1-Why Did 2Pac and Biggie Beef?

2-Who killed 2Pac?

3-How did 2Pac get so many fans?


Tupac Shakur
Real Name:
Tupac Shakur
Situated in:
California, USA
Rapping Style:
Sound Schemes
Rapping Content:
Record Sales:
75 Million worldwide
Best Selling Album:
All Eyez On Me


The Notorious B.I.G
Real Name: Christopher Wallace
Situated In: New York, USA
Rapping Style: Wordplay
Rapping Content: Various
Record Sales: 17 Million in the United States
Best Selling Album: Ready to Die

How did it all start

Well, before they started beefing, 2Pac and Biggie were actually quite close.

They did shows together, a couple of interviews and were generally hanging out, sharing their knowledge on the game while learning from each other.

All of this was terminated when 2Pac got shot at the recording studio in New York. Coincidence or not, at the time of the shooting, both Biggie and P Diddy were present. There are numerous theories as to what happened but that didn’t matter to Tupac who was suspecting that The Notorious B.I.G had something to do with him getting shot at, henceforth, the relationship between the two rappers deteriorated rapidly.

2pac shot middle finger

2Pac suspected Biggie of setting him up and he had his reasons for it. At the time, they were the 2 most popular rappers in the United States, doing the biggest numbers regarding record sales. Tupac probably thought that Biggie arranged an assassination attempt for him in order to eliminate him and then claim the throne of the biggest rapper in the US.

Right after the shooting 2Pac went to prison and the moment he was released, he started consciously attacking Biggie in any way he could. This included making the famous diss record “Hit em Up”, where he completely demolished his opponent.

Tupac was crafting all kinds of strategies to ruin Biggie’s reputation and his record sales with it. He took a photo of him and Biggie’s wife and then went about saying that he had slept with her. This had a serious impact on Biggie’s reputation. He then wanted to isolate Biggie.

That was his other strategy, so in order to accomplish his objective, he became very clear that whoever allies himself with Biggie, is going to be 2Pac’s enemy and a diss record directed at him was on it’s way. Not a lot of rappers could afford to be dissed by such a popular and well-liked artist like 2pac, so the strategy worked to some extent.

On the other hand, Biggie kept to himself most of the times. He didn’t really attempt to defend himself on any of the issues. Didn’t really created any counter attacks, nor released any diss records about 2pac.


The only record which could be considered as a diss record is “Who Shot ya”. However this record was released after 2Pac’s death, so it really cant be considered as a counter attack measure.

A lot of questions could be raised regarding Biggie participation in this Beef. Why was he so quite all the time? Did he just ignore 2pac and the effect his strategies had on his career?

Did he feel guilty of something? Why didn’t he want to fight? Maybe he really had something to do with it? We can only speculate. This feud however was, is, and will probably always be the most popular and controversial beef in the history of rap.

Who won

This is tough to say really. While they were feuding, 2pac’s sales were rising, while Biggie was suffering losses. So, at the time they were both alive, my say would be that 2pac was winning.

However 2pac got shot one year before Biggie, so in that single year, Biggie was the biggest rap star in the States. He was able to gain momentum once again,  making up for the losses caused by 2pac.

Tupac is more popular than Biggie though. He is well known all over the world and his music is still being bought from people of all classes and backgrounds.

People are still talking about him. He had managed to surround his name in mystery, forging a myth about him.

This is why I think Tupac Shakur won.

Tupac Shakur>The Notorious B.I.G

Who Killed 2Pac?

This part will present a theory about the assassination of Tupac Shakur.

Tupac Shakur(2Pac) is one of the best selling music artists in the world. He has sold over 75 million records worldwide, excelled as an actor, starring in a number of blockbuster movies and managed to attain a legendary status within the rap community.


Tupac Shakur was gunned down on the 7th of September 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada after the Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon boxing match. He was taken to the University Medical Center in critical health.

He was subjected to multiple surgeries, but due to respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, 2Pac died 6 days later, on 13th of September 1996.

This article suggests that Suge Knight killed Tupac Shakur. This is a strictly personal theory, which has no legal repercussions.
In the following text, we will present the facts, leads and logic which led us to believe that this theory is true.

2Pac and Suge Knight-History

Tupac Shakur was signed by Interscope Records in 1991 and stayed there until 1995. In between that time frame, 2pac was involved in many controversies, but the record label kept him signed, because they found out that all that controversy was selling records.

They were cashing in the cheques and were happy with 2Pac, but when he was charged with sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room, the relationship between the label and him deteriorated rapidly.

Pac Up

He received a huge amount of negative publicity after this charge and was sent to a maximum security penitentiary with a 1-4 years sentence. Interscope Records decided to drop him from the label.

While he was in prison, 2Pac was looking at a grim future

He was facing one year behind bars, his financial situation worsened and his rival rappers were putting all their efforts to ridicule and destroy his image while he was locked down.

Right then and there, Suge Knight approached him. At the time, Suge Knight, the CEO of a newly formed label-Death Row, wanted to establish his company as a force to be reckoned with. He was looking for a talented and well-established rapper who is going to carry and promote “Death Row”. Suge Knight thought that 2Pac was perfect for the job.

Suge Was a Power Player who Could See Ahead

He knew that 2pac was in a delicate situations at the time, with no offers on the table. Suge Knight knew that 2Pac was one of the most talented rap artists in the US. The buzz around the rape convictions was eventually going to evaporate and 2Pac was going to be able to sell large volumes of records once again.

Plus, Suge knew that jail is not pretty and 2Pac had nothing to lose.

While Tupac was incarcerated, Suge Knight proposed him a record deal, promising him all the riches and fame.

The deal provided a strong contrast between-what you have now and what you could have, if you only sign with Death Row. Tupac agreed and signed the contract while he was still in prison.

Tupac Shakur and Death Row Records

At the time of his release, 2Pac was full of rage directed at his rivals. He was determined to take revenge. He was eager to re-establish his fan base and repair the damage done on his image, by the negative publicity he received.


2Pac was incredibly productive after his jail time. He cut the useless fame crap and took a more professional approach, concentrating only on rapping. He was being able to produce huge amounts of song material in a very fast pace, usually doing three songs each day. He released albums like “All Eyez on me”, which eventually became platinum.

This was very beneficial for Suge Knight and Death Row Records

Tupac was making Suge tonnes of money. On top of that he was flaunting the Death Row chain everywhere, promoting the label anyway he could. This was in the interest of Suge Knight, so the relationship between the two rose, escalating to the point where they became friends, constantly hanging out together.

The Future of Tupac Shakur

As we all know, 2pac had big plans for the future.

He was already involved in many charities. Tupac was organizing charity events, where Death Row was giving out food and clothes to the people who most needed it. He was also thinking of going into Politics, as he has affirmed that he was entertaining this thought in a number of interviews.

Suge Knight was not too fond of all of this. He agreed to do the charity, because Tupac convinced him that it would be good for the image of Death Row, not because they could help their community.

Suge was owing 60 million dollars in royalties to 2Pac and constantly delayed paying them out. He kept on giving Tupac excuses and promises. Just so he can show that he is not lying and will eventually pay the money to Shakur, Suge bought him a new car, as a sign of his appreciation.

Tupac Knew

Tupac understood that the relationship with Suge was eventually going to collapse, because of the financial issues they had. As a counter measurement, he decided to create his own label-Makaveli Records, via which, he was going to publish and distribute his records and the records of his newly signed rap group called “The Outlawz”.


When Tupac founded his own label, Suge recognized that Makaveli Records was going to be very successful. He feared that over time, 2Pac’s label was going to become his main competitor on the west coast.

Tupac stole a handful of his rap artists, wanted his money back and was considered a potential thread for the financial stability of Death Row Records. Suge Knight had to stop him somehow.

The Interpretation of the Intention for 2Pac’s Assassination

Suge Knight thought that 2Pac was too much of a thread for his label, so he might’ve contemplated  to eliminate him. He had to take 60 million out of his pocket and I don’t think that he was willing to do this. The only way to deal with the situation at hand was to assassinate Tupac Shakur.

He knew that there was a tonne of controversy surrounding 2Pac.

Tupac had an intense beef with Biggie Smalls-a well known rapper from New York. Shakur was hated by the police and had numerous problems with the authorities.

He was subjected to a lot of jealousy and hatred from other people, whose interests were harmed in one way or another by. Suge Knight thought that if he assassinates 2Pac, he would be the last person, suspected of the murder, because it was likely that all the other theories and speculations were going to take the heat, while the truth stays in the dark.

Suge Knight-affiliations and connections

Suge Knight was a man with a vast network of associates. He grew up in a blood infested neighborhood in Compton and continued showing that he was still affiliated with them, by wearing his notoriously red suits.

Tupac Shakur

Suge Knight was also connected to the police. He kept recruiting policemen as his personal security and the security of Death Row. Bottom line is that he was connected and finding a “killer” to murder Tupac wasn’t going to be difficult.

The Day of the Murder

On 7th of September 1996, a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon was going to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since Suge knew that Tupac and Tyson were close friends, he proposed that they go in Las Vegas and support Tyson in person. After the fight, 2pac was going to perform in Suge’s night club “662”. For unknown reasons Tupac was reluctant of going to Vegas, but eventually agreed.

The day before the shooting, the bodyguards of Tupac were told not to carry their weapons while they were protecting 2pac in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have been told so by the chief bodyguard. No such orders were ever before given.

On the 7th of September, Tupac and Suge went to watch the boxing match. Tyson won in a 10 round decision. At the moment they were leaving the MGN Grand, Tupac saw a person, who allegedly stole a chain from somebody in his entourage. Being pumped up from watching the fight, Tupac and his crew attacked the guy, who was supposedly affiliated with the Crips.

I have a theory that Suge Knight intentionally placed that person there, so if “something” happens to 2Pac, the incident could act as a cover up, a possible scenario, explaining why Tupac got shot.

The Gangs

Crips and Bloods are gangs, originally founded on the West Coast, who are notoriously famous for their philosophy of revenge- “eye for an eye”. If somebody killed 2Pac, most people would assume that it came as a consequence of his actions in the MGN Grand. People would just think that the crips are taking revenge for their ruffed up comrade.

662 2pac

After the incident, 2Pac and his entourage went back to their hotel, where they changed and got ready to go and perform at the 662 club. Tupac’s girlfriend wanted to go with him, but he convinced her to stay. Nobody knew why. Tupac was always wearing his bullet proof vest, but he refused to put it on that night. Nobody knew why.

Tupac was in the car driven by Suge Knight and the bodyguards were driving right behind them. On the intersection of Koval Lane, they stopped at a red light. A white Cadillac slowly creeped on their right and stopped parallel to Suge’s car. Tupac was sitting in the passenger seat. Suddenly a pistol popped out of the window of the Cadillac. It was pointing at Tupac. After he aimed, the assassin started shooting at Pac. Shakur saw him in the last second and tried to move and cover to the back of the car, but it was too late. The assassin managed to hit him several times all over the body. The white Cadillac cleared out and Tupac’s bodyguards jumped out of their cars, running towards Pac’s car, trying to help him.

What Happened Next Was Crazy

After the shooting, Suge’s car kept on going straight up the road, until it crashed into a street light. Suge Knight was saying that he was unconscious and his foot was on the gas.

My theory is that Knight kept the car going, just so he can make sure that Tupac cant receive help immediately by his bodyguards, increasing the chance of his death.

In an interview, Suge said that he was hit too, straight in the head. However the investigation concluded that he was grazed by a shrapnel from a bullet, directed at 2Pac.

Suge was saying that right after the shooting, him and Tupac had a brief conversation and supposedly shared a laugh at their current situation. However, hospital records show that Tupac was unconscious when the paramedics were examining him. I don’t think that he was able to laugh, while being unconscious. Suge Knight is clearly lying.


I think that Suge Knight killed Tupac Shakur, because of money.

That was my theory. Whats yours?

Tribute to Tupac Shakur

Tupac, you’re a legend. You did it. You became what you wanted. You will never be forgotten. You are an inspiration to millions of people all over the world, including me. You were, are, and will always be the greatest rapper ever lived. May your soul rest in peace.

How did 2Pac Win Such a Loyal Following?

We all love 2Pac, don’t we?

Anybody who says anything negative about him, is going to get hurt. Why is that? How did a rapper manage to trap us in his world? How did he cast the spell? Why am I writing an article about a person, who died 17 years ago?

how to rap like 2pac

2Pac knows how to work the crowd and we’re going to discuss his hidden secrets on capturing fans and turning them into loyal followers. 2Pac’s magic. Let’s get to it.

Okay, first things first, let’s get one thing straight. Rappers are brands, just like corporations, just like small businesses, just like web sites.

We are Brands

We are brands, who produce goods(songs) and in turn, get financial return. The financial return might not come directly from the sales of the finished goods(songs), but it’s still directly influenced by it.

You might not buy my song from i-tunes, but you’ve heard it. If I release a new line of sneakers, you might consider buying them, because of what I(my brand) represent. How do you know what I represent-from my songs..

So, let’s Dissect it all in a Business Manner

I know some of you might say that it’s not an ethical thing, to dissect 2pac’s work in a business way, but let me tell you something.


I love 2pac and everything connected with him. I’ve gotten so deep in analysing his life and music career, that I have the confidence to even discuss his money game.

You have to understand the underlying principle when it comes to running a successful business, of any kind.

1. The Product

The first thing you have to make sure, is that you can guarantee a great product to your customers. You, as a business, should maintain great quality products(songs), so you can have any chance of staying long term in the rap game.

2. Let them Know-Distribution and Marketing

The next thing that should be done is attracting people to your brand. You should know how to attract your first-time clients. How will you distribute the goods, where would you showcase them, how would you package them?

What perception would you put on them? What kind of product will you be? What is your marketing campaign, how will you promote? It’s about knowing how to let people know you exist.


So, after you have a sustainable quality in your products, being able to attract the first-time customer is the start of the stair-case. It’s pretty much the time, when you’ll find out how good your product is.

If your product is good, first-time customers will come back again, becoming loyal or they will talk about you with their friends. If you’re lucky, both things will happen. This is how you have a successful brand. It’s not easy, but it’s simple.

  1. Maintain a brand associated with quality products
  2. Know how distribution and marketing works
  3. Build on the loyal fans and keep growing and expanding your business

So, since you know the overall business model of every organization/individual making money, let’s see how did he put those principles in his line of work.

The brand is the core of everything, so let’s delve into the inner workings of 2pacs’ body of work. Let’s see what made his fans go wild and his legacy reign supreme, above all others.

art and business

Rap music nowadays is the combination of art and business.

The following elements are all vital for the overall perception people have towards 2Pac and the brand associated with his name.

  • Lyrical Content
  • Movies
  • Controversy
  • Interviews
  • Mystery surrounding his death
  • Documentary (Resurrection) -Gives you all in a package
  • Word of Mouth

Lyrical Content

In order to get around the relationship 2Pac had with his fan base, we have to analyze his main tool of communication-his songs. He had a very distinguished and different way of writing lyrics.

When a lot of people were creating a lyrical persona, 2Pac chose to write FOR his fans.

He wrote from their perspective, rapping about their troubles,desires and emotions. His strategy was to simply pierce through your mind, touch your soul and get you to relate. 2Pac has all kinds of songs, but he was putting emphasis on those “help-them-relate” records, that were turning his fans into followers.

How to write like 2Pac?

  1. Find the demographic that will listen to your music.
  2. Analyze their character and daily regime. Go inside their head.
  3. Find similarities between you and your demographic.
  4. Rap about the shared similarities, in a confident way.


Movies played a huge role in making 2Pac famous. They were the element, which brought him the buzz, the large crowds of first time listeners, who watched the movie and got curious about 2Pacs’ art. You have to remember that rap music was not the multi billion dollar industry it is today-movies were.


The film industry-king of entertainment.

Movies had the better promotion, the wider influence and the bigger profits. 2Pac used this to his advantage and got his name promoted all over the place. That’s just half of the story though.

Being a great rapper and a magnificent actor at the same time was an extraordinary feat. Back in the day, there were very few rappers, who were as talented and skillful as 2Pac. He was not only attracting people, but he was attracting fans from the get go.

His first point came from the fact that he showed the public that he has talent and expertise in more than one area. This gave him the aura of genius.

How to get 2Pacs’ genius aura?

  1. Find something you’re good at, besides rapping.
  2. Develop your skills.
  3. Showcase it parallel to your rap songs.
  4. Get the genius aura.

In this day and age, almost everybody is trying to become a specialist. You know one thing and you build on it as much as you have to. There is this one thing, that you know more about, that the average person. However, if you manage to show people that there are two or more areas that you’re an expert in, they will give you the genius credit.

It might be subconscious, it might not be said, but they’ll think of you that way.

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    It was Suge Knight

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    Its not about who won. I feel media had a hand in it. Taking an artist away from family just to make the rich , more rich. The industry took advantage of them and They Won. Money! Fame! But, Their blood is on your hands.. Thousands joined in on the attack. From coast to coast causing hate. The devil is a lie. We already had war in our neighborhoods and on our streets. I love them both and never met them. They both equally touhed my heart. May The Most High stop the industry violence which burdens us as listeners. Be our role models. This was not the way. TAKE them out the ghetto into the arms of the snake . wow

  • Adam

    Where do you get your information? You don’t know what you are talking about. “Who Shot Ya” wasn’t released after Tupac died. It was released in December of 1994. It was recorded months before because it originally was going on Mary J Blige albums that was released in Nov of 1994. Suge wasnt involved in the shooting. Tupac was worth way more alive. Biggie’s Life After Death album took a ton of subliminal shots at Tupac.

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    pac ws 1 hell of a rapper

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    I love him to the last he is my beat all time till today

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    Tupac was nothing compared to BIG

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    2pac’s lyrics are immortals. no one can even be competitor of tupac. he is the best rapper ever .not only on rapping but also in music enterprise

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    This article is wrong from finish. Who Shot Ya dropped while Tupac was alive. Second Lifeafter Death smashed Ready to Die. I personally think Big was a better MC than Tupac. His lyricism, word play and story telling was uears ahead of Pac. If it wasnt for the beef Tupac wouldnt have been mentioned. Hit Em Up.was a weak diss. Who Shot Ya wasnt a diss to Tupac but it gives an idea of what Big could do to Tupac. Everybody from NY got at Tupac, DMX, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep to name a few. I think NAS is the best rapper ever, everybody sleeps on him and always talk Big and Pac but neither could fuck with Nas

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