In this article, I will discuss the topic of rap styling and the process of choosing your target group. We will touch on the following:

  •  Rapping Style

  • How to Establish your Rapping Style

  • Target Group


1. Rapping Style

Most of the people who are reading this are in the middle of the process of learning how to rap. They can rap, but they know that they still have alot to learn and have the potential to improve tremendously. I know that many of you are

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  • GeeSera (neonex)

    Why diss all the hustlers on the streets yet you gat no mulla to clean up your shit? You ask for loans just to puff money on the hoes in the club.
    Boy, you gat four kids four baby mamas no food on the table. No bitch want a fakeass nigga no bitch want a brokeass nigga, em bitches wanna bang that shit coz they know they are bossass bitches!!!

  • DreadNation

    Niggas are dissing
    Im not listening
    Ya boys got no talent
    For that you are going to a ballet
    Im spiting verses off my brain
    And making you feel pain
    For that I was born
    And I know you like watching that porn
    Ya niggas have no life
    Killing pussys with this knives
    Ya so sick
    Ya stupid ass prick
    I cant look at you even If I wanted to take a piss on you
    On your stupid ass face
    Wait I got to lace my braids
    Take the gun out of my pocket
    And cook it
    Ready nigga this is my last pun
    Let me think on my punchline
    Oh you have to wait in line
    For my bitches are waiting for me
    Thats me a true MC
    Shooting this with my camera´s HD quality
    Damn you probably dont even understand my high intelligent rhyme quality
    For you are broke
    And you have no hope
    My adidas are so dope
    Your hoe is cheap as you are so broke
    So broke you cant even buy a pitchfork
    Yo volks why is he calling you all gay
    Man thats some old ass gay jokes
    Whats he rapping on ? Cuz this guy is a real homophobe
    I dont know you were thinking Edd
    Maybe you got your hair rolled up to tight
    Having those shorts tightening your ball sack
    Beating you with my rhymes like a boxsack
    Cutting your nuts off
    And shooting your brains off
    Im done with ya stupid ass nigga
    Your soft fuck this shit
    Im finishing this with one life off
    Your disses are so bad
    As your mother in bed

  • Lacxi Da Hurricane

    Yeah I talk about a lot of shit
    But you never know my secret
    That’s why I am gonna be great
    Different from the niggers state
    I killed a bunch of cabbage
    Dem say dem wider range
    Yet still I don’t sound strange
    To dem making use of the R&F bench
    I make it dope on the stage

  • Neto

    I got style of a nigga named flavor flav
    Im the nigga that saves the day
    and you already know i have the last say
    bigger smoker than Smokey
    Fucking hoes with da homies
    Nasty bitches get the fuck from me

  • Anonymous

    thanks man when i become famous then ill thank you then

  • Twitch

    Walkin up on my like you randy savage, tryna go ham when your really cabbage
    I got jet li with greatest hits kick you in the balls so sit on your asparagus
    Bury you again in a sarcophagus

  • stunn

    I dont really know why some people brak, Just because they have already made it to the top. Enlighten others or do you want to be the only rapper for iternity rich homie? Dont be suprised that one day this mere fans of yours, asking for tips now will dominate u in the rap world.

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