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Having Strong Will

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Vince Lombardi

Have you ever heard someone say “I really want ____”? Only to see them take no action to actually get what they claim to desire. WANTING ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH. People say I want to lose weight and don’t eat right or exercise. Or say that they want to learn another language, but don’t take the time to study another language.

Really embrace the notion that “wanting something isn’t good enough” and that “wanting something isn’t a prerequisite for deserving it”

This is where will comes, not just what do you want but what “will” you do?

Think of it this way-want is a desire, and will is an action. Lack of talent, intellect and even favorable opportunities can be overcome if one has a will that is unbreakable. If you were to look up the definition for the word “deserve” the first two words you will read is “to do”.

In order to deserve something YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING FOR IT. Having a strong will makes you get up and be proactive even when you don’t want to be. This notion of “want” is highly deceptive. When we are sleepy and have fun outing or somewhere to go, you may “want” to get up but without the will to do the desire is useless. Once you learn to be positive and think positive thoughts, you must then cultivate habits of strong will.

Getting up and doing what you need to do for your career and dreams whether the “want” is there at that particular moment or not is key.

Anybody can do something when they feel like it, what separates the next level person from the crowd is the will to what must be done even when the want isn’t there.

Proof of Credibility

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  • Ignitius

    I’ve got a bit of a problem with will. Any suggestions on how I can tackle this problem of mine?

    • DemoKingz

      Yes, first read The War Of Art which talks about battling resistance to do (creative) work, and also realize that it’s about making a habit and that the hard part is starting. So in order to ease your start, take small steps. Like, today write a couplet, tomorrow a quatrain etc. Once you get it going it’s actually easy to maintain. Read this comment of mine here where I really hammer on this point –

      And remember, TIME WILL PASS ANYWAY. And here’s my article on how to never quit rapping –

  • GT

    truly inspiring words, “i will make it”

  • Eastwood

    Great words of wisdom. God knows I have a will problem. It’s just so tempting to procrastinate, but, I gotta shake it off, and get to it.

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