We’ve talked about writing lyrics and rhyme schemes for a while now, but the subject of this article is delivery. It’s an essential aspect song, which has the main purpose of bringing life to your lyrics.

The guiding principle is that the delivery has to mirror the lyrics.

If the lyrics imply anger, the delivery has to mirror it in order for the lyrics to be communicated effectively. Therefore, your job is to make sure that you know the exact feeling that your song expresses and then prepare yourself to deliver it with a voice, carrying a corresponding energy.

Bulk up on Base Emotion


Manipulate that Base Emotion

A good method is to make yourself feel the emotion of the actual song before you start the recording. This can be done via :

  • memory recollection(remembering specific life events that hold the same energy)
  • media stimuli(videos/songs/articles)
  • physical exercises(get yourself pumped up) etc

Getting yourself fully submerged in that energy will alter the tonality of your voice, which will make the difference in the recording.

The Transmitter

The voice is a transmitter of energy, which requires attention and care, if you want it to produce great results. This is one of the finer details of recording that many artists(including me sometimes) forget doing.

However, it’s essential to look at your project from every possible angle and make sure that every element aligns with each other. This is the difference between a regular song and a professionally made one.


Feel Your Song

Would you agree with the effectiveness of this method? Have you tried it yourself? If so, what are your impressions?

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  • david iheanacho

    Waw I got allot of help from hear N am so graytful

  • rio

    Mann…I started to take rap serious kinda late, I always knew how to rap because of the lyrics of my idols and expressions I would have when tuning in. I played around with it with friends once every blue moon but only a fraction compared to how much you would play games or basketball. Then the the songs of Pac, Nas, B.I.G, and HOV started hitting home! My life were in these songs, I didnt know how to express myself at all I kept everything inside but these songs really changed me, I started understanding the different flows, delivery, energy, and most of all the lyrics. For the last 2years ive just been writing soo much that its consumed me! Every time I hear a song I think of what I would do different with my tone of speech or my tempo, its gotten to the point where I can here a song, not l like it so much and as it plays form about 4 bars for it while the artist is rapping. I say all that to say this, the information your providing for us aspiring artist has blown me away!! I’m very confident in my abilities but reading about 5 of your articles in the last half an hour shows me just how much more there is to this craft. You’ve just sparked a whole new element to my writing bro LOL THIS IS ARTIST DEVELOPMENT HAHA!!! I LOOK FORWARD TO ALL OF YOUR ARTICLES IN THE FUTURE, CONGRATULATIONS, I THINK YOUR MOTIVE FOR THIS SITE IS A SUCCESS.


    • DemoKing

      Good looking out, you may also check out the community section!

  • Desmond Williams

    Hey, I read alot of these comments. Mind blowing skill here. I am the head of Hiphoptitan.com and I feature anywhere from singers to battle rappers. I wouldnt mind anyone getting in touch with me. Id love to blog about the epic battles you guys may have or the heavy music your putting out. My email is dwill0994@gmail.com or hmu on twitter @Hip_Hop_Titan

  • DemoKing

    Copying this off one of the latest challenges I had in the community section, you guys may use it as a reference and in relation to the topic of this post:

    Micro analysis of the lyrics emotion:

    The emotion may be super obvious but bringing your awareness closer to it will help you to harmonize your delivery to the content much better.

    To exemplify:

    It was all a dream
    I used to read Word Up! magazine
    Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine
    Hangin’ pictures on my wall
    Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl

    It was all a dream – Here Biggie is alluding to the times before he made it and back then things were harder for him. This would require an emotion that is more on the negative/sad side of the spectrum (in contrast to positive/happy) since the feelings he probably felt were those related to daydreaming and blind faith of sorts. And also he would like you to realize that his success wasn’t supposed to happen in a way, the “game” was rigid against him, but he still made it. This adds a lot of importance to the content. Therefore, in summary, this line should be delivered with a mix of sadness and urgency (with the undertone of “do you realize how it was?”). Knowing this will help i.e. guide you by showing you in which direction your tone of voice should go for.

    I used to read Word Up! magazine
    Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine – In this next couplet Biggie moves on to reminisce on some of the things he used to do as a rap fan. We’ve all done this ourselves and when you look back on it feelings of fondness arise. Therefore the emotion for this one is more on the positive/happy side.

    Hangin’ pictures on my wall
    Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl – And then in the following couplet, the feelings of fondness intensify so this one should be delivered with even more enthusiasm. And also, what Biggie does here is counting so there can be an undertone of “are you kidding me?” as in “look at all those guys, it was/they were awesome”.

    Now, I know this may be harder to grasp without an audio example, and also rappers aren’t really that big on voice acting so to say (which they should be because it would bring their lyrics to life further more), but this is something I wanted you guys to have in mind, so next time you have a verse you want to record, leave the beat alone for a bit, and just read the lyrics. And as you read them try to pay attention to the meaning of the words in isolation (like line by line or something), and try to look for the emotion in delivery for that meaning to be properly conveyed. You may not do it that well but striving for it will help you improve in time.

    *This btw, connects heavily to voice acting so I strongly suggest you to search for lessons on YouTube or something.

  • ceeflow wordaholic

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  • Alex

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    • EzA

      Lyrical wizadry masterminded like chemistry/ recipes and formulas been perfected all thru the centurys/ perhaps you need a tissue for sidestepping the issue/ had me parrying punches like pansys tryna kiss you!
      Copyright 2015 EasyA Productions
      EzA EzA

  • @songwritter_nel

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  • TBK

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  • raplife

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    • Anonymous

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  • whykay

    It’s helpful and To be candid i feel it!!

  • Shobhit

    Hey am new to rap game,i am good at writing lyrics and rhyminn schemes but when dis comes to flow and energy,i lose mah shade,some rappers says that you have to be addict of drugs,weed,alcohol etc. to get eminem kinda energy in ur vocals…..So,cud u pls suggest me any alternative..?

    • Kevin Legend

      You don’t need to be on drugs by any means, you just need to be filled with the emotion you are trying to portray. You can’t expect to lay an energetic up best track unless you are feeling that way. Same goes for all tracks, such as a tracks you wish to portray your anger and hatred in your voice, you have to feel that anger and hatred to be able to portray it to listeners.

      Prior to recording it, you must rehearse it plenty of times to perfect the sound you wish to achieve.

      Before you even begin doing that, listen to songs that share the same type of energy to get your mind set there, then think of personal experiences that will fuel the emotion you are trying to portray. It can be anything you want. If it’s anger think of terrible shit that is more recent in your life that draws you up a wall, hit a punching bag a few times, listen to music made with aggression.

      Also make sure the beat you used can carry the emotion. Not every beat is good for every emotion, you must link what you aim for together.

      Then before you record it, practice it a whole bunch, and learn how you want each bar said (speed, tone, pitch). Practice enough that you basically have song memorized and your presentation of each bar is somewhat second nature, then it won’t sound forced, but raw.

      Hope that helps

    • Anonymous

      Yea watch videos on YouTube it helps seriously

  • Brayden Kirkman

    I found this helpful, but what I was looking for was how to fix a problem with stuttering when you rhyme…

  • Shawnz

    what if you got a deep voice like I do my voice is deep like dr. dre and something like screaming or shouting not gonna sound good

    • RappingManual

      Hey Shawnz,

      Nobody said anything about shouting man. What do you do when you’re angry? Do you shout? How do you raise your voice? What happens to your voice when you’re angry?

      Each of us have a different voice and a different way to show emotion. Monitor what you do and replicate it while you record it. You dig?

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