We recently had a question from one of our readers.

“I wrote a rap earlier today and I write fairly often, but I find myself with the same problem on a regular basis. When I wrote the verse, I picked a beat and spat to it. After a little bit of tweaking, it flowed greatly to the song. I went through it maybe 2 or 3 times when normally I’ll do it 25 or more, but today I had to work so I didnt have time. So now that I come back to it and try to run through it again, I CANT GET IT TO FLOW WELL AT ALL.

It’s so frustrating and I’ve spent at least an hour racking my brain to remember exactly which words were accented or afflicted but I simply can’t. Please, is there some sort of formula to balancing out your flows? I know that sounds ridiculous but I hate the feeling of a great verse falling flat because it bad flow”


We’ve all had the experience of writing a verse with a great flow. You’re proud of what you’ve created and enjoy a well deserved rest. However, when you come back to check out your written piece, you realize that you’ve forgotten that very flow you were proud of. What to do:..


In order to prevent this from happening, there are a few things you can do:

-Repetition is the king

Repeating the bar over and over again, will help you memorize the intonation with which you deliver it. It’s a well known fact that if you go over anything repeatedly, you’re building a neuron-connected network responsible for it.

The more you repeat it, the bigger the network gets. Once it’s big enough, it’s transferred away from the frontal cortex, which frees it up. Once the network is away, it’s automatic for you to recall the data it has.

-Symbols can be helpful

When I used to write most of my songs high, I used a symbol system, which showed me where to raise my voice, where to lower it, where to change the aggression level and so on. The variety of symbols can be anything, depending on your personal preferences.

If you’ve already forgotten it


It’s funny because once you let go of the past flow, you tend to experiment with each bar and you eventually find that intonation which caught your ear at first. This is because once you write something, there are only so many ways in which you can say it properly(flow wise).

Go through each bar in this manner. First read it without any flow, then try several flows and whatever catches your ear, let it marinate. Once you have all the bars ready, rap the whole piece and pay attention to the flow.

You might hear the places in which it falls apart. Once you’ve separated such places, all you need to do is change the intonation in order for them to fit with the rest of the text.

-Wait it out

Sometimes, your brain has been influenced rather strongly from an external stimuli and all the focus has been geared towards such an event. There might be times, when you’d just need to cool off, let your brain settle into its natural equilibrium. Once that happens, once you’re relaxed, the flow is likely to jump out of your memory.

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  • Troy Scar

    Or…..record yourself rapping it? If you’ve got a phone just download a voice recorder and record you rapping it when you’re finished writing. When you forget just go back to your recorder and listen to your rap until you’re able to remember.

  • D-spitta

    @RM hey man your articles are awesome and it really helps, there’s no doubts. I wanna ask you something is there’s any way to download these articles on our phones and computers?? I mean think about it man if we felt the need any of your previous articles we have ta open the whole website and search for it, and that’s not the main problem man, the huge problem is we can’t remember the exact article name or every article name ๐Ÿ™ so please man I request you to add a download feature too so we can keep our favorite articles in our phones and it helps for sure.

    And one more thing- any other guy felt the need to download his favorite articles just like me?

  • Alin

    If I dont have the time to keep reading and repeating my verse, I would simply record it on my phone and listen to it later.
    Thanks for the article!

    • RappingManual

      That’s a great advice man. You can play it while commuting and trap it in your subconscious. Nice one.

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