Hey everyone, I want to dedicate this post to listing a number of books that I feel all of you can greatly benefit from reading:

The Rapping Manual – Of course I’ll plug this one here, but let’s be honest-it has everything you need to start rapping right now.

How To Rap 1 – A great summary on all the lyrical techniques as well as a good overview of rapping.

How To Rap 2 – The sequel is focused more on delivery and intonation which is awesome. The only thing “wrong” with these books is that when it comes to flow they exploit the “4 beats in a bar” method which I think is less effective than the “instinctive way to flow” which you can learn in the flow course on our main page here. Or at least be aware that the flow method in these books is certainly not the only option.

Book Of Rhymes, The Poetics Of Hip Hop – This one offers a great parallel between poetry and rap, it will serve well to deepen your understanding of lyrics and the notion of style.

Rappers Handbook – This one is more simple but offers some nice tasks you can do at home, notably in relation to freestyling.

Mastery (by Robert Greene) – This one is a must read. It goes in depth about becoming a master and it shows you how powerfully our brains work and how unrelated things and information can actually make for great epiphanies and moments of creativity. You must read this one. I can’t stress it enough.

The Talent Code (by Daniel Coyle) – Another must read, especially the first 50 pages or so. This goes great with the Mastery book I just talked about, it’s a book that takes a look at how working at a skill makes physical changes in the brain, how neurons form synaptic connections, the incredible importance of myelin and overall how talent is nothing compared to hard work.

The War Of Art (by Steven Pressfield) – This one talks about resistance and how to make yourself put in work even when inspiration and motivation aren’t there.

Flow, The Psychology Of Optimal Experience – This is an amazing book that talks about getting in the zone i.e. being in the moment and enjoying the activity at hand. It will help you enjoy rapping even more. And it’s a great info for life in general.

The UltraMind Solution (by Mark Hyman) – OK, this book actually has the least to do with rap, but it’s a great book that explains how eating healthy affects your emotions and mood, and the better your brain works the better you can focus, be happy and put in the efforts required from you. The better you feel the better you can work at becoming a great rapper, so I strongly suggest that you read it.

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  • youngcrusx,apase

    i lov it cos am a rapp
    er and i dont care if am not a niga

  • KC

    I appreciate you posting this. Reading is a factor I feel alot of artists don’t do enough of. I actually have How to Rap 1 and I haven’t finished it yet. This just inspired me to finish that book instead of being online. lol Im in the right place tho

    • DemoKingz

      Haha, sounds good man, and yeah that’s a book I’ve read a couple of times, you usually get something new out of it with every read.

  • Free-D

    I have all these books, haha xD Good list bro!

    • DemoKingz

      Even the last one, haha? That’s awesome, great looking out!

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