This exercise will help you to improve your skills in rapping with metaphors. How to start with a raw sentence and end up with a witty couplet, that holds a metaphor inside.

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In order to complete this exercise, you’ll be provided with:

  • a regular sentence

1. This sentence is something you’d like to share with your listeners in your song. It won’t be in a rhyme form.

2. Once you have this sentence, you have to think of a metaphor, which represents the same sentence. Meaning that you should think of an indirect way of writing the sentence.

3. Then, you’ll be asked to provide a couplet, with a specific rhyme form. This couplet, has to include your metaphor.


1. Regular Sentence

[quote]I’m feeling awesome today.[/quote]

2. Metaphor Deriving from the Sentence

” I feel so great today, as if I’ve slept on Pamela Anderson’s boobies last night”

3. Rhyme Scheme(4-4)

It’s a Thursday morning and I’m feeling alright
As if I slept on Pamela’s titties just last night

Now It’s Your Turn

1. Regular Sentence

[quote]I don’t like my neighbors![/quote]

2. Metaphor Deriving from the Sentence

(Write a metaphor, that is saying what the sentence is saying, in another way)

3. Rhyme Scheme(4-4)

(Write a couplet, with the 4-4 rhyme scheme, which includes your metaphor)

You can use the following instrumental to assist you in the process.

This is the exercise. Feel free to submit your attempts in the comment box below, in the following format, so it’s easier to check:


2.Your Metaphor

3. Your Couplet

Your attempt will be analyzed and feedback will be given 24 hours within your entry.

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  • Jelani

    Just moved here, hate my neighbors more than J. Cole
    Just smoke weed all day and blast music on their stereo.

  • Demetri

    Neighbors are annoying wish that fence would give me more space, they’re hard to get rid of like ance on a teenager’s face

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