This article will present you with a short summary of the 5 traits, found in memorable rap hooks.

1. Simple Rhyme Schemes

If you want people to memorize your chorus and rap along, it’s your responsibility to write it in a way, that will be easy to remember.

The supply of rap music is at its all time high right now and your song needs to stand out from the rest. Writing a catchy, straight-forward and simple to remember chorus is the surest shortcut for you to achieve this.

Rule of Thumb: If your listener hasn’t memorized the bigger chunk of your chorus after the second time listening to your song, the chorus is too complex and the chances for that song to catch on are halved.


Write it in a simple rhyme scheme.


2. Use of Repetition

Repeating a phrase in an entertaining way is extremely effective in making your hook easier to remember.

This technique is used very often, due to its effectiveness. You can even see that rappers use it within their actual verses as well. It can be quite mundane if you just repeat a phrase and the listener might get bored with it.

Rule of Thumb: Repeat the same phrase, but each time, use different intonation. This way, you keep the variety factor, you just shift it to another corner.


Try to consciously repeat phrase of your hook, in order to make the more memorable.

3. Viral Content

Never forget that content is still king.

If your chorus is a cool phrase, which is gaining social power throughout different circles, your song is more than likely to be easily remembered and talked about. At the end of the day, so many listeners enjoy our art form, just because of the cool stuff we say. Stuff that they can tell their friends and make them seem cool.

Rule of Thumb: Fabricating a powerful and slick phrase is the single most effective way to make your hook more memorable.


If you want people to remember your hook, think of a cool phrase that will catch on.

4. Melody

If you want people to take notice of your chorus, It’s very important for you to differentiate it from the rest of your song structure.

This is so, because if there was no difference, people would just take it as an extension to the verse. A chorus needs to be on its own. The most glorious part of your song.

Rule of Thumb: Delivering your chorus with a different melody/intonation will ensure that people recognize it and extrapolate it from the rest of the text.


Place a different, easy to distinguish melody to your chorus and people are more likely to take notice of it.

5. Summarizes the Whole Song

Make sure that the chorus encompasses everything that has being said throughout the rest of the song.

Think of your hook as the cliff notes of your song. If the listener doesn’t remember anything else, he’d remember this. What would you write? How would you summarize everything in a phrase?

Rule of Thumb: Summarize your song in a phrase. This is a trait of the great hook. One phrase, incorporates the general emotion and direction of the whole song. The genius of song-writing.


What do you think about those traits? Would you agree with most of them? Are there any other traits, that get you to remember some hook faster?

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  • blaze

    I’m trying to find Eminem’s evil twin acapella so I can use one of the lines as the chorus, which was going to be “Fuck that, I’d rather be loud and I like swearing” The song name would be – I’d rather be loud, but sadly, no acapellas found. Kind of annoying, cause I’m not that great at creating hooks and when one comes along, I can’t do it. Tis a bastard

  • Free-D

    Dope article, I still have a doubt RappingManual.. I have a very horrible voice when it comes to singing, I mean.. even me humming can sound so trashy and it just sucks. So the whole melody thing is so not mine, usually I never make my own slight sung typa hooks, I use software and vocoders and shit for hooks, and I believe I can’t base my career for hooks like this for long, is there any way that I can fix this?

    • RappingManual

      Of course there is.

      You don’t have to deliver whole bars with melody. The aim of using melody, is to help the listener memorize your piece better.

      So, you can just pronounce differently the end rhymes in an attention grabbing, slick way. Choose specific words from your bar and alter their intonation. You don’t have to sing.

      All you need to do is break the ice around your intonation and give your listeners another layer, which acts as another reason for them to remember your hook.

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