Hey everyone, in the comment section of this post you can post something that you have recorded, it doesn’t have to be a studio quality track, it can be something recorded on your cell phone, just make sure that the beat can be heard (no acapellas, only recordings with a beat to it) and you will also need to post the lyrics of your verse(s).

I will mostly focus the feedback on the way you sound and while this will be somewhat limited (due to the lyrics/flow courses on the main page offering full instructor to student teaching) it will still give you some important directions and assessments.

Looking forward to your entries.


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  • Doyle

    Good job Kaz, glad to see you moving forward.

    I’m hoping to be putting together a mixtape with a buddy of mine soon, I’ve been showing him the ropes and basically getting him up to speed, and I feel like I’m better than I’ve ever been before, so if all goes as planned I’ll be putting up some tracks in the near future

  • Kid Kazarie

    If you on rappad prop me if you like

    Also, big shoutout to this site and the community for getting the ball rolling for me in rap. I owe a lot to the kindness of you guys and your advice. I realize how awesome you guys are when I got to other sites and most other people only complain or give half-baked advice. Or even get mad when you try to help em get better.

    Kid Kazarie is my name
    I guess I’m kind of a sunchaser
    Trailblazer, some say wit bad behavior
    My crew was all hell raisers
    Lasers all set to stun
    Shocked that I’m the one in the zone
    let your mind roam
    I’ve grown and passed the lone fact
    That the only thing keeping back
    Was my fear, not math, not cash
    not even my past, the last man up
    Is the first man to lend a hand
    Cause he understand the feeling fam
    Used to draw lines in the sand
    Now, it lines where we performin
    uhh, these race bout endurance
    Do you see the importance,
    I wanna be glourious
    16 bar chorus
    Star crusher, Sun chaser
    Universal pen savior
    Head in the clouds,moon gazer
    With Asteroid impact, I make a crater(2x)
    I’m a sun chaser
    Up from here, in the atmosphere
    I float, I float
    Saint or sinner man can’t taint
    My view is safe, in dark space
    The haste seizes,
    The mind is breathing
    Air my lungs don’t need it
    I am clearest when in stasis
    I can hear Orion’s playlist
    Watched the matrix with Carl Sagan
    Comet’s like millions of matches
    Secret passages hid in Red shift
    No ship when I wrote these lines
    Admire the lights in the sky
    One of em is mine
    Yeah, that’s my shine,yep
    Aura,one of a kind,bet
    A true star in disguise
    Man on moon, man in space
    Or front row to planets playin chase
    It was all put in place
    Must seek his face
    Hand makes the galaxy swirl
    Universe just a pearl
    To clam in seaworth of immensity
    All existents has viscosity
    Check the selfish chemistry
    Forget it,it makes sense to me
    The dissertion to lengthy
    Will heaven sit with me?
    Or is this belief extinction bound
    Starlight,Burn bright
    Clear as day in eternal night
    Galaxy cluster my life
    Starstuff made just right(2x)
    I’m a soulchaser
    Up here,Heaven’s will
    I float,I float(2x)
    Killah rap,killah rap that all I’m doing
    killah rap, ask for redemption
    They all got filler rap
    Tired of hearing that
    Got a star map with a key to Mars
    Rest in God arms,carry me home
    The lone man with such favor
    A nigga who can taste quark flavors
    No vader, when I light up with the lightsaber
    Hit the mark after a few prayers
    A man can now only labor
    But, Amen I can only believe in later
    A true sunchaser,
    Always comes back to dreams
    Imagination burst at the seams
    They still asking why my eyes got that gleam
    I’m a sun chaser
    Up from here, in the atmosphere
    I float, I float

    • Zero S6X
      Zero S6X

      Hey Kaz, nice to see you man. I gave a listen, this was dope, really. Nice work on this, the chorus was infectious (in a good way lol) The only thing was at some point the beat sounded like it was louder than ya voice but man that from you was a 10/10. Keep at it, homie.

      • Kid Kazarie

        Yeah, my mixing was horrible. But, it was also a rush job. I understand the mistakes I made and I’m currently tryna to fix them up. That’s for giving it a listen. I wanna have a project at some point but, school is making that a little difficult but, I got bigger things planned.

      • Kid Kazarie

        That’s for listening my mixing was pretty bad. I am going to fix that in the future but, I happy that you otherwise enjoyed it. I kinda mad and embarrassed at my mistakes cause if you checked my page you might have seen a guy I mix for and his songs. Those are way more quality so next time I won’t have a rush job on the mix. And make sure my singing is much more on point. Thanks fam, Imma kill my next project I got and yall will know it.

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