Hey everyone, in the comment section of this post you can post something that you have recorded, it doesn’t have to be a studio quality track, it can be something recorded on your cell phone, just make sure that the beat can be heard (no acapellas, only recordings with a beat to it) and you will also need to post the lyrics of your verse(s).

I will mostly focus the feedback on the way you sound and while this will be somewhat limited (due to the lyrics/flow courses on the main page offering full instructor to student teaching) it will still give you some important directions and assessments.

Looking forward to your entries.


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  • Markeisha Barton

    My name is markeisha Barton and I want to be n the rap game

  • Chris A


    Say the tips you been sharing with me is kinda wack
    Yeah, yeah I’m black but ain’t dangerous like lions when they attack
    They say we zoo animals, civilianization that lacked
    Order in society, associates with auto-macs
    The corrupt government loves greeting with cold shoulders
    Your muscles weak, lift up the truth you never told us
    Your dishonest then I hate you, you cannot fool us
    This ain’t time for being joker, batman knows us
    He’ll come to the rescue if you exterminate us
    Fire arms can’t match me if this is hell and God wants to evacuate us
    Take us to safety lately niggas count bodies like estimate us
    In this problem on math, it’s hard to elucidate us
    Detective your skills are wack when it comes to black
    Hard to look for criminals, that’s why they never found PAC’s

    • DemoKingz

      Nice man, this was more tight than what I heard from you the last time. I don’t have much to add, I believe I said the necessary things then

  • Veli

    Download Young G.p’s Newest Song “Squirrel’s Nut” (Produced By Klockwork)

    it Could Be Simple Lil Mama
    Knowing Damn Well I Dont Give A Fuck..

    Now i Admit We Been Chillin For A Long Time,
    Never Tasted The Virgin Cake,
    Trying Figure If Its Mines,
    Between My Lines You Can Find Peace,
    a piece Of Mind, body, Soul, And A Dime Piece,
    Come on,
    I Got My Clothes Off,
    Baby I Just Got Out the Cell,
    Let Not Get into No Details,
    Maybe We can Get To Fucking,
    Till Our Time Is up,
    Baby Let Me Beat Up Every Time You Up,
    All Sweat,
    Bitten Necks,
    You Aint Thru Yet,
    Whats Next,
    Go Another round With The Vet?
    Can She Handle Me,
    Let The D Proceed Thru Her Hood,
    Cant Find Your Panties,
    Thats How You Know I Fuck You Good, Turnover

    Just A Squirrel With A Nut

    Damn Girl Am I Squirl Cause i Want This Nut i Really Bust This Nut,
    I Really Wanna Go But You bad As Fuck,
    i Really Wanna Bust This Nut

    See it Could Be So simple,
    Lay On Your Back Suck On Ya Nipples
    Fucking you doggie style to this instrumental,
    And From The Back I Can Find Peace,
    My punching Bag Where I Let My Anger Release Yup,
    See It Could Be So Simple
    Want Me To Slap Your Ass And Grab Your Dimples,
    And Get it Wet And Poppin,
    Like A Facial Pimple,
    Dont Care If Your Black, Snow, Chinese Or A Spanish Hoe,
    I Love Slow Fucking With The Lights Low Busting
    In Your Gut Im Thumppin’
    LoVe When She Running
    I Pull Her Back LIke You Gon Get This Dick Today,
    Sippin Alize,
    She Had The Last Drop,
    Pop open The Henney
    i Bet Her Panties Drop Real Shit
    Do You Remember Me
    I Was The Only One Who Use To Climb Your Tree,
    After getting that text My Momma Was Sleep,
    Open The Window
    Real Slow,
    Then Im Creep in,
    Baby Girl Let The Fucking begin

    Just A Squirl With A Nut,
    Just A Squirl With A Nut,

    Damn Girl Am I Squirl Cause i Want This Nut i Really Bust This Nut,
    I Really Wanna Go But You bad As Fuck,
    i Really Wanna Bust This Nut

    • DemoKingz

      Great beat man, and I also like your voice. It has a nice tone.

      The chorus was good too, it added to the atmosphere, well at least the female part, I didn’t really feel the – Damn Girl Am I Squirl Cause i Want This Nut i Really Bust This Nut – part. But hey if you like it that’s cool, I’m just giving my opinion πŸ™‚

      You didn’t have too much trouble with riding the beat, though of course that can always get better and more tight (same thing goes for me).

      So yeah, overall great looking out, I don’t see any specific problem that I can address, which is actually good, so I can only say that you check this article out because it can be of further help – https://rappingmanual.com/rap-tutorials-rhyming-words-vs-rhyming-voice/

  • hexie

    Song titled Section1 http://www.tindeck.com/dl/vjymp

  • hexie
  • Anonymous
  • DemoKingz

    Hey guys, I’m a bit busy till Wednesday (January 27th) but will make sure to leave feedback to everyone. Feel free to post links in the meantime.

    • yz onye

      coming from the south and the east coast from host to host eat y’all fake rappers like buttery toast hoe

  • Wisdom

    Here is the song. This is the first time I ever went to a studio and this is the first song I ever releases as a rapper, I just started and there is much more to come!

    • DemoKingz

      Great job man, I liked this a lot. You were quite on beat, melodic with the flow, and I liked the vocabulary. Keep it up and you’re good. Just in case though, read – https://rappingmanual.com/rap-tutorials-rhyming-words-vs-rhyming-voice/ and also see if you can make more distinct changes between verses. You don’t want the first and second verse to sound the same, so bring more changes to the 2nd. You can for example started with a more dynamic delivery or maybe a contrast to that and come in quietly.

  • Kyndrah

    You pussy nigggas is lame trying to be on flame stop trying to game cuase y’all is lame

  • EJ.Is.Musa


    Woke up in the morning now, I got niggas always trying to hold me down, I see police littered inside the city, beating on my people like we deserve it, riots to the whites who say a nigga worthless, fuck uncle sam and signing up for the service nigga, word to gza real g like I’m smoke dza, used to smoke on some ghost face killah and listen to ghost face killah, with all my niggas and thought about how life was different, when we were children in need of some supervision, believed in god til i found out religion is the same thing as superstition, and i was never superstitious nigga no, ridiculous vicious with the flow, get riches digging up the gold, around addicted bitches sniffing coke, sniff it I’m winning charlie sheen these hoes, if i lose ill come back and be victorious, Im kurt cobain and that makes my girl courtney love, krabs with the raps its my secret formula, I’m forming up ways, so we could multiply the money, i could get us all paid, we won’t have to work for nothing, 22 years a slave to the nigga situation, so stuck in my ways, so many things i think of changing

    See Im a nice guy, but i get mad too, I’m not tryna do, the things my dad do, I’m always looking like, I’m in a bad mood, i got bars like my name was papoose, majestic malicious mighty masterful, my dad left tyler I’m a bastard too, rebellious don’t do the things they ask me too, but imma do the things that i have to do, so i can do things they say i can not do, I’m dreaming big they say i am a fool, I’m better than all these amateurs, your insecure but i stay acting cool, my brother like what the fuck just happened dude, dad just left i guess we got abandoned too, I’m smart as fuck but i was acting bad at school,when actually I’m smarter than the rest of you, see I’m that sibling that they all looking up too, i wanna be like mansa musa, i wanna be the new mansa musa, dog imma bout to start a revolution, walk into my home, home, let me show you all the ropes, ropes, let me show you a day in the life of a nigga let me show you how it goes, goes, wearing hand me down clothes, how i get this bed nobody knows, remember days sleeping on the pull out mattress other days sleeping on the floor, in my city always keep my city close, I’m from pomona where its hot as hell and melts niggas who claim they’re cold

    alright microphone check, I’m the best all you niggas need to step wait… i get high like I’m on a fucking jet wait… fly like I’m on a jet plane, rap this shit for today, I’m the man erryday, you the man of yesterday, I’ve been killin it, I’ve been killin it, i get money, fuck the money rap this shit for all my niggas, fuck the bitches man we need the money, yea said fuck being broke, i am so sick of being poor, tell all you niggas I need to get it man I need to get it, we all need to get it right now, i am the man up inside of this bitch, i rap and rhyme all this shit, i know that i like to spit, i rap this shit and then get real high, smoke blunts one time, middle finger to the one time, fuck your hoe cause i know she want mine, i just tell them everything seems like its fine, I’m in the studio its ej and lt, all on the beat i got andre, tell all you niggas i am a beast, my girl is the white girl or beyonce, fuck everything that your gods say, i ball now, imma ball hard, imma ball like kanye dog imma ball all day, this is all me, signs of mansa musa

    • Ya that's me

      Bro are you a robot? πŸ˜‚ but do you

    • DemoKingz

      Hey man, I’d suggest that you actually make shorter songs, I felt like this went on for too long. Also, it’s very important to switch up your flow and intonation more often, especially in regards to the song’s length. I liked your melodic delivery at times, that’s a great tool to implement, so keep doing it, but also try out more vocal styles, expend your range, and add more variety in the tone of voice throughout your songs. And again, my advice be would to make shorter songs so that you focus on improving the flow/delivery principles. That way you will have less lines to “worry” about, and the lines you got you’ll have more time and energy to spend on them and make sure they get the proper attention in terms of intonation. Check this out for more info – https://rappingmanual.com/rap-tutorials-rhyming-words-vs-rhyming-voice/

  • Zimbolic


    I go to school and sit in class
    With a finger in my ass, saying “fuck this math”
    They told me that I wasn’t gonna pass
    That I was too high maintenance, they weren’t up to the task
    Of putting up with me, they couldn’t be bothered with me, “not so fast”
    There’s a way to make this kid sit still at last
    All you need is a prescription and some cash
    And this kid will study in his sleep and be relaxed
    So take him up to Beaver Dam, to where the crazy’s go
    But don’t tell them that your son is just lazy as fuck, no
    Tell em’ that the kid is really bright, just not quite right
    Say he has potential, but chews on his pencils, bite
    Your tongue when asked if there’s problems at home
    If in his social life, your child feels alone
    Sign the bottom line and hand over your dough
    Then dope him up till he’s nothing but skin and bones

    He’s got a.d.h.d
    He doesn’t eat, or sleep, this kid doesn’t even speak
    He’s got a.d.h.d.
    Days of pain is a small price to pay for straight A’s
    He’s got a.d.h.d.
    He’s depressed but god bless, he doesn’t make a mess
    He’s got a.d.h.d.
    He’s got a.d.h.d.

    The wild child was no more, he scored
    The top marks on questions the teachers barked, before
    Long he was honor roll, because he trolled
    Books all night and day, there was no control
    The medication was taking over
    The sensations that were making him take it were lower
    Each time he popped one, till he was sober
    All that was left was a grey world that seemed a little colder
    With no appetite, he was wasting away
    No one paid attention to him as he would lay
    In be the whole night through, reading the fat new
    Novel he had gotten but that wasn’t news
    To his parents, it was apparent he changed
    But as long as the grades stayed the same it was okay
    Fuck his health, education was more important
    Just keep ignoring the sign and find a new pill to support him


    • 50 Cent

      Nice lyrics, do you really have adhd? And health is more important than education

    • Anonymous

      but you sound like mick jenkins that shit kinda killed it 4 me

    • DemoKingz

      Hey man that’s an awesome vocal tone, it’s quite unique and captivating. It also shows a lot of personality.

      However, I’d suggest that you try more vocal tones and have a bigger range because if you got all your songs sounding like this it can get monotone. Of course, you can still keep the core of this as your baseline style, but do try to expand the range and do more drastic switches in intonation. Other than that, this was cool. Good job.

      • DemoKingz

        And doing the drastic changes will then help you to have more subtle changes in this main vocal tone and colorize it further more, and add more details to it. Of course, you already have some but I think it’d be even cooler if there were more. So yeah, have that in mind πŸ˜€

  • NA Bill

    I go by the name NA Bill and i’m a rapper/producer from Cairo, Egypt.
    here’s my new song! the production is fully done by me!
    Straight Outta Egypt
    #NAMG represent

    • Yellow

      That’s one dope track

  • Medial cortex


    I implemented multis, internals, amd new rhyme schemes for myself i will post the lyrics when i get home. I tried to improve my switches a ton and vocal inflections. Let me know whar you think thanks again.

    • DemoKingz

      Hey man, I like your voice a lot. It’s really smooth.

      Awesome of you to take a look at the tutorials for changing intonation patterns and stuff, that will help a lot. In this piece I could notice that you had nice use of emotion at plenty of places (if you posted the lyrics I could point this out more specifically), but overall I like how you sound, and considering you’re aware of principles like the doing a lot of switches one, just keep improving at it and you’ll notice great changes.

      I’d also strongly suggest that you take the flow course on the main page.

  • KO-Styles

    not studio quality but yeah. https://soundcloud.com/khalil-oloko/hear-it-in-my-head

    I’m in the whip, destination nowhere,
    Put the address in the GPS nah man can’t go there,
    I’m looking for the right path, avoiding the blood bath,
    The stakes are high you take a wrong step and that’s that,
    I’ve learnt from my mistakes, now I’m gonna bring the wrath,
    Destroy these fake ass rappers who claim to have gats,
    I’m like the Ali of rapping, my bars float and tote and when I’m hot they sting,
    Don’t step to this, if you haven’t seen what I bring,
    I don’t follow the same path you niggas you follow,
    It ain’t hard to tell that half the brains of these rappers is hollow,
    Renting cars for they videos when in reality they drive a 98 Volvo,
    I suggest you listen to this in slow-mo,
    Take some notes cause you sound like a hobo,
    And any diss track sent I can decipher,
    Been through it all now you see I’m wiser,
    In love with the rap game I decided to wife her,
    My bars are expensive some say its designer,
    Now tell me Pls who’s raps diviner?

    I can hear it in my head these people want me dead, even the bitch in my bed, yeah she wants me
    dead. They won’t mind leaving my shirt red.

    I’m drinking to escape all the pain inside of me,
    Drink in one hand with my crew beside of me,
    Fucking the industry hard,
    I don’t write with a pen I write with my heart,
    Ironic that my thoughts will be the death of me,
    Low key or even high key,
    These fake rappers are cliche in this industry,
    Full of fake ass bars and wannabes,
    I can feel my life changing,
    I can feel myself fading,
    Away from the people I changed with,
    But fuck it, it is what it is,
    More wiser because I think about everything,
    I stop bad people coming into my life before it starts happening,
    2015 and there still people suffering,
    Yeah, but there’s nothing we can do,
    KO styles on the beat bringing it to you,
    Do this till I die there’s no going back,
    See life through my eyes realist one since Tupac,
    Man like KO styles, alone till its done,
    only true one with style, shoutout 0161.

    I can hear it in my head these people want me dead, even the bitch in my bed, yeah she wants me
    dead. They won’t mind leaving my shirt red.

    Man fuck the fame, I’m fucking the game
    I’m not a materialistic person, some say I’m insane, do this cause I feel the rush in my veins, after you die the only thing left behind is your name, and when people reminisce and cry they won’t remember the cash you made, rather they remember the people you saved, my life will be forever engraved, and even when I’m in the grave il still hear people playing my shit at raves

    I can hear it in my head these people want me dead, even the bitch in my bed, yeah she wants me
    dead. They won’t mind leaving my shirt red.

    KO-Styles I’m looking into the future, full of lanes, gotta pick the right one, that’s right I gotta pick the right one


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