There is so much knowledge out there. Rap, as an art, is infinite and even though it allows us to create unique elements, it can also confuse us and wear us out.

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Experience is the factor, which is best at guiding you and this article is deriving from that. Here are the 4 dont’s that will help you rise above the rest and achieve your dreams.

1. Don’t get Too Technical

The rap industry is now flooded with rappers, all rapping differently. Some have a great melody to their raps, others are great with the rhyme schemes. What happens when you start watching and comparing your raps to theirs is what I call “perfection paralysis”.


First of all, it takes ages for you to write a couplet, since you’ve decided to include all the rhymes and make it sound good and then get it to mean something and so on. You’re taking too much time and you’re tiring yourself in the process.

Next, you can’t even go to the next couplet, because you still feel that the first couplet needs improvement. You’re paralyzed.

Perfection is a great motivator, but it can really stunt your growth as well. Don’t get too technical, because as long as your couplet has a melody to it and has a meaning, you’ll be fine.

Remember that people won’t analyze your lyrics in such a deep way that you do. It’s all how it sounds with them and what does it mean. Rhymes are there just to alter the melody.

2. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

This is the best piece of advice you could get from anybody. It’s so simple, yet it gives you everything you need. When you’re having fun, your creativity flows though you.

When you’re having fun writing, this is the sign that THIS is the way you should write at THIS stage. Those are the right rhyme schemes. THIS is the perfect subject matter.

If you don’t have fun writing raps, this is the sign that you’re either writing below your level, or above it.

3. Never Stop Learning and Improving

Once you get to the advanced stages of rapping, you might get into the trap of thinking that you know everything. “Now I know how to rap and that’s it.” That’s not quite exactly right.

Yes, you can perhaps write better than the average white guy, but there are kids on the other side of the world, that can run circles around you right now.


There is always something to improve. You can always include new rhyme schemes, new melodies, new punchlines, better subject matter and so on.Remember, there is always something to improve. Never think that you’ve learned it all.

Knowledge grows, or disappears. Never stays constant.

4. Don’t Copy, but Build

I get alot of heat for analyzing rappers flows. People think that since I’m trying to replicate somebody’s rhyme scheme, I’m biting their style, being a copycat. Well, that’s not the case.

History is here for us, so we can learn from it. What good does the songs of Big L do, if you can’t peep his style and look behind the science of writing his bars? It’s all about building on what was already created.

Remember this point of view. It’s all about building on what has already been built, not stealing it-replicating it to the last details. Learn from it, see how it works and then add your own twist and introduce Big L Version 2.0. Introduce Biggie Version 2.0.

Innovation sits on the shoulders of History.

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  • ray

    thanks dude tell all the muhfuckas to watch out cause this dick aint gon’ with no nigga.

  • YoungQeen Sunair

    Thnk fanally gt a help

  • Young prince

    I put too much time to creat a track an im not lame im nice at the mic.i hate to imitator other rapper.i belive in my self that im gonna build ma dope lines

  • Anonymous

    I found this helpful, thank you

  • Nemo

    Replicating rhyme schemes, an exercise I first started here at Rappingmanual is the building block of everything I know now. Before that, I just listened to music I liked. I neglected the tracks I found wack or lyrics that were good but I didn’t relate to or liked. So as a result, I actually became a copy cat. My style was becoming similar to the limited pool of rappers I loved. Now I look for patterns far and wide, with an attempt to replicate rhyme schemes and developing my own content over the beat of the song I never liked in first place.

    • RappingManual

      Really man? That’s so awesome that those rhyme schemes got to change the way you listen to music, I’m baffled! It’s a cool concept though, you can pretty much take apart any rapper, mimic the style, take the best for yourself and move to the next one. After time, you have a hella of a mix!

  • MReddekopp306

    For me, too technical never happens! The more technical I write, the more fun I have! I’ve spent hours on this site finding the most complex rhyme schemes, replicating them, and writing verses based on the complexity!

  • tjunxion

    ima soft hearted gangstar in rappin universe”i done quite few tracks already,even worse everyone who had tasted myhiphop tactics”they dying to see hear me toping charts in the radio but i keep losing a desire to murder my game further” coz here in southAfricato get through something huge u must someone there to put you in”or else all you created turn out to be a pipedreeam”please dAwg pass me some skills to them silence:ima pro lyrical master even dope track killer but im stuck for no reAson”hook me up wit some real infor to use to snack up fame”i heard you clearly” D

  • Anonymous

    Help me !!!!!

  • hearklerb

    waoooo….. i really appreciate dis frm u buh my problem is just dat i cant write chorus….. pls hw cn u help me on dat

    • RappingManual

      We have articles on choruses too man. Just type “chorus” or “hook” in the search bar and you’ll be taken to them. In a few words though, it’s all about entertaining repetition when it comes to hooks.

  • Ed Siasoco

    Please remove my photo from your webpage immediately or properly attribute it to me as per Creative Commons Licensing.

  • andres

    what I try to do is make a punch line to a punch line to make a punch line for a punch line. try to make your shit as complex as possible because then when its time to dumb it down for the industry then making raps will be no problem at all. but my only problem with creating complex lyrics is getting people to understand them and I have trouble with making them make better sense. also people improve your vocabulary and challenge yourself to not rhyme the same words together after using them a lot.

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