In this segment of the rap workshop, we’ll learn how to rap with metaphors. It’s not as difficult as it might seem for some of you.

Why should you attempt to do this exercise?

You should do this exercise so you could practice your own rapping skills. It’s a very practical exercise, which helps you to understand how are metaphors being used in rap and how to translate them correctly into a rhyme form.

It is the first step of mastering metaphors. Throughout the course of this workshop, we’ll eventually get to the point, where we can create our own heavy metaphors, from a single simple sentence.

The exercise will proceed in the following manner:

1. You will see your image-This is an image, which is a metaphor for something. An image which says something with colors.

2. Figure out the message of the image. Write it down in a short sentence. You have to be really good at recognizing metaphors to be able to do that.

3. After you have your sentence, translate it into a couplet with a certain rhyme scheme(which is going to be written underneath the image.


Rhyme Scheme Needed: 4-4

Image Taken:

2. Image represents:

“There are no races, we are just people”.

3. Rhyme Form(2-4-4)

All kinda faces, from all kinda places
The people are the sun and its rays are its races

Now It’s Your Turn

1. The image holding the metaphor

Image taken:

Image taken:

2. Image represents:

(Write it down in the comment Section)

3. Rhyme Form(3-4)

(Write it down in the comment Section)

Let’s see who has the potential to turn these pictures into rhymes. Try to concentrate on the context of your lyrics this time and make your bars as powerful as possible.

Your attempts will be checked and feedback will be given within 1 day of your entry.

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