Everything I say got you, shook, tamed not to, hold
A win against me, the sin his pen deems, as rock and roll
Goes from hot to cold, a lot to show for your claims

To slay me, see I stop my foes before they stomp the scrolls
Out my hand, now the scroll I hold, I read and shot these hoes
With my flows dead, Slip isn’t at all raw, let’s settle the game,
You mentally enslaved, a prisoner of your thoughts,

Bitch your brains wired to give out names before
You behind bars, a snitch, with all those name drops,
Before you drop your bars, chopping raw?
Fuck outta here, you tried to use my rhymes

Before I showed the lines in my battle verses,
You rehearsed it, now I need to re-hearse him,
Put him back in the ground might as well rap it now,
Fuck you and fuck your name, fuck your block

Fuck your pops fuck your moms and fuck your stocks,
Fuck your bombs, fuck your glocks and fuck your rocks,
Fuck the fake ghetto fame you claim,
Fuck everything you got, fuck whoever think you hot,

Yeah I’m aware everyone one of those probz,
Vote against me, for all those who want to oppose me,
You don’t even deserve to be part of this flow sheet,
Go weep over these couple of bars when I roll deep,

With numerous, ways to kill Slip, all those fakers,
Faking that they miss you at the funeral,
Fuck them too, fuck your crew and fuck all of you
Who doubted me, fuck your violent style

Fuck what you abiding by, fuck your stance
And fuck your plans, to know every damn thing about me,
You had to try and get the king to come out me,
Here’s a thing this clown needs to know,

I wrote about five hundred bars,
I gave about a couple bars to rebuttal all his rhymes,
Well that says a lot about your diss lines,
You try hard to flip mine with every bar you write,

But your rhymes aren’t worth my time,
Divide and conquer, aligning all the, lies
He thought could, he be rhyming and stop the,
Certain definite death of him, yeah you Shady,

Recording whatever I may be talking, you shuck and jive
But your Crooked I couldn’t eye the rhymes I
Formed up in my House to Slaughter this fraudster,
All the, raps son’s rapping? Sums of your guns?

They just Add up to Multiply why I by rhymes
Divide and conquer, my Fractions go over your minds,
Subtracting the whole of your life without minusing my
Punchlines, combined with rhymes and facts rapping,

How you gon’ handle my tactics? Only way your ass clapping
Is if you bought jeans in Free’s skinny ass size
And wore em, and start walking, or when, you applauding, not when you warring,
What your bio has is, nothing bio-hazard, your moms buy yo hazards,

Whatever you abiding by, yo, has it, got any thought trains left?
You thought you could train death on me on my terrain? Correct?
Wrong, I don’t care if you got all the napalm bomb support
From Washington, they can say Slip’s Denzel, but with no shells

I’ll just fuck up your Training Day, try take away my nine lives
My reply? I’ll smack Five Nines out of Royce’s hands
I’ll let it go off and, you and your boys can, get the recoil and,
Use it to foil plans of me expanding my lifespan,

But fuck this wordplay rhymes man, let me teach him some life, man,
I gave my applauds and praised your moms for raising you,
All the labor you, put her through, birthing new, problems,
For her to solve em, she was taking all her cents in her paychecks,

Bought you chains and food and never laid a few aside
For herself, for her to be paying to buy new clothes,
Your selfish ass just had to grab all the attention with the latest shoes,
I’ll say she true, to her role, letting her son grow,

As she grew old, you just had to blew whole new problems,
For her to be solving, you was talking that big shit,
How you let the clip spit, and how you split wigs,
Went from having a thick clit from watching chick flicks

To flip kids to get rich quick, as your pops worked late nights
To give you days, nights, better than his,
He settled a big, chunk of his life away, while he slaved away
You was being raised by your moms, you never had the palms

Raised if you did anything wrong, and check you if you did,
Belt welts if you did, help you with some shit,
Only fathers can solve, you can’t be defending these rhymes,
You were raised as child to have bitch made tendencies,

I can see the attention needed by a son from his father
Trapped in your rap shit, look at all that gun claps shit,
In all your raps, kid, every line you trying to act big,
You still talk like you young and dumb,

Why? No surprise, your rhymes can’t hide the fact you still a boy
Craving for a father figure, that’s when I saw your chilling ploys
When you got that bitch to deploy, act like she got raped,
To build and destroy the empire I built, you annoyed,

At how I get the vet rep without being checked, yes,
All that sneak tactics he stepped with, just reflects his,
Inner darkness, that’s why his rhymes never enlighten minds,
He never had light in his life, soon as his dad left him behind,

Well that just wrecked his mind, wept his eyes now to protect his pride
That he kept inside he reps this life he never felt, now I,
Know what happens when a father doesn’t step aside,
And take the time to raise the mind of his son,

And make him realise why not everything runs, his way,
I get all those vibes just by looking you in the face,
Teach him, make him see why, Egypt isn’t the only place,
That flows denial, you keep on denying everything in your rhymes,

You got barely half the knowledge I hold in my mind,
Now I wholly divide like I was the Holy, Divine,
Your whole style of rhymes, coincide the hoe inside, you,
Like, true, the way you set your eyes on the prize

You let a guy, to get your ass sodomized,
You’ll bend all over for days but at long as it pays
All is okay, but the false shit in your game
Just make me feel sorry for you in a way,

If you feeling down having a horrible day,
Well, you don’t need to be down on your knees,
Kneeling down I’ll just let you ball today,
Throw away the win and take my loss,

Congratulate you, you stopped my reign
Now you can cruise through the Salt Lake,
Tell your moms “Hey,” and talk all day
About your win but chill, I’m walking away

To concentrate on my life, graduate college,
Get my diplomas I’ll even let you bust a
Cap in my gown to make sure I’m backing down
But the truth is, I want my life to grow,

Set aside the rhymes and flows, so I don’t end up like yo’
Dumb ass, a twenty five year old,
Still fighting for, a website’s main guy in control,
Obsessed to bring death over my lines that broke,

His pride and ego, you planned your moves
And had your mans to prove their rapping tools,
But my dude happened to, kick Trip’s ass an overdue,
Ass whooping he rapped and threw, the little ego Trip grew,

Now I need to kick truth to make sure Slip lose,
Go ahead flip fool, at the end of the day
Everything I meant to say I penned and slayed his crew,
To accomplish the stomping, it depends on the way

The votes swing, but if this hoe win and chose king,
I hope things work out, ‘coz finally you’ll grow within,
Match your brainwaves with your age and act like a man
Take charge and not act like the child and the hoe within,

It’s Tragic how a Villain tries to mix with guys he’s older than,
Just hold it in, he’ll compare my ways of raps to Drake,
Well then start your Comeback Season, you were So Far Gone
Over the Heartbreak “Drake” caused, I said you have

Room For Improvement and to Thank Me Later,
Then I said come back greater, and Take Care
And from that day I can say Nothing Was The Same


You say you’re gonna beat me? Be Nike, just do it/
If this battle was a big dick, then buddy, you blew it/
I live in S-L, U-T, guess that makes me a SLUT?/
Crazy or what?! But I’ve never taken 8 straight to the butt/

I’ve mugged a total stranger for their wallet and cash/
Stolen faces and names, to make bank, and still shake the rap/
Busted caps in cats who tried stepping on my cash flow/
Repping all my flash, my red flag is my badge though/

Have you ever had to give a kid the shiv to get trial breaks?/
Been locked in a box, and for a while, you sit and lie awake?/
Thinkin’ bout your life path, and decide that all the hard times/
Must be readying your destiny for blessing cuz your heart’s primed?/

Have you ever beat a bully up for picking on a Down’s kid?/
Have you ever seen your momma get ill, and heard her sound sick?/
Have you watched the world you live in, get rid of things you love/
And had to sit back and feel attachments scream, “you need to run!!”?/

Have you ever had to wrestle your fears, until you feel clear?/
Make a decision that didn’t make sense, but it was still real?/
The consequence of lawlessness was weighin’ on consciousness/
But all you saw was slaughter and starving? You’d feel the ill will!/

Have ever felt the pain of being smarter than the rest?/
But a martyr at your best, cuz they’ve discarded all your lessons?/
Have you ever seen the people you keep deep in your oft-thoughts/
Creepin off to be a cretin, with a needle and some hotshot?/

Have you ever had to deal with real street life, or street struggle?/
You’re 16 in college, an elite teen who never healed from a/
Broken heart, broken arm, broken faith, broken sense of self/
Your mental health was never in question, you’ve never questioned self/

You never put a loaded gun in a grown man’s open mouth/
And seen him cry real tears of fear that you won’t smoke him out/
You ain’t never left a dude with his jaw cracked, and head caved/
I’ll tell ya dude, I’ve lived a dark life, while you been saved/

Have you ever been ditched in a sitch you can’t negotiate?/
Had to pull the piece out, or peace out, was your only fate?/
Tell me you’ve been forced to take a man’s life or draw blood/
I’d say you never did it, admit it, you ain’t raw son/

You talk non-stop the benefits of conscious pieces from the mind/
But from the mind is all you’ve got, and now you wonder why?/
Its cuz you’ve lived a sheltered life, belted by the velvet lie/
That mettle’s never tested, bet I’m vested and I’ve tested mine/

Have you ever been the victor or the victim of combat?/
Have you ever felt your head gettin stomped cuz you weren’t all that?/
Ever been jumped by six Scraps, and hit with kicks and bats/
Then dragged your ass back to your house, 2 miles up the tracks?/

Dont talk to me about being real, kid you’ve never seen it/
Might ass well take your fake ass, and place your head between it/
Said and mean it, you ain’t rugged, little British Chap/
Thuggin’ nothin’, stuntin’, you’d front til you were brittle smashed/

Have you ever had to duck inside your homie’s house to dodge the cops?/
Or had to worry constables prolly just wan’ accost with shots?/
You never dealt with a serious threat, I’m serious bet/
If I swung on you, you’d run, or your appearance be wrecked/

So yes, I’ve been married, and divorced, I’ve been inside a cell/
If we’re dealing with facts Chap, just ask me, and you might as well/
Your tired as hell, and your tactics aren’t as up-to-snuff/
As you would have us believe, you need to see you never fucked me up/

Put your life on a pedestal, and mine on display/
I’ll still rip your cred to shreds, any time, any day/
You been a little problem, like a thorn in my side/
I’ve been warning you, and more and more, my warning was tried/

So now let’s see you make an honest list of all of your accomplishments/
And see if you can answer with “yes” to half my godless list/
If you can say with one ounce of truth, that you could roll with mine/
I’d hand my gat to you, and ask you, “leave me with an open mind”/

You’d grope the piece, hopin, “please, God don’t make the focus me”/
And totally be blown away, your only hope was smokin me/
But you ain’t got the spine to take a man’s life, damn right/
You’ll spin like some Civil Rights issue, but Slip’e been had right?/

Don’t get mad Chap, just cuz I live what I rap about/
You do the same, rappin fantasyland, because you haven’t clout/
You give opinions on content, but your shit lacks True Grit/
I’ll burn your Bridges quicker than Jeff, and ride to new shit/

Now let me switch up the stylistics to smack a bitch/
Your wack tactics backfired, I’m back wired and apt to sack a bitch/
So listen kiddies, as Chap spews some boring verses/
Your story’s older than stone cold porridge stored in Mormon churches/

So this is the plain and simple, absolute bottomline:/
You didn’t really diss me, you just found dead rounds and called em live/
I’ll call your lies, I’m the guy you all despised while on the rise/
And now my shine is blinding child, smile, and ride the vibe/

I mean seriously dude, that’s like the most boring presentation/
Even Kevin Legend had me more invested, even waitin!/
My gawd, you’ve had me yawning, and I barely even trudged my way/
Through 2 and 3, cuz you and me ain’t even the same in a subtle way/

So you flipped a few letters bass-ackwards? Big whup!/
The fact is you can’t damage, with any fact you dig up/
I ain’t got a skelly to sell in my closet, so drop it/
You ain’t got pistols, disses, or fists to depict, you flopped it/

You schooled me? Ha, maybe in a fools dream!/
Pinch yourself, its simply a cinch to diss you, poor thing!/
You couldn’t kill me with war things, and morphine/
14 short swords, and court orders to assure things/

You ain’t brought me a single reply that could single this guy/
You promised brick house, but brought me shingles, a lie/
You tried and connived for a Devil-killing strategy/
Your best defense in this offense was simply “never battle me”/

You’d be broke and cryin’, hope you know this bloke be lyin’/
He’d discredit my lifestyle, and hope you’d never know the timin’/
But I’ll paint it plain and simple, so go back and sip the wine/
Your dopest flow this whole match was yo ass predicting mine/

Β Won by Chapter V

He had 68 votes, while SlipperyD3V1L received 40 votes!

Chapter V receives 3 points added to his total and a stripe towards earning the Gatekeeper tag! Well done!

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  • Reply

    Ayeee aaaaa im laughin at chu and callin u pricks

  • Doyle

    C’mon boys, no need to gloat, no need to be sore, the fact of the matter is that two extremely talented lyricists just went head to head, toe to toe, neck and neck, in a very good battle. Everybody here has room for improvement, Slip, Chap, Free, Kevin, Myself, even RM for fuck sakes. But so do Eminem, Tech 9, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar… Everyone can get better and that’s what we’re here for. So instead of pulling each other down when we win or lose, why not give some constructive criticism? Why not help eachother to grow? Shake hands, take the victory or the loss with class, act like professionals. That’s what we’re trying to do, right? Be professionals? I get it if you have beef with somebody, like I’m not a fan of Kevin or Free, but we’re all adults here, in my battle with Free right now, win or lose, once it’s done I’m gonna congratulate him either on a good win or a good effort. I shouldn’t be the one preaching this shit, for fuck sakes I just got here last month and I’ve only been taking rap seriously for like a year, but if somebody has to step up and point out that we’re all talented lyricists and that we’re all here to HELP EACHOTHER… So be it. Love, homies. And respect. That’s what the game is all about.

    • SlipperyD3V1L (RM Veteran)

      Doyle, message me on Facebook bruh, Kanine Bats.

      • Doyle


    • Reply

      me i flex look at my chest weights keep me lookin big like ah bulletproff vest catch me on streets on grind gettin money im talkin black dont laugh it aint funnny kush keep my whip funky to tha mafuckin house hos look at me and they know I got tha clout livin in clouds lookin down like a giant I been to county and I then through some riots and I dont give ah fuck wild boy what


  • Kevin Legend

    @slip don’t know what happened to you here. You went much harder against me in our last battle. No reason for you to be sore about this loss. You had r1, but that’s cuz his wasn’t any good. R2-r3 you just weren’t there

  • Free-D



    Facebook Page-
    Radio & Podcast Link-


    For sign up details, please contact- Keaton Yeates/Slipp3ry D3V1L


    If you sign up today immediately, your career won’t be affected at all!
    If you sign up tomorrow, you might regret a 10% for wasting your time!

    So hurry up before time gets over. Terms & Conditions apply*.

    *If you are signing up, you must strictly hate over Free-D and Chapter V as much as you can. Racist jokes are appreciated and always deny any factual statements brought forth by them and accept Slip is your lord.

  • SlipperyD3V1L (RM Veteran)

    Vote for vote, winner is chap, thanks to spam voting.

    Fact for fact, winner is me, chap had stretched facts if negligible value, and a ton of useless filler.

    Case in point, you know you’re still a rookie when you try to diss someone for such weak shit a petty arrest, a much-desired divorce, and some weak ass flow prediction attempt.

    I’m on to the career section, I’ve outgrown this kiddie shit.

    Y’all stay on your grind, and if by some scant miracle you make it, come find me at the top.

    Til then, I got bigger fish to fry.

    • Free-D


    • Chapter V
      Chapter V

      Say what you want, right now, I’m laughing. You can’t admit defeat yet if some miracle occurred and you beat me you wouldn’t stop talking about it. I would say you a washed up rapper like you called me once but, to be washed up, you’d need to be good before and you’re not that good. No fresh content, little creativity, little versatility and generic verses hidden in some nice patterns.

      I respect BeastNation as a movement and wish everyone involved all the best.

      You right about you having bigger fish to fry though. I want a double cheeseburger though and please don’t spit on my food and drink. Oh and if you can, I’ll take a box of fried chicken, just give me the chicken skin, you know I like that the most. You can eat the rest though. Count that as a tip if you want.

  • Free-D

    Congratulations to my brother Chapter V. The crowd has shown a huge support by recognizing the true victor.

    • Chapter V
      Chapter V

      Thanks man. Thanks to everyone else who voted as well

      • SlipperyD3V1L (RM Veteran)

        Thanks to Fred’s 47 Indian friends he posted the link to this battle to and had them all vote for chap πŸ˜‰

        You ain’t slick rookies. I see you lol

        • Chapter V
          Chapter V

          Ah, mad at losing again? Oh well..

          • Kevin Legend

            I thought slip mentioned this would settle it once and for all.

            Come on dude, I lost to you twice and I didn’t give any excuse for losing. You even tried getting me to say it was cuz the passing of fam, but I said that doesn’t affect my rap just the mood it’s written in.

            You seem to still give excuses for each and every loss. Granted, at least you give different excuses and not the same. You must learn to lose, actually you should have the mindset I do, every battle is a win because you walk away more skilled and with more knowledge. Just accept the outcome, move on, work on your craft and battle other people down the line.

        • Free-D

          But Slip….

          you suck.

          • SlipperyD3V1L (RM Veteran)

            And that’s why you inbox me, trying to beg me to work with Ventor, so I don’t “deny him opportunities”?

            I’m a good enough rapper, I get to pick and choose who I with lol.

            I came on this site knowing full well I would someday make it.

            And I found the few guys I’m taking with me to the top, and it ain’t you.

            This was a recruiting session, and I found my guys to ride with.

            Thats all that matters. All has still played out exactly as expected πŸ˜‰

          • Free-D

            I support whomever I ride with. I ride with the Inventor, and he wanted to work with you but your reasons for that was silly as your whole idea of Hip-Hop music. So get the fuck outta here. You don’t belong here for real.

            Oh so that was the big punchline? Beast Nation going to the top? 😐 Recruitment?

            Eh look man, I don’t know I should laugh at you or pity but do I look like I give a fuck? Um, no. So get the fuck out with your Beast Nation shit once again. I have no plans of making it to the top or whatever. I have more pragmatic ambitions and causes to work with as a teenager.

            Inven doesn’t give a fuck about you anymore. I ‘voluntarily’ requested you to put beef aside for some brother who’s grinding. That’s that.

            And your lil’ sissy spy bitch Trip D got kicked out now, damn, who’re you gonna hire now? Lol.

  • Jaga Jonez

    @ free-D sry it’s taken me a while to get back to you…got three jobs with one of them wanting over time, so not had enegery nor time to answer back… Yh im on facebook and i’ll happily join ur facebook group im down for anything that has to do with hip hop and rap…. is the group called RND?

    same goes for beast nation i’ll join that if a can… i’ll take any avenue possible…not for fame just to get better at this craft…. Btw i can’t find beast nation anywhere mite be cos im in the uk…

    • Free-D

      Totally understandable sir. We all have been there, don’t we?

      And I need your Facebook name for me to add you, you can give it here or contact me on Facebook- Farvez Afridi.

      • Jaga Jonez

        just accepted ur facebook request dude

    • SlipperyD3V1L (RM Veteran)

      Jaga just message me on Facebook, I’ll link you to the Beast Nation page

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