Hi guys, I just finished posting the series, where I talk about my life. I feel like I should’ve added some photos and other additional stuff, so it’s more entertaining, but I wanted to reserve the photos for another series.

So since I have published my life, I’m going to write, record and release another song.

After the song, the third stage is to “get out there”. By this, I mean that I’d have to branch out, in order to get watchers from Youtube’s sidebar.

The Plan

1. The first thing I’ll do is start to publish more “How to Rap” video tutorials.

This will cater to the people who’re already involved with the site and the newcomers who don’t even know about us.

2. The second thing is that I’ll start publishing a comedy series, where I’ll pretty much tell jokes and get people to laugh.

Since I love having fun and enjoying the good times, I’m sure such a series would be awesome to make. This would basically cater to the Youtube sidebar.

3. The third series would show my opinion on different topics, hot news and discussions.

It’s meant to reveal my way of thinking and again, it’s meant to show viewers more layers.

4. The fourth and final series would be personal, meaning that I’d show private photos from various times in my life and tell stories stemming from them. It’s going to be fun.

That’s the plan guys. The song has 417 views for 4 days, which isn’t that bad. Nobody commented on it though, I have no idea why.. Nevertheless, it is what it is.

If someone wants to check out the “My Life Videos”, feel free to do it here: The Life of Maytane Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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