Rappers are crazy. They have an extremely complicated personality and are very hard to understand. They dont care about nothing but their own and you can expect anything from them. If you ever meet one, here are the 6 Reasons why you should date him.

1. He doesn’t care
Rappers hate the status quo and act in a way, which separates them from the crowd. He likes to rebel against authority and finds it hard to bow before anybody . You’ll see him wear what he wants to wear, even if its not in the latest fashion trend. You’ll hear him say whatever he wants to say, even if its offending to some or politically uncorrect to others. This sense of honesty can be very beneficial for any relationship and the fact that he doesnt care about nothing will make your times with him anything but boring.

2. He can find weed anytime
Find a guy who can rap and you can be sure that he is still tight with the bad boys from the projects. He probably has at least one drug dealer in his phone book and knows how to roll a fat one real quick. Dont worry, he is not a stoner. He just likes smoking once in a while, just to calm his nerves and chill out. And dont play the good girl. I know that when you chicks get wild on a friday night, at least some of you are thinking: Damn, if only I knew a guy, who can find me some weed. Yes, the rapper offers that feature too.

3. He can always back up his words
Most rappers are honest and since words are their biggest money making tool, rappers value them dearly. If a rapper is saying something to you, you can be sure that he means it. If he says he will do something, 9 out of 10 times he will do it. This is because his word means alot to him and if he waste it all the time, talking bullshit, its value will drop. Thats why rappers always back up their words and do what they say. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

4. He’s got great imagination
The rapper has a truly advanced and developed imagination. His constant thinking of new ways he can rap, his public image and just coming up with different ideas is having its say. Its certain that he is constantly visualizing his success and the way he will handle it. The process of rapping made him very creative, open to new ideas. This is good news for you ladies, since guys with imagination are 10 times better at sex than those without imagination. Yeah, thats right. Rappers know alot of ways to make your eyes roll back.

5. He is ready to beef with anybody for you
Rappers are not afraid of confrontations. Rap Beefs are a part of the Hip Hop Culture and rappers take them as they come. Ladies, if you have troubles with your teacher or some boy that is hitting on you all the time, release a rapper on them and see what happens. We get real nasty when it comes to beefs and we’re ready to protect our own from anything and anybody. If you’re dating a rapper, you can be sure that when the time comes, he will be ready to stand up for you.

6. He might become famous one day
The rags to riches stories are everywhere. The guy you’re dating right now, might become the next Eminem in 5 years time. Who knows. His plans might work out and he might be going to the top and if you’re right besides him, you might be going there with him. We need support and encouragement while we’re climbing the ladder of success and the people providing that are immensly appreciated. We never forget the people who helped us while we were still hustling. If you’re one of those people who know a guy, who wants to be a rapper, try to help and encourage him while he still needs it. I can reassure you that it would mean the world to him and he will one day return the favor.

Those were the 6 Reasons to Date a Rapper.
If you can think of any other reasons, feel free to share them with me.

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