In this segment of the rap workshop, we’ll learn how to rap with metaphors. It’s not as difficult as it might seem for some of you.

Why should you attempt to do this exercise?

You should do this exercise so you could practice your own rapping skills. It’s a very practical exercise, which helps you to understand how are metaphors being used in rap and how to translate them correctly into a rhyme form.

It is the first step of mastering metaphors. Throughout the course of this workshop, we’ll eventually get to the point, where we can create our own heavy metaphors, from a single simple sentence.

The exercise will proceed in the following manner:

1. You will see your image-This is an image, which is a metaphor for something. An image which says something with colors.

2. Figure out the message of the image. Write it down in a short sentence. You have to be really good at recognizing metaphors to be able to do that.

3. After you have your sentence, translate it into a couplet with a certain rhyme scheme(which is going to be written underneath the image.


Rhyme Scheme Needed: 4-4
Rhyme Scheme Needed: 4-4

2. Image represents:

“There are no races, we are just people”.

3. Rhyme Form(2-4-4)

All kinda faces, from all kinda places
The people are the sun and its rays are its races

Now It’s Your Turn

1. The image holding the metaphor


Rhyme Scheme Needed-4*-2*-4*

2. Image represents:

(Write it down in the comment Section)

3. Rhyme Form(4*-2*-4*)
*-Compound Rhyme

(Write it down in the comment Section)

Let’s see who has the potential to turn these pictures into rhymes. Try to concentrate on the context of your lyrics this time and make your couplet as powerful as possible.

Your attempts will be checked and feedback will be given within 1 day of your entry.

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  • Blaze

    Proper clothes, keeps his manners; decent guy,
    Underneath full of lies, so be careful who you trust,
    He just may be a demon in disguise.

  • Anonymous

    Please explain the rhyming schemes

  • MiZfit

    * A man that hides his true animalistic colors.

    Handsome wolf in a suit but ask me bout it and we can tango/
    Become a mute, till territory is crossed then I’m droppin’ bodies like Django/

  • a dreamer

    most are gonna judge this book by it’s cover/ but, not bother to look under/ too nervous/ they won’t even bother to ask/ cause they only see the surface/ not the kid behind the mask/

  • Zayymac

    When I see you/ I thought good/ no one would change my mind or opinion like you could/ until i saw your true skin/ it was scaly/ you was my nigga, thought you was a true friend/

    Image shows some people may come off as one way, but completely different behind doors.

  • Mediam

    Metaphor: He may be calm, cool and collected on the surface but he keeps a beast underneath.

    Can’t conceal his pain but he puts on a brave disguise
    He tames the beast inside but he cannot stop his cries.

    Rhymes: disguise / inside / his cries

  • hexie

    Yeah—take note am as gud as bad//babyface monster wah yew call me//i tryna be gud bur to be bad is my real image!

  • xKas De PlyMkr

    I gat that real beast in me,
    more thn this human body u see
    clean n fresh b’coz i feed on flesh
    U beta focus on mi nt on hw i dress

  • xKas

    Aint trusting no niggaz any more.
    Thy golddiggaz, all thy shadows animals

    • RappingManual

      This is not in the correct rhyme scheme and I think there is no reference to a gold diggers in the image. However, it’s your interpretation.

  • Death approach

    looks can be deceivings
    I look like a being oh pure heart
    But don’t get mistaken I’m not finished
    Debating take a bet look at the man in the mirror and see him disguised as a healer

    • RappingManual

      Everything was great, up to the last bar man. It’s too long and the ending wasn’t really what you have the potential to do. I felt that “healer” was glued to the rest of the content, since it rhymes with “mirror”.

      You were on the right track, interpretation wise, the rhyme scheme is wrong, but I guess you feel more comfortable writing them as they come.

      Other than that, decent attempt!

  • JayR

    freshly pressed looking mr.clean on the surface,
    underneath is the deadly demon scheming rather murderous

    • RappingManual

      Nice work of capturing the message of that picture man. Well done!

      You’ve followed your own rhyme scheme and that’s fine as well.

  • Ty

    Classy, he was groomed to a T
    But in the dark of the night he reveals his teeth
    They were similar to a wolverines
    Dim the lights a lil bit, you’ll see

    • Ty

      didn’t read about the 4-2-4 scheme beforehand

    • RappingManual

      You managed to address the topic presented in the image, so well done on that. I see that your style is heavily influenced by old school poetry and that’s nice to see!

      Always great to start from the roots!

  • Nattro86

    at a first glance it isnt easy to see;
    there’s a beast in me,
    but with a little light its what seems to be

    • Nattro86

      i think i did this right , got the compounds in there just not 100 percent sure on the 4-2-4

    • RappingManual

      Yes man, the rhyme scheme is correct! The 4-2-4 means one rhyme on the 4th beat of the first bar and two rhymes on the second bar-one the second beat and one on the fourth beat.

      Your first two phrases were nice. They revolve around the image. The third one though, what did you want to say here?

      I think that’s the point where you’ve watered down the content, since it’s hard to understand the actual meaning.

      Well done on the rhyme scheme though! It was perfect.

      • Anonymous

        looking back at it i agree with what u said , i think where i was trying to go : is that im a timid person who people think is nice until proved and light is shed on the subject u ll see that theres a monster in me like the hulk when he gets provoked.

  • Tha KYNG

    my bite is louder than my bark.
    i keep it vicious in the dark.
    the man in the park, turns evil,
    when the moon sparks.

    • RappingManual


      Yes, your content is revolving around the main message portrayed by the image. The only thing, content wise was the phrase “the man in the park” as it showed that you just wrote it, so you could rhyme “dark/park” and not because it has any relevance to the subject matter.

      I know it’s hard to make all of it concrete, but try to develop this ability. I’m not critiquing you in any harsh way, just so you concentrate on improving this area.

      As far as the rhyme scheme, I’m not sure that you’ve managed to grasp the concept yet.

  • Killuhbite

    Superficially man is a noble creature
    Officially comes with a chernoble Feature
    Ready to blast
    Steady and fast
    This evil is within you
    Always to continue

    Chernoble is referring to a russian nucleur power plant that exploded I’m just not sure how to spell it

    • RappingManual

      Ohhhh, that Chernobyl line was FIIRE!! Really! Everything after that is obsolete.

      I think that you can see it too. I feel that the first couplet has the emotional blast and the rest is just there to fill in the space. So try not to darken the gold man.

      Start with saying something slick and end by saying something slick. It’s all about perception. Well done though!

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