This is our newest rubric, in which we’ll practice our abilities to improve already written bars.

Why do we need this?

Being able to improve bars, that are already written, is a very valuable skill. When you write your own songs, it’s good to first focus on the argument and then pay attention to the actual rhyme scheme.

This exercise is not just about pimping up the couplet. It’s about upgrading it, making it more complex, but still maintaining its original meaning. You should learn how to balance between the rhyme scheme and the content.


This exercise will also get you into the habit of double checking your bars. It will get you into the mind space of wanting to go back and improve what you’ve written. Make it better. Make it perfect.

What would you have to do?

1. You’ll get one couplet. In most cases, it will be two simple bars, that focus on content and not on the rhyme scheme. Usually holding a 4-4 rhyme scheme.

2. Your job is to improve their rhyme scheme, while keeping its content as potent as it was in the beginning.

BE CAREFUL: Content will be diluted if you don’t pick the right words. If not picked correctly, too many rhymes will water it down and it will surely be noticed.


1. Basic Couplet

I’ll build my very own self sufficient network
You can be the famous guy, while I grow my net worth

2. Updated Couplet

I’ll own my very own self-sustaining network
Fame ain’t the main game, let me reign with net worth

Now It’s Your Turn

1. Basic Couplet

I no longer worry bout, what it will be
Keep on doubling my game till they kill me

2. Updated Couplet

(Write your attempt in the comment section. Upgrade this couplet. Include internals, change the whole structure, but keep the meaning)

Attempts will be reviewed and constructive feedback will be given 24 hours within your entry.

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  • Dan

    I don’t worry bout shit no more, which is why my haterz LOVE ME
    Puffing and spitting barz some more till the feds CUFF ME

  • JAlex

    I stayed celibate from the game, purely out of luck// how the hell did I do right and still end up fucked?

  • Mc Amp

    Ain’t gonna sweat bout them tryin to squeeze me/ keep amping my play till they cease me.

  • PsychicAfro

    I used to try to be cold like the abominable
    But the snow covered my road, I ain’t gon let it go

  • Zero S6X

    Eyes closed to this nature, became the mediator/
    Keep at it, I create more, till I toast with my creator/

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