Today, we’re looking at a couplet, from the “Backseat Freestyle” of Kendrick Lamar.

*The Rhyme Scheme Starts at: 2:29

The Lyrics

I’ve got twenty five lighters on my dresser, yes sir
Put fire to that ass body cast on a stretcher

The Rhyme Diagram


2-dresser/yes sir/stretcher


I picked this couplet, because it consists of a few techniques that we’ve gone over. It has the double rhyming, internals and the Biggie type transition.

First the double rhyming can be seen as the 1-2, 1-2 combination. In between, we can see the internals, represented by the 3-3. The Biggie type transition comes in the first bar, where he rhymes “dresser/yes sir” one after the other.


Are you good enough to incorporate the 3 techniques in a couplet? Let’s see who knows their rhyme schemes. Write it as a comment below and you’ll get feedback on it.

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  • gee

    the need of combat is essential to your mental craft
    don’t hold back instated defend as you attack ,meet your fate as you relax

  • Wendy Weh

    Keep a couple pros don’t you know
    Steady slaming doors on the go
    Feeling peer pressure I keep a boat so I float
    Sinking broke hoes wrinkled black clothes I’m on glow

  • Juri glover

    1, 2 2
    1, 3 3, 2

    I drive a red car same color as love
    ,From above,
    Same star, got you in the blue, but im as white as a dove

  • Progress


    1- blood in / thug be
    2 tonight / on time /
    3- spittin / livin

    Eyo blood in you know tonight ,on time ,
    the thug be spittin and livin so fine

    • Progress

      Forgot to add, so fine
      So here it goes


      1- blood in / thug be
      2 tonight / on time / so fine
      3- spittin / livin

      Eyo blood in you know tonight ,on time ,
      the thug be spittin and livin so fine

      • Zero SiX [SickSiX]
        Zero SiX [SickSiX]

        Progress, you’re good man. Keep making progress!

  • daniel Wazty Bendah

    Can this be up to standard yet???

    its been a long tym coming
    tryna hit the peak,tryna steak up money
    Na its funny,how I’m getting cake: and they hattin on me,
    Flashbacks, used to sleep,dream empty tummy
    bigger picture,getting paid:, Everything yummy
    What ya thinking dummy?
    I’m in the game you switched lane
    my glock in-sin, squeeze the pin,
    leave your heart cold blooded in pain,
    young nigga but I’m one hunnit,
    keep a change errand boy for being Bourne honest
    Flipping page to another ma-n
    its 20k on my mother’s van
    did I really push the clock? Fuck No!
    my time came,niggas mad they couldn’t handle up in time frame,…
    I do me they do hate,
    the nigga got bars N cell(sell) crack in space,
    influential mind,take notes while I spit,
    One dope nigga coming outta that dump pit,
    I move fast cus my whip ain’t fuckin on brake
    Working hard in 24s,no dam break
    Nigga won’t believe, so why y’all going pray..

  • daniel wazty bendah

    look what Igot

    I sit and watch stars fall
    but I aint scared at all
    never backing down
    still lifting em bars up
    thinking maybe am dope
    or maybe am not
    just tryna play cool
    but cant stop being hot
    not 97, 100%
    a hood I represent
    living shit with a plan..

  • Kevin

    i think that lighters is a number 1 ryhme to.

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