Being successful is not a destination, but a journey. Thousands of young people have desires to become famous rappers, but just a handful of them get there. What is their secret?


How could you ensure that you’re moving in the right direction? Why some rappers achieve their goals, while others fail? Read on and find out.

The Road to Fame

The road to fame is extremely long. Don’t look at the “overnight sensation stories” as something lucky. Behind every such story, stand the long hours of preparation and hard labor. Nothing is just given in this world.

So, in order to achieve your rapping career goals, you need to:

  1. Know where you want to go.
  2. Devise a plan, on how to get there.
  3. Keep a steady pace along the way.


First Part

The first part of the process-requires self-reflection. What are your rap aims? Picture yourself as a rapper and write what you see. Know it. Don’t just leave it to the unknown. You have to be the one, who’s crafting your own image.

Second Part

The second part of the process is vital and it requires knowledge. The more knowledge on the subject matter you have, the better the plan. If you know nothing about the rap game, your plan will be weak and will most likely falter at one point. If however, you have the expertise and experience, your plan will be accurate, realistic and achievable.

The people who are just entering the rap game, probably think that they’ll get paid by selling music.

They will make a plan, which is aimed at this. Them selling their music.

However, the person who’s been around for a while, knows that selling music is dead, henceforth, his plan would be different and more realistic. What is the difference? Knowledge.

The person who knows more about his field, gets further.

Then, comes motivation

The thing which keeps the whole dynamic moving. This is the fuel, which drives the car. How to do it? You want to become famous so much, but there is a thing in you, which doesn’t allow you to.

i can but i wont

There is the laziness, the boredom, the lack of excitement, the complacency. They’re all a part of us and if you don’t keep yourself in check, those ugly emotions will take over. That’s guaranteed. Don’t you agree with me?

The one thing you have to know about motivation is that you need to constantly alter it, because overtime, each motivational approach, gets weaker and weaker and at the end of its cycle, it doesn’t serve you anymore.

You’re sick of hearing the same old line in your head and you need something else. This is because your brain loves change and adaptation. It grows sick and bored of routines.

What to do?

What I do is have a number of motivational approaches, which I switch whenever needed. So I have like 4-5 ideas which motivate me and whenever I get sick of one of them, I switch to the next one, without losing pace.

Believe me, I’ve learned this the hard way. I thought that you can maintain the pace with one approach, but I was wrong. It’s unsustainable in the long run.

The most effective of my motivational approaches, will be discussed later on today. The second article will give you that method in depth. Stay tuned.

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  • simphiwe

    i want to become a famous rapper

    • Anonymous

      You need a free ticket to stardom or what? Work your Muthafuckin ass off!

      By the fucking way, why can’t I login? Been trying for a long while!

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  • Nemo

    There is one thing I can tell. If you love hip hop, you will not look for short cuts. You will work hard to become a rapper, and go to sleep at content. Shortcuts is the reason we have Niki minaj, 2 chainz and Young Thug on hip hop charts. If you just wanna be rich, become a drug dealer instead.

    • RappingManual

      Everything worth having requires patience! Very well said.

    • Anonymous

      Just because you don’t like 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and Nicki Minaj doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard. They all worked to build a fanbase. The only way you get rich without working is either winning the lottery or growing up in a rich family. Lastly, I whether people get rich through music than illegal activity like selling drugs which can lead to lives being destroyed.

      • Free (RM Veteran)

        I agree with this.

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  • Dr khathaza(Tshepo)

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  • Julian Barrett Manning

    Hello everyone. I am a middle aged, middle class white guy and I would also like to become a famous rapper. I’m not interested in copying anyone’s style, but I think I know enough about “the game” to give some advice to you youngsters! First, don’t ever, ever, ever post your cell phone number on the internet. I’m sure you know that by now, since scammers are probably calling you non-stop. Second, if you are in a place of great need, such as K’em’s “tough times” alluded to above, then I suggested establishing a basic income first, otherwise your desperation will never let you get started; people can hear that in your music and marketing. Ask any of the greats and you’ll see you can’t do it depending on anyone to help, you have to build YOURSELF up from the dirt. Even if that means washing dishes to pay your rent while you compose fat rhymes. Also, don’t hate on people that are different than you. It’s easy, natural, and way too common. You gotta challenge people to be better at being themselves, and you’ll spread like fire. Good Luck!

  • karabo

    iwana become a rapper and im 15

  • karabo

    I want 2 become a rapper fast and im 15

  • karabo

    I want 2 be arapper and in 15

  • George

    Hi my name is George I been rapping since 12 yrs old now I my 19 yrs old n I wanted to get big the is my dream so can anybody help me with my dream plz n my email is

    • Anonymous


  • Tommy

    Listen to my new single rap “Jumble of Words”

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