This is the place where you can attack anyone and everyone.


Write bars and attack the people you don’t like and defend the people you do like. Jump in on someone, who’s being attacked by the others, or try to defend him. Fights can break out all over the place. Everything is happening at the comments section.

Who is the Winner

Just like any bar fight, there are no winners. The only prize you’re going to win is the respect from the people involved in the fight.

There is no limit on the number of bars you can write. There are no rules. It’s a lyrical bar fight!

You have a grudge against someone? Attack him with bars by writing them as a comment! Will he reply? Is he scared to? Will others join in? Will someone defend him? Let the fighting begin!

If you want to visit the first edition, please click here.

Background Music

You can use this beat for inspiration.

Good luck to everyone!

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  • PinPucci

    Don’t get twisted with that story, Pinocchio gon’ tell a lie/

    He’s said he’s bout to blow your brains out, with just a cherry pie/

    Well, I blow a cherry pie, but never thought a little droid could,

    Your flow gon’ make me high, but what’s highness,

    I’m a Moghul

    • PinPucci

      lord puente, p smooth & sensei doyle y’all some tired ass bitches,

      Already passed a long time ago, couldn’t pass you no more,

      I’ll fuck your game up, till you can’t sex it no more,

      Put your puppet-names lower case, cuz I cant trust in no whore,

      PinPucci came to a slap fest on the wack cats,

      Me and you its like professor Farnsworth and the three brats

      I’ll sodomize you,

      Try me if you can dummies,

      I call you dummies, cuz your mommies were my mummies at 93′

      That’s why yall came uglier than me!!!

      Y’all some talented ass lyricists, I swear, take your time,

      But still gon’ be bodied with a non-native speaker, a massive ripper

      I’m the newest drug for yo highness, better respect every line of mine

      Dja hurd?

      • Sensei Doyle
        Sensei Doyle

        You wack cunt, fuck with me and you’ll get smacked once,/
        Hit the fucking ground in a hurry, you’re just a half-dunce!/
        Talentless hack, my malice is maxed,/
        I’ll beat your fucking head in with each beer from an 8 pack!/
        You’re the kind of faggot who will make a person hate rap,/
        Ugly muthafucka, nobody could date that!/
        You’re a little bitch, you fucking aren’t worth an 8-track,/
        I will fucking kill you with a Louise, make bats break backs!/
        Screw you, my screws loose, the loose noose tightens,/
        Put the screws to you, fool, don’t fuck with a Titan,/
        I will sever your throat in a goddamn hashtag,/
        That’s right faggot, got the Bowie with a damn stag/
        Handle, you can’t handle me,or vandalise my vanity,/
        I stand in front the vanity and marvel at the man I see,/
        I’m perfect, you can’t merk this, you’re worthless,/
        Make your daddy regret that condom he didn’t purchase,/
        You’re a scumbag, dumb skag, dick the size of thumbtacks,/
        You should not have mentioned my name, you fucking dumbass.

  • Sensei Doyle
    Sensei Doyle

    Alright, this a bar fight, let this dog bite,/
    All night I’m fucking up your life with an Armalite,/
    You’re an amateur, go sit on an armature,/
    It’s in your ass, you’re comfortable like sitting in an arm(a) chair!/
    You could not defeat me were I crippled,/
    Take the bait son, just a nibble,/
    Try and get me with the pistol I’ll come beat you with a piston/
    Then I’ll rob your ass like Riften, watch the bloody piston glisten,/
    Watch it drippin’, watch my pigment, it ain’t shit for disposition,/
    Only one thing ’bout my skin has helped me get in this position,/
    That’s it’s thickness, you can witness bitches dissin’,/
    But I can’t hear those bitches cuz a bitch stays in the kitchen!/
    I freestyle, I breath fire, I will light your fucking pants up/
    You’re a motherfuckin’ liar, and a bitch like Tony Danza!/
    You know ’bout Danza, right? His record is as plain as night,/
    He’s a disgrace to fighting like Nevada proved to Dana White!/
    And this is scattered, I just write what I am thinking,/
    Take a second on a bar, I do this as fast as blinking,/
    I don’t even think about a line or read it as I’m typing it/
    Cuz I am fucking perfect when I work as quick as lightening is!

    • Sensei Doyle
      Sensei Doyle

      Posted this yesterday but I wasn’t logged in so it’s awaiting moderation.

  • P Smooth

    Anyone tryna battle?

    • Lord Puente

      im down to battle

    • Lord Puente

      P smooth just a bitch that I fuck up quick in the booth,/
      split his wig with a written then I call him v smooth,/
      hit this pussy raw, with nothing to lose,/
      fucked ya ass up, without any lube,/

      twistin up this fruit, im leavin ya juiced,/
      take a shot of vodka now im leavin you screwed,/
      you are what you eat, so you nothing but booze,/
      cause when you on stage you catch nothing but boo’s,/

      catchin hate cuz your wrist is lame in the game,/
      forgot your name cuz you didn’t claim any fame,/
      i keep movin up the way im spittin these flames,/
      rm is where you were contained and remained,/

      randomly checked the site like an optometrist,/
      reposition yalls vision , now acknowledge this,/
      i keep my message loud and clear as shit,/
      but when you spit, watch how the column shift,/

      • P Smooth

        Who the fuck Lord puente, i laugh at him plenty,
        You Sound empty, you Change my Name like everybody done against me,

        You take a sip of vod, i take a sip of unknown as i mark you with this rod,
        You same as everybody who dissed me People think that u’s a fraud,

        Yeah i’m getting boo’s… that’s your bitch at my Show dude!
        You can shout stuff against me but it’s me that got her nude,

        Get it? To understand my words you got to catch the thread on reddit,
        Your verse it feels like i already read it, same shit as all the other cats i shredded,
        But you wrote it, it feels like you were already choking sweated,

        My wrist is lame from Holding up this gun,
        RM can’t contain me it’s a place for hit & runs,
        Your flames be amazing just for lighting this blunt,
        Lord puente’s just a punk and i Keep eating him for lunch,
        That’s not the reason why he’s, with the groceries in the trunk.

  • Un-Similar(RM Analyst)

    @ Axel I do this shit at work so proofreading is a bitch but

    I’ll send more shots at Axel than Twisted metal/
    I’m the guy kicking dust when shit just settled/
    Beating me is never, don’t ever get that twisted fellow/
    You can shoot for the stars and still never hit my level/

    Taken whacks at Axel, I proved you wack so/
    You’re just a little rascal that can’t dance with the vandal/
    You’ll get cancelled, can’t get a handle on this battle/
    I’ll put you on the maps just to blast off the panels/

    I been Un—Similar with the sick spitting/
    Not a pimp but have Axel’s mistress lips on my stickshift/
    If you insisting on getting this lyrical whooping/
    I’m for burning you pussy like putting kindling to kittens/

    You’re bold talking like it ain’t me winning/
    If you’re fire, I must be extinguish/
    I’m much more distinguished but with bars, trust I stay mean/
    I’ll trash you, something like that Brock Turner rape scene/

    I can hold the firing squad and let the truth sting/
    With these bars, I’ll simply murk you with your mood rings/
    This that brute spew coupled with an enlightened mindstate/
    Pissing on a light-weight who aint fit for my plate/

  • AXEL

    Anyone wanna battle?

    • Un-Similar(RM Analyst)

      I’ll rock with you bruh

    • Un-Similar(RM Analyst)

      Here’s 16 for you:

      I’m at Axel like car parts/
      Set to attack foes with the axe so imagine
      the masked animal mashing the gas before the car starts/
      I’ll swing and his body’ll be standing but his heads outta the ball park/

      More ape shit than safari/
      It’s a gag when you spit, I’ll let yo bitch/
      Gag and spit shine me, before I bust in her jaws,/
      With the axe from before, like the door, “Bitch Here’s Johnny” I’m Jack Nicks in The Shining/

      My tactic is execute jabs with rhyming/
      Then kill a whack bitch with haymakers and thumb tacks/
      He’ll step forward, bars from the pump make him jump back/
      And I aint bout gun raps, my style is more like beating a hymen/

      Lyrically I’m set to decimate an opposer/
      Talking you coming off you the top of your head,/
      I’m aiming for taking your head, off your shoulders/
      The aftermath I answer how’s and why’s ironically “I smoldered cause I’m colder/

      • AXEL

        My bad for the late reply, who else wanna battle?

        Different the stanzas, a thug poet’s raw pen
        Where I’m from don’t need Thor’s strength
        To lift up a hammer, kids is bananas
        Turn pro con’s though, ya life won’t exist/
        For the ice on ya wrist, get stabbed 6 times
        For The Watch like Jon Snow, it’s do or die
        Askin Who Am I? Sim, Simmer down (Sim Simma song)
        You been a clown, my Might Godly/
        Lifestories, I wrote the plot, lame,
        This ain’t a Game, I get Animated, for you,
        It’s Over, Watch, key to success, nigga,
        I broke the locks, hold ya props,/
        No traces I’m leavin, basic ya peace is
        Lower the iron, firin, but I ain’t raised an anemic,
        I’m a God you a fraud a different cat,
        Throw you over the bridge if ya try bridge the gap/
        Listen fool, don’t try pitch ya moves
        They end up like Fifty’s Snoop’s,
        My mind delve deep twelve feet
        Like the graves for you and the bitch in you/

        • Un-Similar(RM Analyst)

          I’ll dismember your different stanza/
          You creamed filled, weak rhymes and playful banter/
          This is a eradication extravaganza, to dismantle Axel/
          My exhaust can trigger cancer, You’re Krillin I kill with the ill factor/

          Someone wish him well, before I bid him farewell/
          Shots have him flipping like I’m flicking coins in wishing wells/
          You won’t fare well, I’ll rap circles around you, Carousel/
          I can let a legend tell, I drop colder shit than Winterfell/

          I’ll go green like Bruce Banner or Mean Joe Green on this green goer/
          Average Joe you ain’t fit to swing the King Cobra/
          I’ll fuck the dust out your queen on my clean sofa/
          Then she’s on her knees looking like she’s trying to swallow my leaf blower/

          To tell Simi to simmer down is like telling a shooter no shooting in the fucking crowd/
          Better start running or ducking down/
          Cause I been a savage, been nasty with pads shit I’m appearing with/
          It’s me versus a period and I’m spearing it, revel the experience/

          • D spitta

            I’ll reply soon

        • D spitta

          Chop your head in seconds with my Axe Axel, dont chu
          Move, Drop my weight on you keep chop and chop till im on you
          Look at your weak rhymes just one rhyme at the end line
          Now get hell fried ten times in hope you spit fire in meantime
          I’m like smugglers sell u coke so your structure won’t function
          Properly, I make my own dope puzzles in Dexter Laboratory
          complexity probably my foes problem cause i solve em
          and own like mid-east oil properties, you useless like used lotteries

          • AXEL

            Had to drop a bomb on em

            Heart’s the blackest of marksman, trademark dark
            Why die tryin’ to march on the grandest of sovereign?
            Tackle ya squadron, verses start to click like African’s talkin,
            One man army, with the Iron, Man, I Tony Stark em,
            Heavy hitter I’m like Drago Apollo combined
            You a spitter but I make you swallow ya pride
            Feel anguish, half ya shit don’t make sense,
            English probz ain’t even ya real language,
            How you gon stop me glow bright? You got this
            Got that chop this chop that, nigga,
            You can’t even chop ya flow right,
            Hold tight, Sim, look you gettin’ cooked,
            Heat simmering, shook, the Heat
            Give Sim a Ring, but I ain’t talkin ballin
            Different context, advanced concepts
            This a no contest, you a non threat
            The way you spawn text a bore fest
            Rap complex? Cool, I’m a problem simplifier
            Hard pressed, ya problem? I’m simply fire
            Get Sim retired, street smart, taught
            To make bread cut off the snake’s head
            So wins, this King Cobra isn’t tasting
            It’s over, no commiserations, harmed,
            Arms swingin like shoulders dislocated,
            Grim thoughts, you ain’t a king fraud
            Paved ways for hundreds, my bling on
            Ring on, texts or techs ya days are numbered
            The way I pull Sim’s cards,

        • D spitta

          Go Ahead Ima down to Rock with you haha

  • Ru

    Lord Puente,
    Must be boring waiting so much for Free D. Here have some fun and let me improve off this fight.

    You call us guests in your house but we in the battle grounds./
    Shut your mouth and let me show you what I’m about./
    I’ll take your ass for a spin, like a roundabout./
    Show you how I’ll get the crown then leave you six feet underground./
    Round by round I’ll beat you down. Pound for pound, give me my crown./

    This nigga rhymes Braggadocio with Pinocchio./
    How typical, you just like your bars, superficial./
    Yeah, you a badass rapper but you messin with a trapper./
    Like a snitch, watch what you say or I’ll take your momma and kidnap her./

    So you like to break records before they’re set straight./
    But who are you? What’s your name? I checked Instagram and snapchat,/
    23 views isn’t fame. You’re nothing but a hood rat./
    That’s fact, what’s that? He mad, he sad, hotter than a heat pad./
    Heat rash, no gas, no cash, he mad, he sad, life sucks, he rash./

    Yeah, go ahead and try me I ain’t playin with nobody./
    It’s hard to explain vocally, but I’ll leave you hopelessly/
    Turning to diplomacy and admiring my potency./
    Leave you crying emotionally and embarrassed globally./

    Nothing personal. Trying to improve.

  • Elite

    You ain’t a sensei doyle, your past posts prove / your a pussy and that everyday your pen lays soil / want me to fertilise it? merc you guys up ?gents stay loyal / after I slash and gash there general first day full Boyle /

    I’m here to make sure everybody knows I’m a don / by flashing fangs that are more feared than smildons /
    never sabre rattle, better than most of the vet/erans I came to battle, there busy horsing around so /

    I’m sitting in there saddles little saddos kiddie fiddling jimmy / savvels, sorry i should of skipped them in/sane schemes showing off to show you all im the king and your all/

    queens, decking delinquents jacking all of their in/struments if they cannot deal with card bars there in/ for some, lets do this moving onto the true/ shit whatever your packing with gats i got one more like mule / kick

    I LOVE SPINNING my swords so I call / em bae (bey) blades ruxx shut the fuck up or im gunna bring em both/ to your brain

    • Sensei Doyle
      Sensei Doyle

      First off, on my past posts, sweet like dextrose,/
      You’re fucking with a psychopath, get your neck broke,/
      If my pen lays soil that makes sense, I’m gonna bury you,/
      Flash fangs like you’re a vampire, I think you’re a fairy, dude!/
      Talkin’ ’bout saddles I’m a fucking Albertan,/
      Moved from Calgary to B.C., your shit’s hurtin’,/
      If you wanna talk horses and saddles don’t try n battle,/
      Cuz I can go all day while you just briefly fucking prattle,/
      Two meanings to the word so don’t mistake what I say,/
      I meant your words are unimportant and they often do stray,/
      Now bitch I charge like I am set atop a Clydesdale,/
      Bitch I’ll make sure that you don’t see the day when I fail!/
      Call me a queen, naw, that’s just what I sleep on,/
      You’re probably on a single jerkin’ off and speaking Klingon!/
      Got your mule kick shit, bitch, I’m a fucking Juggernaut,/
      And I can hold the barrel down myself, and take another shot!/
      Spin your swords? Bitch I actually own some!/
      Five swords, twelve knives, making you look so dumb!/
      No structure, poor spelling, used the wrong “their”,/
      Can’t capitalize a fucking word, or name, it’s not fair,/
      I’m on a higher intellectual level,/
      Never mess with this devil, bitch I’m Harry you’re Nevil!/
      Wanna have a chance against me step it up a notch,/
      Or kiss my white Irish ass, bitch I’m a Leprechaun.

      • Elite

        I know we’re meant to attack each other on here but fuck me that’s some fire for a rapid response haha you got bars bro

        • Sensei Doyle
          Sensei Doyle

          Haha thanks man, I work fast

          • Elite

            I think I need to focus more on content and dial down with the crazy flows and rhymes

    • Ru

      What the fuck are you saying? I wouldn’t read your raps if you pay me./

      What’s that crap that you’re stating. Shut the fuck up? Bitch make me./

      But first sway me. Tryna do battle? You crazy./

      You’re insane, I’ll put a bullet in your membrane./

      You’re too caught up with the chase of the fame./

      Life’s gonna run you over like a hunned foot train./

      Imma keep this short and nice,/

      I ain’t got time to mess with small fries. My rhymes too dope, I left you behind./

      So, If you’ll excuse me, good bye./

      • Sensei Doyle
        Sensei Doyle

        Ruxx, what happened to your name? Lol just Ru now?

        • iLegion

          I’m wondering why he isn’t using his account – he should have been given one already!

          • Ru

            Lol I tried changing it a few times on my iPhone but it didn’t change so I left it for later. Although that default avatar is on point tho😂

        • Ru

          Yeah Ru’s shorter lol and it’s easier to play with for now lol. -I am using my account @ilegion 🤔

          • iLegion

            Then I’m guessing you just love the default avatar 😀

          • Zero SiX [SickSiX]
            Zero SiX [SickSiX]

            @iLegion, I can’t change my avatar, that’s why I had to use my camera, that’s why it’s dark.

      • Elite

        What the fuck am I saying ? Little bitch are you illit/erate

        daddy didn’t teach you how to read when you was lit/tle huh ?

        , Well listen carefully you might learn a lesson / or two

        I know that I’m superior and that’s why I’m stepping / to you ,

        ‘Imma keep it short and nice ‘ /

        pick up line, of the century for this guy /

        Small fries over here we call them chips /

        I will bet all of mine that I can defeat bitch /

        • Ru

          Yo, “Elite” check me out.

          Let me try to get my point across, This shit one hunned/
          Not 50/50 like a coin toss. First joke, you already lost./
          First toke, you already cough. Your bars as weak as your lungs./
          Your jokes as existent as your bread, You ain’t got none./

          You tryna spit on me like you some type of rapper/
          But I’ll spit your ass out like a bad Christmas cracker./
          You’re fucking with the wrong dude, I take your mom and kidnap her./
          I spit fire, I sell flame. I’m Hotter than the devil in his own domain./

          Was in a hurry lol

          • Elite

            That’s still sick I liked the 50/50 bar good simile man

          • Elite

            We should have a proper battle seen as we’re both new on here

        • Ru

          Sure man, if you got bars go for it, call me out. I’m a little busy today tho, so give me a few but I’ll definitely respond

  • Elite

    Yo check out my first recordings and let me know what you think people haven’t been writing long so any feedback would be helpful.

    • Kid Kazarie
      Kid Kazarie

      Aight, so first, the song is very fun,laid back and relaxed. This is reflected in your flow/bar structure,loose and kind of whatever but, that effect worked against when you hammered Kim Kardashian. It seemed by your tone and flow that in passing you were saying how stupid she is and that may very well be the feel you were looking for but, I never really felt that part of the verse. Especially, compared the genuine fun and chill you portrayed with people dancing on stage with you.The verse was possessing the contrast between yourself and Kim K.So my biggest suggestion would be add more bite to those critical bars about celebs; check out to learn to use tonal shifts to convey emotion especially anger or in your cause frustration. Lyrics were simple and to the point which on this song works out well.The hook was okay but, it is missing sticking power not cause it’s not catchy but because it has been heard so many time before. “Rolling in the dough” is a bit of a cliche and you added no real new meaning or twist to it.Plus, now people don’t use that phrase and even if you are trying to bring it back in song it sounds to slogan-like. The beat is different and less traditional hip hop/rap but, it sounds good with yourself and message(except the hook it adds to slogan feel of it). Overall this song is solid but keep posting around the site especially in the community and the site will continue to help. The fun and enjoyment was the best part of the song and what I enjoyed most.

    • Yellow

      Broooo i dont what kid kazarie is talkin bout but ur shit is good flow and beat in sync good sylabble count and that old old school type shit like kurtis blow and kool moe dee bro dont change ur style keep at it its unique and better than most rappers on tha site

      • Kid Kazarie
        Kid Kazarie

        I didn’t tell him to change the song and I genuinely liked it but, I was pointing out when attacking celebs compared to himself there was not enough bite.also, I did not like the hook it didn’t stick in my opinion The vintage feel was cool and fun.

        • Kid Kazarie
          Kid Kazarie

          * I didn’t tell him it was a bad song

    • iLegion

      Kid Kazarie is actually correct – you have to emphasize on certain words or word groups. It’s a good thing you can follow your flow and rhyme scheme correctly, but for your next projects try to add that emotion emphasis on words. You know, there’s a certain intonation you can use to make fuck yall into FUCK YALL! Also, I’m urging ya, join the community, and check out the challenges and the competitions, earn points, earn yourself a name here, cuz once you have a name here, you’ll have proof of credibility, and that’s just as important as becoming better rapper!

      • Elite

        Thanks a lot guys I genuinely appreciate your feedback especially the constructive criticism I know I need to work on my tone and stuff but I don’t really have a good voice in general anyways haha but I’ll work on it. And ye flow and rhymes has always been my strong point I can make fairly complex multis from being given one word like car for example. And staying on beat is easy when your rhyme schemes are pretty simple in rolling in dough (ps I know it’s some corny ass shit but it was the first actual song I’d written everything before was just pointless freestyles with no direction ) my rhyme schemes tend to drop rhymes in the same places as the bar before so they’re simple to follow (does that make it boring? ). And finally is there some way to become part of the community cause I’ve been checking out the site every now again for a few months adding small comments and stuff but is there a way to officially join or what ?

        • Kid Kazarie
          Kid Kazarie

          I hope I wasn’t too harsh but, for a first song I really enjoyed it I added it to a playlist on youtube(forgot to like) . Yeah, I only noticed the tone thing cause I get roasted for being monotone myself yeah but thank the Great Demolings for his tonal spikes article ,excellent reading. The rhyme scheme works for the subject and feel of the song whick is relatively simple and laid back. Yeah, the hook never worked for me personally but, hey gotta start somewhere. The community is based on a vouch system,so to get in you have to be invited.All you really have to do is post a verse like here in lyrical barfight against myself,a Rm General(based on points) or a veteran to have a brief battle.Also, you could just post on the community cipher at the bottom of the main community page and if your verses in the barfight or cypher impress someone able to vouch you’ll be set a registered account. You should be fine, I figure you can get an account pretty easy. So drop that verse soon,excited to see it.

          • Kid Kazarie
            Kid Kazarie


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