Hey guys, I just posted the new song. It’s about breaking the barriers of social anxiety and acceptance. It’s about true expression, without any filtering.

I have posted just the second verse on Youtube here:

The full song can be heard here:

Enjoy. If you were wondering how I really rap, that’s how I rap. I finally managed to let go and just rhyme, that’s my style. I think the beat was too fast though, I’m on the quest for finding the right speed now. Stay cool.

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  • D-spitta

    Hey man thats awesome did you really wrote straight?

    The second verse-Awesome ! it sounds sick when you put 1 syllable word rhyme on every beat of the bar (0:43) its one of those awesome rhythm techniques.

    And yeah it was lil hard to understand what you were saying but who cares meaning when the flow is that good 🙂

    • D-spitta

      And hey man the beat is very cool if you downloaded it from internet tell me the name of the beat. Cuz somehow I started flowing after listening the beat and a negative rap on it I mean your Rap on it ..I also wanna Rap on this instrumental

  • Doyle

    That was pretty fuckin’ sick man. The first little bit of that second verse was a bit hard to understand but the rest was fine and all sounded great. I didn’t manage to listen to the full song because for some reason it isn’t playing for me on here. But what I got to listen to sounds great.

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