This is the place where you can attack anyone and everyone.


Write bars and attack the people you don’t like and defend the people you do like. Jump in on someone, who’s being attacked by the others, or try to defend him. Fights can break out all over the place. Everything is happening at the comments section.

Who is the Winner

Just like any bar fight, there are no winners. The only prize you’re going to win is the respect from the people involved in the fight.

There is no limit on the number of bars you can write. There are no rules. It’s a lyrical bar fight!

You have a grudge against someone? Attack him with bars by writing them as a comment! Will he reply? Is he scared to? Will others join in? Will someone defend him? Let the fighting begin!

If you want to visit the first edition, please click here.

Background Music

You can use this beat for inspiration.

Good luck to everyone!

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