Hey everyone, in the comment section of this post you can post something that you have recorded, it doesn’t have to be a studio quality track, it can be something recorded on your cell phone, just make sure that the beat can be heard (no acapellas, only recordings with a beat to it) and you will also need to post the lyrics of your verse(s).

I will mostly focus the feedback on the way you sound and while this will be somewhat limited (due to the lyrics/flow courses on the main page offering full instructor to student teaching) it will still give you some important directions and assessments.

Looking forward to your entries.


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  • UpV

    Im tearing them apart

    im tearing them apart

    im tearing them apart

    im tearing them apart

    Asking me questions I leave them in the dark
    Thats my first impresion my last will leave a mark
    Practicing deception and its fucking art
    Listening you feel it creeping in you feel it your heart

    dont over think this its
    simple just play the part
    I dont distinguish how the beats is i just need fire bars
    I feel the heat sweating gasoline is the same being
    they dont ever match cause they scared to make a spark

    I got the psychos listening im spitting nitroglycerin
    diet consist of venomous spiders thats is why im sick
    I don’t pop no pills so i fired my psychiatrist
    forgot how to chill so im sipping liquid nitrogen

    no point being real when the dealer has a slight hand
    Siking out your head knowing youll be back again

    Starting where it all began i bet your praying say amen
    I got them cards and man i split the whole deck apart

  • Collins Osama


    Why are you motherfuckers lying
    I´m sitting in a dark room crying
    Sombody come please help me I´m dying
    But at least I can say that I´m trying

    {Verse 1}

    Why the Fuck do these Haters lie
    I can see them snakes try to fly
    Lots of dumb people try to talk shit
    Cause you know that´s the only reason they exist
    So they just try to ruin my whole fucking life
    By backstabbing me with a kitchen knife
    But they will watch and see
    If they do that shit to me
    Imma give them some disease
    That they never ever seen

    Maybe now you´ll understand what I mean
    Cause I meant to say that I just walk in between
    These both sides one the good one the bad
    And I am glad that the bad one is mad
    I am a motherfucking ghoul so you better step back
    your attempts to ruin my reputation are so whack
    if It happens that I see one of you around me
    I´ll start to Kill you, bitch I´ll get a killing spree
    You´ll never be able to be free again
    Without paying me fee for what you didr back then
    Oh I hope i did not just hurt your feelings
    Shut the fuck up and quit being a weakling
    I see no need to continue with this fucking verse
    Cause that bitch that you call mom is pullin up her skirt

    Why are you motherfuckers lying
    I´m sitting in a dark room crying
    Sombody come please help me I´m dying
    But at least I can say that I´m trying

  • Rapture Star

    Here is one song from me:


    Would love your feedback.


  • Kid Kazarie


    A 501 miracle, identity of the quietly spiritual
    Solemn political with a mind indispensable
    ripe with laughter, who’s future jersey hangs from the rafters
    A crafty bastard, know to some as the lonely master
    A caster of dye, watch how I fly
    Some can’t look me in the eye
    As I skydive into my destiny
    Look at the life I lead, it tested me
    Rest in peace,
    To those who won’t make it
    I feel like they always with me
    Cinetimatic presence on scene causes envy
    They wannabe’s while I’m tryna be the buzz
    Honeybees just now wanna show me love
    They my Whitney’s cause they will always love
    And I’m never done
    This my infinity run

    Take me back to the place I was born
    Where summers are eternally warm
    And the weather is stupid
    Nobody ever used to it
    A miracle, A miracle came today
    A star was born today
    We shoulda seen it coming
    500 and 1 light-years away
    Mad that I’m just now cooking with the rhymes
    Changing of the guard sign of the times
    Imma put my city on, Imma put my city on
    I’m gonna heat up the winter with a summer song
    It may take me long,but I go beyond
    Any fabrication and inherit any darkness waitng
    In unseen places, I honor those unheard
    Any bird can send a tweet,
    Anybody can make a beat
    But, what are feats
    Like what have you built
    Are there any streets
    Or fields with your mark
    That is truly Art
    Are you one with your bark
    Or do your roots bear no fruit
    Do only loot and forage?
    Stealing others porridge
    While your mouth is porous
    Of a chorus in unity
    Saying what you want your environment to be
    This is the first step in the journey

    Take me back to the place I was born
    Where summers are eternally warm
    And the weather is stupid
    Nobody ever used to it
    A miracle, A miracle came today
    A star was born today
    We shoulda seen it coming
    500 and 1 light-years away

  • Kid Kazarie


    Another song for you Rapping manual. It’s been awhile but, check it out if you like.

    Wish I could be fearless
    All you niggas fearless
    All you niggas fearless
    Wish I could be fearless
    All these niggas fearless
    Wish I could be fearless
    Wish I could be fearless

    There ignorance is peerless
    But, they couldn’t careless
    Move on a static shift
    Just a frequency blip and they equip the blasters
    Meanwhile, I’m a disaster from a little pressure
    A mess sure)but, a magic bullet
    Suicide of the soul,that’ll do it
    AT fluid collide in the movement
    The new emergent, a steadfast façade
    Fake it all, until the fall, I’m back to dissonant
    and back to irrelevant
    Splitting time and space to reach a self pleasing state
    Obvious bait,my whole lifetime
    But, still need to build shrines
    Homicide leading to niggas lost lives
    Genocide, our entire existents on the line
    Selfishly, I’d i.d. as help
    A preacher of black wealth, it was heartfelt
    But, I go stealth at the wrong times
    No help when a another down
    Don’t lean on me cause, I won’t make a sound
    not dependable, original mirror clown
    I’m once was down,yuh when I knew less
    This isn’t my best, or catharsis
    Just an anti-thesis of my progress
    Flawless victory is wanted
    But, it doesn’t exist, so adjust the goal
    This life that I stole from the creator
    and Savior, gives faith in now and later
    Failures still may linger
    I may take a while to find my true figure
    But, my nigga we in here

  • Chibu Ezid

    Anyone who can give me a little feedback is a real mvp
    im back to broke
    I’m back to broke
    im back to broke
    Worked for it
    My back was broke
    Someone hit my phone
    just more hoes tryna smoke
    I was skyhigh launch me off a catapult
    Someone G’d my wallet
    Now I’m hunting animals
    Someone G’d my Oj
    now I’m sipping danimals
    eating off your own kind
    niggas we aint cannibals
    Nothing left but a couple grams
    i could flip it make some digits
    i just wrapped it up and lit up
    Thats a wrap I’m a cat nine lives
    ill just make another living
    Man they really called me bitch
    You can keep the racks
    im coming for your bitch
    If you think you cut my hair
    you ain’t even trim
    pull up to my crib
    smoking blunts in the evening

    Niggas tryna prosper
    Nigga I’m a doctor
    Nigga I been pushing weight
    Nigga Im a boxer
    I been lying to your face
    nigga wheres my oscar
    nigga wheres my oscar
    nigga wheres my oscar
    nigga wheres my oscar
    Only reals ones in my crew
    niggas made my roster
    When they asking bout that loot
    voices growing softer
    I had the loot and had it looted
    I might have to throw some hands
    They still finna be full of bands
    They still finna be full of bands
    I might have to throw some hands
    but i aint gon smoke em
    cause I’m too rich for the roaches
    I been really ghosted i aint talking smoke tricks
    theres always more playng go fish in the oceans
    For the first time i don’t feel like smoking
    Ima tiger crouching down nigga I’m explosive
    I aint no fucking lost boy nigga iim a ronin
    You know I’m in that sauce boy i see no end

    smoking trip 2
    mary jane scantily clad
    It wasn’t much
    but we got what we had
    Pushing a hamilton a gram
    My Uncle Tom My adopted Uncle Sam
    Tiger earning stripes
    black and white moneybags
    nigga they aint trust your shit
    nigga you be talking scams
    Tryna be the master in the whip
    Nigga you been stomping gas
    Baggy Jeans was my shopping bag
    Here try this yea we would pop in class
    It for education but they shopping half
    They tryna warn me but i been talking back
    Tryna get these moneybags

  • OB

    Original Bae – Flowers

  • Jack Grandchamp


    Hey my names Jack Grandchamp. I’m 17 from connecticut and I rap and make all my own beats. I’d really appreciate any feedback I can cause I’m tryna be the best I can be.

    Inner expedition, a minute trip, returning with these artifacts
    Fillin up museum shelves, in turn it makes the margins crack
    and part of Jack still wanna be burning thru that loose leaf
    Furry (fury) on my fingertips the cops are out for bruce lee
    gun him down. shoot me if you ever catch up. i be ditching on that two speed.
    flying by. who’s he, just a wild one who always got his gaggle by his side.
    while we rolling out deflectin pellets with an iron hide
    sayonara sweet dreams salivation cyanide. spit like the time is nude
    you’d need a glass a mile high to collect the samples and experiment like yous a science guy
    i’m not fucking finalized i’m redefining elevator music
    while rising eyes follow my silhouette to the skyline as i’m imbibing cigarettes and fine dine.
    yes this shits a high time. you can have the main stream i swim by the sides lines
    besides your body of water more like a fuckin sewage pipe
    know i keep it fresh like i’m a tincture of that iodine
    this that elixir one dip and you’ll be good as gold
    better cop some high tops. mama gon’ need a foot to hold

    yeah it’s just a flip on the homonym
    when we stompin in it’s like a thousand rocks is cometting
    they taking all the kids inside their cottages
    yes it’s all we got is this. yes i’m off the top with this.
    sounding topicless if not for all this talk of blunts and blonde goddesses
    behaving like some demi hoes.
    never been religious but i still be asking for it like in 3rd grade @stop n shop
    always stopping mom for the spaghetti-o’s
    ready go. out the gate forget the steady flow
    it’s hella rampant when we riding like some teddy rosevelts
    i asked her for suggestions, she said to keep me head below her belt.
    LOL (lo and L).
    always knew the golden rule so our relationship been goin well.
    the type of head so good you wanna bust a nut then carve a bust and make that shit for show and tell.

    go home and blow an L
    with her right beside you ain’t no need for no one else
    if she’s immortal better leave that question open end.

    • Gabriel Hodges

      Idk if this site is just a scam now. been 4 days and havent recieved my copy of the manual and no one of management has emailed me back. I have proof of payment as well. C’mon guys

      • RappingManual

        You paid through an e-check payment. The money hasn’t cleared yet, that’s why you haven’t received your ebook yet. Here is some more details for you:

        Gabriel Hodges (youremail@gmail.com) has sent you an eCheck payment of $9.99 USD.

        It usually takes about 3-5 days for you to receive the money (estimated: 5/10/2017 – 5/12/2017). We recommend that you wait until the money arrives before shipping items. We’ll email you when this eCheck payment has been deposited into your account.

        • Gabriel

          wow im so sorry. and just got it. thank you so much

          • RappingManual

            No problem, glad we had the issue resolved. 🙂

  • Mohsin Saeed

    Shoutout Alcatraz for the beat
    Verse 1
    Uh, something just dont feel right
    Feeling kinda low, nothing really in sight
    But shoutout to my homies, yea we still tight
    Tryna pick up the pace, tryna get some more
    So imma get back up on my toes and be stronger than before
    Never giving up, gotta be apart of this test
    Thats why i wont ever slow down, and i wont ever rest
    Got to much work left, thats y i wont ever rest

    Something just dont feel right, just dont feel rightt
    Going through an inner fight
    Just dont feel right, it just dont feel rightt
    Going through days and nights, but something just dont feel rightt

    Verse 2
    We all fighting a demon within
    My life feeling like a spin
    Going through the process, the good and the bad
    Is this a part of life? Yea so im not mad
    Got so much love and so much hate
    But i still keep my fate
    Cause i know its for the better
    But something just dont feel right
    But imma face it and best believe that imma dog it

    Hook again

  • Doyle

    Good job Kaz, glad to see you moving forward.

    I’m hoping to be putting together a mixtape with a buddy of mine soon, I’ve been showing him the ropes and basically getting him up to speed, and I feel like I’m better than I’ve ever been before, so if all goes as planned I’ll be putting up some tracks in the near future

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