Have you ever wondered is your rap name important? Well, it actually is. Your rap name is the first thing a potential fan sees. It’s what represents you and what people would remember, if they like your songs.

Your Rap Name Should Be:

  1. Unique

  2. Easy to Remember

  3. Short

  4. Symbolic

Let’s look at each of these features, compare them with real-life examples and apply them to your own situation. Are you ready to find your own rap name?

Before we begin analyzing and discussing each of the factors, I’d like to make one thing clear and it’s that

A Great Rap Name Has All Of The Features Combined In It

Trying to focus on one of the features and dismissing another one is a losing strategy. The magic is in thinking of a name, which has all the features. A multi-layered name is what creates interest.

1. Unique

Whenever you’re trying to figure out your rap name, you should always take into an account the factor of uniqueness. The main reason for this is because you’d want your name to stand out. It has to be different, in order to grab the curiosity of your fans.


Be Unique

People are looking for something new and fresh all the time, so calling yourself “Lil Barn” or “Big Dog” is not going to get you anywhere. Try to stay away from the conventional rap names. The only thing they’ll do for you is put an aura of mediocrity around your image, right from the get go.

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2. Easy to Remember

How could you ensure that your name is in possession of this feature? Well, there is a technique called syncopation, used by so many poets throughout the ages.

We rappers use it too. It’s about arranging the name in such a way, that the syllables make up some sort of a melody, where the vowels are the letters, that take center stage.

Think of “Coca-Cola”. It has 8 letters and 4 of them are vowels. When you’re thinking of your rap name, focus on the vowels, because they are the hard sounds, that stick to our brains the most. In most cases, when you’re trying to remember a name, you’re looking for the vowel sounds in it.

Vowels are the most memorable pieces of a word. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and create a great rap name, that is easy to remember.

3. Short

Thinking of a short name is half the battle. It’s vital that your rap name is not something super large, that only a select group of special people among us would be able to remember. Most people won’t remember anything which is more than 2, maximum 3 syllables.

Think of the rappers you’ve recently listened to. How many syllables does their rap name have? Remembering your rap name should not require any extra thinking. You should make it as easy as possible. When you’re trying to figure it out, just imagine the dumbest person you’ve ever met and ask yourself-Will he remember it?

Nowadays, people became even lazier. They’re shortening every name, which has more than one syllable. Think about it:

  • The Game->Game
  • Lil Wayne->Wayne
  • Jay-Z->Jay
  • Eminem->Em
  • DMX->X
  • Wiz Khalifa->Wiz

The optimal rap name is that one syllable word, but try to stick around one to two syllables, avoid anything longer.

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4. Symbolic

The last part of the equation is symbolism. Your name should mean something. It might be something personal, or something that the public would figure out instantly.

Symbolism is necessary, because it signifies intelligence.

If you see a rapper, whose name is a symbol for something, or it’s a clever metaphor, you’ll unconsciously give him credit for that, because the name gave you that impression of intelligence.

A great way to think of symbolism is to define your target group and then think of a symbol, which they’ll understand and like. It might be pretty hard to think of something, which checks all the boxes, but you’ll get alot of first-time listeners using this method.

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There is a tendency for rappers to dismiss the notion of using a nick-name. Some of us, started using our own names instead. An example for this tendency is Kendrick Lamar. That’s the name, he was given at birth and it’s the name on his driving license.


Why did he decide to do this? Well, first of all, there are some names that have the potential to turn into brands. There are some names that just sound good when you say them.

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Shaquille O’neal
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Kendrick Lamar

They have natural syncopation. They are short and easily remembered.

I watched an interview with Kendrick Lamar, where the interviewer asked him what does his name mean? Kendrick said that this is the name given to him at birth and if he’s going to rap about real things, he should start with his name.

So that’s the whole association game. He raps by his real name, because he spits about real stuff. Can you think of someone else, using this association method? It starts with 2, and ends with Pac.

Those were the four guidelines for choosing a great rap name. Remember, a great rap name has all of the features in it. How did you choose your rap name? Is there a story behind it all? What does it mean?

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